How to conduct and how to write an interview essay

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Originally published May 27, 2017, updated Feb 19, 2021
How to conduct and how to write an interview essay

An interview essay is a very powerful instrument of sharing information. You can fill it not only with dry facts, but with deeper insights too. When we are talking about how to write an interview essay we can divide the whole process in two parts – before the actual interview and after it. Both parts are extremely important. First we will talk about how to conduct a good interview.

First answer on a question: what is the purpose of your essay? Your work will touch several questions. You cannot ask all possible questions in your interview, so you have to determine the purpose of the it. There are two ways how to write an essay. It can be a factual piece or an opinion piece. Both of methods are good and effective. Your choice should depend on the topic and questions that you want to ask. Some questions can be answered strictly, but some – only with personal opinion. Anyway, when you decided how to write an interview essay, you can find the right person to become an interviewee. If your essay is to be an opinion piece, your interview should have credentials to make strong opinions in a specific field. He or she should express the opinion articulately. If you can find and read previous interviews of your possible interviewee, it could help you in your choice. When you essay is going to be a factual piece, you will need an interviewee who has expertise in the subject matter. For example, if you are going to write about specific field of science, you will probably need someone who works or worked in this specific field. If you are going to write about a period of history, you will need someone who lived in this period, or historian who is an expert in this specific period of history.

A narrow perspective or a general consensus

It is also important to decide how to write an interview essay – expressing a narrow perspective or a general consensus. In the first case only one or two interviewees will be totally enough for your interview essay. However, if you are going to express a general consensus in you work you will probably need to interview much more people. How many? It will depend on topic of your essay. It’s is desirable in the second case to have interviewees with variable credentials and expertise.

When you’ve chosen your victim (your interviewee), it is time to delve into the back ground and history of your subject. Surely you have to learn as much as possible about the topic of your essay. First of all, find out, if it will be a first interview for subject or not. If there are any, read previous subject’s interviews to learn his opinion on some questions. Try to find questions that will be new for interviewer. These questions can make you essay nontrivial. Also, if you want to ask several questions that were in previous interviews, you can work on them and slightly change the context to make them sound new for interviewee. Questions will give you the way of how to write an interview essay. After the interview you can compare answers that you have with answers from previous interviews. Sometimes you can find that subject has changed his or her mind in several questions. Find and read all interesting information about the subject – biographical literature, interviews and his own works. Surely, some of the scientific works will be too difficult for an inexperienced reader; in this case you can read annotations.

Questions is a strong instrument to gather information, you just need to use it in the right way. There are two types of questions. You can divide them on answers that you get. It can be questions that require «yes/no» answers or questions that involve detailed response. Question of the second type will usually include such open-ended question words as «tell me about», «how», «why» etcetera. Prepare all questions to ask a subject. Draw up a list of these questions and highlight the most important of them. All professional interviewers have small trick of how to write an interview essay. You should use it too. Prepare more questions that you are going to use in the interview. The secret is in how you control your interview – you can make a direction and you can also follow an interviewee. Sometime questions that you though won’t be important become the pearl of your interview. So you should be prepared with your questions to follow the subject into different contexts.

Right format of how to write an essay from an interview

When your interview is done you should decide how to write an interview essay. You can use such formats of essay:

  • Narrative format. Narrative essays are useful if you want to use both direct quotes and paraphrasing information. In this kind of essay you will have great opportunities to add analysis and context.
  • Conversational format. This format can be useful in magazine articles. However, most colleges require formal writing style. So you cannot use it in your dissertation conclusion.
  • Question-and-answer format. It is highly useful in interviews with only one or two interviewee. You will use mainly direct quotes here, but also can use several explanations. For example, journalists live to describe the subject’s emotions and how he or she reacts on specific questions.

Try to read as many how to write an interview essay example and coursework examples as you can – they will help you a lot. Especially, when you can read how to write an essay examples free. After that, prepare for a scrupulous work. If you need qualified help with your essay, business paper or CSE paper, you can ask our professional writers to make it. Anyway, good luck in your work.

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