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Winning strategies for your customer service resume

When applying for any customer service position, you need tofocus on some skills commonly required for it in your resume,including having strong people skills and being a goodcommunicator. Potential employers in this field usually look forresponsible and punctual candidates because customer serviceworkers need to replace other employers during different shiftchanges and handle cash registers. Find out how to write awinning customer service resume and get hired.

Things to include in your resume

A strong resume of this type must demonstrate core skills. It’salso worth including specific customer service keywordsthroughout a resume to improve your chances to get a jobinterview. Mention any previous customer service positions.However, if you didn’t have any experience in this field,consider effective ways for other working experiences todemonstrate the abilities necessary for customer servicepositions. How to write a winning resume? Consider the followinghelpful ideas:

  • Include basic details;
  • Give strong examples of how you are kind and polite withpeople;
  • Include an opening statement of your relevant qualifications;
  • Describe your professional experiences;
  • Mention your education, but it must be customer servicespecific;
  • Highlight unique contacts with people.

Basic details to mention

What are the most important elements to include in a resume?Write down your education, contact information, and jobexperiences. Another effective approach is to highlight importantcustomer service abilities in a special skills section. You caninclude other optional sections and use a profile or an objectiveto specify the role you’re searching for in addition to theabilities and talents that you can bring.

If you no direct customer service experience, use this gap todemonstrate your relevant strengths and experiences that can makeyou a perfect match for the chosen position. Basically, customerservice is the field that gets the credit it deserves nowadays.Write an excellent resume to land one of the coveted jobs.

Giving strong examples of how you can be good with people

Your customer service resume will be in a trach bin if you don’tstart it with the statement that says how good you can be withothers. Hiring managers and recruiters assume that you have somespecific skills as you’re involved in this field. Avoid makingany blanket and clichéd statement. Provide strong examples withhow good you are with people to increase your chances to succeed.Consider the following questions to decide on the accomplishmentsyou want to list in your resume:

  • Do you have any awards related to the ability to deal withpeople?
  • Did your previous employers recognize you for excellentcustomer service skills?

Opening with stating your relevant qualifications

A common resume writing approach is to start with educationalbackgrounds, but this type is a bit different. Use itsqualification section to list any career highlights and awardsthat can inspire hiring managers to keep surveying your resume.When considering your relevant qualifications, include anycustomer specific articles or training that you have. Thissection should set up the right tone of your resume whileestablishing your expertise in this field.

Listing your professional experiences

Once you succeed to catch readers’ attention, let them know whatyou’ve done and where you’ve been. Don’t hesitate to include anyirrelevant professional experiences if they give a look of yourwell-rounded career. Stay specific when outlining your jobaccomplishments and responsibilities. Let potential employersknow why you’re a good customer service professional and what youdid you help others succeed.

Mention your customer service specific education

Just like with any other resume type, list your college or highschool credentials in a special education section. However, youcan greatly increase your chance to get a future job interview ofyou make this information centered on relevant accomplishments.Feel free to include any college or high school courses ifthey’re related to this field. Include your certifications andseminars too. If you studied abroad, include this information togive an impression that you have enough experience in relating topeople in diverse cultures.

Highlighting your unique contact with people

This industry is all about building strong relationships withpeople, so show the ability to generate them by mentioning anyunique things that you did, including starting your textbookbusiness in the college or playing in a local band. In yourcustomer service resume, point out:

  • Any volunteer work or activities;
  • Any projects involving extensive contacts with people;
  • Any charitable organizations you work for.

It’s good to mention that you’re involved in charities becauseyour extended exposure to people is significant for a successfulhiring process. Your basic goal is to write a resume that canimpress customer service employers. Your ability to build andmaintain strong relationships with other people can help you getthe job you want, so highlight these skills in your professionalresume to advance your career.

The right structure of your resume

This industry involves a number of job offers, but all candidatesshould customer their resumes to every available position tosecure future interviews. Generally speaking, you can use ageneral outline when writing your resume, but be sure tocustomize it according to the requirements of all potentialemployers.

Your contact details

At the top, include your full name and contact data, such asemails and phone numbers, to let hiring managers or recruiterseasily reach you when needed. Don’t forget to list your validhome address.

The main objective

Including an objective in resumes is a helpful step for manyjunior candidates. An objective is all about a brief sentencethat states your basic goal and what you want to work toward.Target this statement at the job you want to get. Otherwise,potential employers may assume that you submit your resumesrandomly and you aren’t really interested in their job offers.

