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Helpful college resume writing tips

Your education plays an important role if you want to have a good career in the future. Nowadays, the competition is quite fierce, to including a college resume in your application is a great idea if you want to stand out because it provides admissions officers with a strong summary of your accomplishments and personality.Follow a few helpful guidelines if you don’t know how to write it. Basically, you need to focus not only on your working history but also on your education. Demonstrate all the relevant abilities and skills, such as your volunteer work, awards, internship experiences, and different extracurricular activities.

Basic tips for writing your resume

These tips can help you a strong resume:

  • Focusing on your education and academic history;
  • Including relevant jobs;
  • Including specific extracurricular activities;
  • Including your leadership experiences;
  • Using action verbs;
  • Quantifying when possible;
  • Editing and proofreading;
  • Using resume examples.

Focus on your education and relevant jobs

Give brief information about your academic history and include any important achievements and awards in addition to your degree and school name. If you took any relevant courses, don’t forget to mention them in your resume. Consider the necessary experience and skills and list any jobs where you succeeded to develop them. If your working experiences aren’t related directly, consider effective ways to highlight the ones that are related to your dream job.

Include leadership experiences and extracurricular activities

You’re quite likely to have only limited working experiences, so focus on any non-working activities, such as babysitting, sports, community services, clubs, volunteer work, and so on. They all can show readers your excellent abilities and skills. List all of your leadership experiences, including being a captain of any sports team and holding a position in a club, to show the ability to be a true leader.

Quantify and use action verbs

Action verbs are important because they prove that you're responsible. When describing any achievements in your college resume, use them to portray your experiences effectively. Feel free to quantify when possible and include exact numbers to show your personal achievements.

Edit and use resume examples

When your resume is ready, proofread it carefully before submitting because the error-free one will make you stand out and look professional. Ask other people to read it and fix mistakes too. Use successful resume examples because they can guide your writing and help you decide on the best content and formatting.Tailor your resume to fit unique experiences.

How your resume can help at different stages

No one wants to look at a blank application without any idea of where to start. However, if you have your resume at hand, it will help you in the following situations:

  • College applications because it not only saves a lot of your time but also ensures that you include everything important;
  • College interviews as your resume serves as a great conversation started when allowed;
  • Recommendation letters because it helps recommenders to get to know you better and remind of significant accomplishments;
  • Internships and jobs, because you resume, is easy to adapt for interviews;
  • Scholarship applications as it makes it easy for you to showcase personal accomplishments.

How to make the best impression

  • Spell out all the names of entries and avoid using acronyms;
  • Using simple formats and plain fonts;
  • Proofread everything before sending;
  • Explain any unique or local club and award.

How to get started

Brainstorm all of your accomplishments and ask others to help.Write down everything that makes you stand out in addition to scores and grades. Consider relevant community services, awards, special talents, leadership roles, jobs, projects, etc. Keep in mind any experiences that vividly show such important qualities as your passion, initiative, and determination. For instance, colleges can be impressed if you decided to stay after school to help struggling students or if you learnt the second language by engaging with colleagues at your part-time job.

Choosing what will be included in your resume

Take into account the most impressive accomplishments that you have and use this helpful college resume writing tips:

  • Describe your major leadership initiatives and roles;
  • Include the highest honors and achievements;
  • Mention any special circumstances, including your part-time job, which prevented you from taking part in important outside activities;
  • Include your working experiences if you’ve spent a lot of your time working outside of your school;
  • Include impressive and unusual experiences, activities, and special skills that fail to fit neatly into your college application sections.

How to organize your resume correctly

Organize important information into a short paper that is easy to read and use these handy categories:

  • Awards and honors: provide their brief descriptions, names, dates, and why you won them;
  • Your work and activities: describe them briefly and explain your role in them, contributions, duration, and other relevant information;
  • Other skills and experiences if they show your commitment and initiative: describe relevant challenges and results.

Effective methods to make your resume easy to scan

Put your address, name, email, phone number, and high school at the top and use popular approaches to list all entries, including:

  • By importance: with the most important entry first;
  • A reverse chronological order: with the most recent one first;
  • By leadership: with the strongest role first;
  • By your time commitment: with the biggest one first;
  • By type: community services, school-based activities, awards and honors, working experiences, special interests, and hobbies.

Feel free to create the second version of your college resume to include standardized test scores or GPAs and use it for scholarship applications.

The main purpose of this resume

Use it to set yourself apart because admissions officers read a number of applications regularly. A well-written and strong resume will set you apart at once, so take enough time to ensure that you write the best one.

A resume allows you to advertise yourself and highlight something that can make you a perfect candidate. It’s more straightforward than any admissions paper and it provides the audience with a fast rundown of your personality. Most applications simply lack enough space to include all the details of your activities and accomplishments, so a resume helps you fill such gaps.

Besides, it opens a range of new opportunities and can lead to different internships and scholarships. Use it to make a study-abroad program easy to arraign. Writing the best resume can also provide you with a unique experience for a future career.

How to format your resume properly

Ensure that all the details that you want to include are updated and consider the main objective of writing your resume. Although it's not necessary for every resume, write a brief paragraph about the goals that you want to achieve out of your school. This tip is quite useful if you’re targeted at a special program, scholarship, or major.

Set the right order because your resume must start with your education. Include all kinds of extracurricular activities, sports, leadership roles, volunteer work, internships, and employment. List them all based on their strength or adjust the order based on specific requirements and highlight the most recent entries. In every section of your resume, start with the most recent achievement and focus on showcasing the latest accomplishments.

Set all margins and font parameters and ensure that line-spacing is wide enough to guarantee its easy readability. If it’s too wide, it will only spread your content too much. Remember that your font choice has a little impact on your college resume if you keep it as professional as possible. Although the use of a funny or fancy font may seem to speak about your personality, it will only cause admissions officers to reject your resume. That’swhy you need to stick only to business fonts.

How to write the best content

When writing about any activities and achievements, try to be as concise as you can and avoid going into minor details and unimportant aspects. Ensure that all of your descriptions are to the point to make your resume sound more powerful to the audience. Don’t make it too long because readers will be bored.You shouldn’t sound too modest because the main purpose of this resume is to draw attention to your major accomplishments. This doesn’t mean that you should lie or embellish.

Use action words and powerful verbs when writing each description. Start every point that you make with an action word to make it pop out to readers. Another benefit is that their use will keep all descriptions impactful and concise. Don’t hesitate to showcase your grades if they are good enough. If you have enough space in your resume, list some college-level or other courses that you’ve taken.

If there are many extracurricular activities to be listed, your available space can become a big problem. That’s why you should focus on the ones relevant to your leadership roles. For example, list your experiences of being a team captain, a volunteer coordinator, and so on. Show that you really care because a powerful volunteer section in your resume will prove the audience that you take the initiative to help other people. Include a few volunteer entries to make your resume stand out.

Highlight any special skills that you have, such as mastering multiple computer programs or becoming fluent in any foreign language. Admissions officers usually look for such things, so include them in your resume. Before submitting it, proofread your resume to avoid any misinformation and grammar errors.

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