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Chef thinks out, searches for, and improves recipes for radishes. Self-expression is not limited to anything – a profession can become a high art. In many restaurants, chefs have additional responsibilities:

  • They serve
  • They organize banquets
  • They manage production

Chef is an administrator and the manager in one person, responsible for the work of ordinary cooks and waiters, the technology of preparing dishes, and purchases of food.

If you want to find a job as a chef, you need to prepare a professional chef resume that will demonstrate all your skills to the potential employer.

Conditions and features of work as a cook

A cook is one of the most popular professions in the world. Even when the time of absolute robotics comes, described in science fiction novels, the cooks will still be needed and important.People want to eat every day and they want to eat delicious and safe food.

Evolution is closely related to all spheres of our life. Cooking is not an exception.
True, not every cook succeeds in revealing his or her talents –it all depends on the place of work. But the conditions and features of the work are still approximately the same.

The cook does the following:

  • Accepts products and processes them properly.
  • Checks products for compliance with quality.
  • Prepares semi-finished products.
  • Store products, according to sanitary and hygienic standards.
  • Uses kitchen appliances, including the most modern.
  • Prepares dishes and creates new recipes.
  • Decorates the dishes before serving.
  • Introduces new cooking technologies.

The activity of the chef is different from that of an ordinary cook.
The task of the chef is to prepare the necessary dishes in the right amount within a specific time.
It seems that the task is the same as of an ordinary cook, but the chef also has to do the following:

  • Organize uninterrupted food.
  • Order products communicate with suppliers.
  • Control the work of freight forwarders and reduce the cost of purchasing goods.
  • Monitor the process of cooking and compliance to norms.
  • Make a menu, change it as needed.
  • Control the impact of meals (seldom).
  • Interact with staff.
  • Solve conflicts with visitors if they remain unhappy with the ordered dish.
  • Conduct master classes in the restaurant.
  • Educate assistants.

Pros and cons of the profession as a cook

Regardless of our ideas, the pros and cons of working as a chef and a cook are the same.
Pros include:

  • Opportunity for career growth.
  • The demand for a profession.
  • Stable income. In some cases, very solid.

Cons include:

  • Physical activity and work on legs.
  • Permanent presence near the stove – in a hot room.
  • Constant tension (the cook should be extremely careful, losing vigilance is unacceptable).
  • Material liability.
  • Responsibility for the image and reputation of the restaurant.
  • The overstated requirements of the mangers.
  • The duty is to prepare exactly what the boss requires (unless the restaurant belongs to the chef himself).

Writing a resume for the position as a chef

There are no exceptions for any specialty and profession, therefore, if you are planning to find a job in the restaurant business, then you should start again with a resume. A sample of the chef resume is determined for each individually, depending on what skills a person has in working in a particular area.

Prerequisites for a resume

A resume of a cook, like any other resume, contains a mandatory informative part that includes:

  • Your name
  • Age
  • Contact details
  • The purpose of your CV
  • Current employment
  • Readiness to get started.

In addition, the resume should indicate what kind of education you received, when and where, as well as outlined work experience in reverse chronological order.

Professional skills and qualities

The package of the required personal qualities of a chef includes:

  • Mindfulness and responsibility.
  • Having experience and certain knowledge.
  • Vigor, cheerfulness, and lack of health problems.
  • Accuracy and neatness. A good cook always has a cooker with a clean hood.
  • Tasteful memory.
  • Excellent coordination of movements.
  • Ability to do several things at once.
  • Creativity and the presence of imagination.

Advice of specialists

Specialists advise you to indicate the last few jobs, not the entire biography if you had more than five jobs. But in drawing up, a resume, pay attention to your experience related directly to the work in the restaurant business and emphasize your responsibilities and practical skills that will help you in your desired position.

If you look at the resume sample of the cook, you will see that the functional duties of the applicants usually included preparation of preparations and preparation of meals according to a pre-arranged and coordinated menu, serving cooked dishes, and cleaning the kitchen. These are skills and experience sufficient to take up the vacancy of an ordinary cook.

If you are making a resume for the position as a chef-confectioner and you want to get a good job in this area, it would be good to write about the skills of working with any kind of dough, the experience of baking various confectionery, desserts, and cakes. In additional information, it is necessary to write about the existence of a creative approach, artistic taste and imagination, because the cook-confectioner is responsible not only for making confectionery but also for their quality decoration.

Writing a resume for the position as a chef

If you are writing a resume for the position of a chef, then take into account the nuance that the chefs have much more responsibilities than the usual cook. Therefore, experience and skills are key features to obtaining such a position. In a resume, you should definitely indicate your organizational and managerial abilities. After all, the chef may not only be in charge for the preparation of dishes, but also for the development of their own menu, the introduction of new directions of the kitchen, the optimization of the kitchen staff, the process of purchasing products, quality control of cooked meals, and decision-making in critical situations.

The chef is practically the face of the restaurant, often it is the popularity of the chef that attracts a significant proportion of visitors. In any case, be sure to indicate that you have certificates, awards for participation in competitions, and diplomas. It may also be useful to indicate the knowledge of foreign languages since it is the chef’s job is not only work in the kitchen, and this knowledge and skills you will have to apply.


When sending a resume, it may also be good to send a cover letter as well. The cover letter, however, can be replaced with a good portfolio of dishes. It should consist of at least 10–15 photos of high quality (that is, taken by a professional photographer in daylight). Each photo should be no more than 400 KB to ensure that the letter was not too big and could be easily opened even on mobile devices. It is not recommended to send photos in archives, as often restaurateurs simply do not have time to open those.


Greeting and addressing by name is an indicator of courtesy and a level of respect for the addressee, in this case to the restaurateur. Often candidates send their CVs without a cover letter or with a request that often sounds like that: “Please consider my resume for the position of a chef.” Therefore, agreeing, a request to pay attention, and a signature with the indication of the phone number gives a tangible plus when reviewing the resume.

Brevity and clarity

In the cover letter, you must also specify why you want to work in this specific restaurant. Ideally, you need to explain why you fit this job. Specify which projects you have worked with, with which famous chefs you cooperated, what percentage of the cost of meals you achieved (ideal 20–23%), where you had internships, and how often you travel (as this expands the horizon and helps learn and apply new cooking techniques).

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