Your powerful profile

Job seekers with more experience in a customer service fieldshould include an impressive profile in their resumes. Itconsists of a few concise sentences to provide hiring managerswith a better overview of updated experiences and relevantskills. When writing your resume, ensure that this section istailored to each time. Your powerful profile is an important spotbecause it’s a place where most potential employers look first.It should provide your resume with a higher chance to get extraattention and win.

Key skills

All customer service employees who have their greater workingexperience can benefit from writing down some key skills in theirresumes. Include more keywords to describe important workingskills, such as:

  • Budget management;
  • Customer relationship management;
  • Call center process improvement;
  • Customer service supervisory skills;
  • Customer service report development;
  • Development and training for CSRs.

Your relevant customer service education

List your education section in its reverse chronological order,and this means that you should start with the latest position.Include all of your specific customer service qualifications in acustomer service resume. In this section, be sure to include thefollowing:

  • Studied subjects;
  • Attended educational institutions and their exact locations;
  • Completed professional qualifications;
  • Graduation dates.

Customer service working experiences

List your relevant working experiences in their reversechronological order too. Focus on your specific achievements andcustomer service skills as much as you can because theydemonstrate your professionalism level. If you list only yourresponsibilities, your resume won’t catch any attention. Whenwriting all bullet points, use only strong words to illustrateyour involvement and achievements in the best way possible. Usespecial action words when starting bullets to emphasize yourabilities.

Your activities

Recent graduates who want to get a good job in this industryshould include any relevant activities to demonstrate how theycan successfully perform different customer service tasks. Ifyou’re a more experienced customer service employee, include yourleadership positions on other areas and memberships inprofessional organizations.

The use of keywords

Any successful customer service resume contains special keywordsthat potential employers look for when hiring a perfectcandidate. Ensure that your resume includes a number of powerfulkeywords and phrases, including customer retention, customersatisfaction, efficiency, processes, and so on. Structure them toget a high chance of success.

The best skills to include in your resume

What skills do hiring managers and recruiters want to find in theresumes sent by job seekers? They look for both transferable anddirectly relevant working skills, so be sure to include them inyour resume to secure future job interviews. They include thefollowing:

  • Technical skills;
  • Customer care;
  • Competence;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • Management.

Customer care

Think whether you have any experience interacting with clients orif you were a front desk worker, a waiter, a salesperson, or anice cream scooper. Although directly relevant working experiencescan make your resume stronger, any customer interactions on aprofessional level are transferable in your resume.

Technical skills

Include any relevant skills that are about knowing how to usetools and methods in this industry. Take some time to researchthe skills required by specific job listings and reflect on howtransferable and relevant skills can be displayed in a resume toachieve the best effect.

Interpersonal skills

Give answers to the following question to address interpersonalskills in your resume:

  • Are you a talented communicator?
  • Do you have a positive and friendly personality?
  • How well can you handle anger and conflicts?
  • Can you speak authoritatively, clearly, persuasively, andcalmly?

Think about the most effective ways to display theabove-mentioned traits in working experiences before includingthem in your resume. If you don’t have any previous workingexperiencing, writing a persuasive cover letter is your bestchoice.

Your competence

To address your competence in a professional resume, answer thesebasic questions:

  • Are you rewarded for a past performance?
  • Are you often complimented by clients for your excellentservice?
  • Are you tasked with training any new employees?
  • If you’re rated or reviewed, how you compare with co-workers?

Asking the above-mentioned questions and including your answersin a resume will indicate potential employers that you’re acompetent worker.

Management skills

Even low-level employees are regularly asked to complete specifictasks to display their effective management skills. Trainingother workers is a great example because it can show yourcompetence and abilities to manage others effectively. To beconsidered a perfect customer service employee, your resumeshould prove that you can conceive new working methods to achievethe following goals:

  • Increase efficiency by improving issue resolution rates,reducing customer waiting time, and solve different problemsfaster;
  • Increase sales through such effective methods as pitching,discounting, upselling, and others;
  • Improve customer satisfaction rates and reviews;
  • Reduce costs, such as labor, training, software, equipment,and other expenses.

Your ability to measure potential effects, execute new projectideas, and fine tune everything is something that separates awinning candidate from unsuccessful job seekers. Your resumeshould reflect this important skill if you want to stand out andbeat all competitors.

Final words

If you use all the above-mentioned guidelines and tips, yourresume will be successful and professional, well-written andformatted correctly. Before you send it to recruiters andpotential employers, proofread every section and edit tocustomize your resume to their individual needs and ensure thatthere are no accidental mistakes. To get the customer service jobyou want, you need not only to be able to write a winningprofessional resume, but it’s also necessary to learn how toapproach a future job interview and know how to answer anyquestions that potential employers may ask during it to succeed.

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