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How Will The Media Impact Young Women?

There are many programs and newspapers, such as America's next top model and Seventeen mag, that are observed and read by many teenage girls. These ladies are insecure and desire to be popular, handsome and well-liked. The young women are therefore easily affected by the info they get from the multimedia.

An average teenage woman hides herself using tons of make-up and beautiful clothes, because she is insecure about her exterior appearance. Each morning she has to get herself well prepared for the day. She decides to skip her breakfast, an extra hour of rest, or even her first lesson. She requires a shower, sets on enough make-up and dresses herself well. These females are influenced by the beautiful and perfect women, whose pictures are demonstrated in advertising and on Television. A number of programs show us general public images of how you should dress, look and action. The young girls wish they are also perfect, with the perfect dress and with the perfect make-up; so that they are attractive to boys and they look like girls and women on Television.

Well known make-up performers such as Rimmel London and Utmost Factor present their make-up with thin girls, who've the perfect skin and the perfect look. So the question is, are they offering the product, the make-up, or are they offering the beautiful woman? The adverts are indeed providing the product, nonetheless they are also providing the image of the ideal woman. They point out thinness as part of the female's beauty. These women, who are on the covers of the journals, serve for example for the teenage ladies. They also desire to be thin, have big boobs, and a lovely skin. These images impact the women' own self-image.

Not only the models have a great effect on the girls, also the articles written in the popular teenage periodicals have a great affect on the young women. The articles explain girls about the ideal appearance. Articles like "How to look attractive to boys" and "How exactly to achieve the perfect look, hair and face" are really normal. An article on the site of Seventeen mag gives you the perfect exemplory case of this article, New Make-up Promise to improve Your Mood!" This content is about a fresh make-up that offers to make you happy. It explains about the elements, such as Euphoryl, Murumuru Seed Butter and Theobroma Grandiflorum, whatever they are really, and I am sure that ladies, who read this article, think about buying this make-up, without realising if these materials actually work!

Outer appearance is becoming very important throughout the years for everybody, due to media. They point out the value of the physical appearance and this is the way marketers sell cosmetics such as night and day products and make-up. Women and teenage young girls therefore make an effort to achieve the perfect outer appearance offered by the mass media. They aren't content with their own body and are doing anything to become beautiful.

Do you realize these young women? I gamble that almost two third of the teenage ladies could be compared to the average teenage girl who have been affected by the multimedia. These women are boring and not excellent. Thus, the media should stop offering phony information to young women about the perfect body. The mass media encourages girls to have a negative self-image. In fact, a person who is fats and walks like a duck has probably a far more beautiful personality than the other females. Although these young ladies are not to blame, the mass media is.

By writing an opinion column, I needed to express my opinion about how the media affects young women, because advertisements, commercials, TV programs and periodicals are all influencing the teenage females by giving them fake information. An judgment column should not be written in a specific style. As a columnist you are absolve to write in your own style, though it still has to be worthy of reading. So my first goal was to write a convincing thoughts and opinions column that might be easy to read for most people. Therefore I didn't use many difficult words and tried to be convincing by giving the reader important information about the influence of the advertising.

My second purpose was to inform the folks about the influence of the marketing on teenage girls. I explained the average, insecure teenage woman who is able to be easily influenced by beautiful models imprinted on the cover of the favorite teenage magazines. For example I described a regular morning of the average teenage young lady. 'Every morning she's to get herself ready for the day" (paragraph 2). The girls strive for getting the perfect face; therefore they skip their breakfast to prepare for school. To aid my thoughts and opinions about the effect of advertising I used another example. On the website of Seventeen mag, an American publication for teenagers, I found articles that was called: "New Makeup Promise to Boost Your Ambiance!" (see stimulus material). This informative article is about a special make-up that could make the girls more pleased. Young teenage girls are easily influenced by this words and by the convincing title, because the subject makes a certain offer to you.

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