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Various tips on how to write an evaluation

When learning how to write an evaluation, you first need to understand that an evaluation is the same as giving a feedback or writing a review. The evaluation essay is seen as a way of judging somebody or something as either good or bad. Evaluation writing is mostly seen when a new book or a new movie is released. To write an evaluation, you first need to decide on the topic and determine which side you are going (if you agree or disagree). You will then perform a research to make your point of view clear and justify your argument which you will then state in your thesis statement. You will also need to have enough evidence. There are many topics to write an evaluation essay about and many guidelines on how to write an evaluation, but to come up with a standard evaluation essay there are some major things that you must keep in mind.

    • Literary references: When writing your evaluation essay you must start by providing a literary reference. Your essay depends on your opinion about the topic, but you must get every fact right. If your evaluation essay is about a musical band then you must begin by evaluating the history of that band and if it is about a book then it is crucial to discuss its historical background. You must also understand the performer’s work fully in order to evaluate his performance.
    • The approach: When writing your evaluation essay you must, first of all, determine the approach that you are going to use just the same way as the novelists decide on the appropriate way to tell the story before they begin writing. If you are evaluating a play, a movie or only the scenery or performance of the actors, your first step should be to determine your approach before you see, listen or read what you are evaluating.
    • Experience the performance: You must ensure that before you begin writing your evaluation essay you must have experienced what you want to evaluate whether it is a music album or a book. And taking some notes after you decided on the approach that you will take can be helpful. It also helps to get your facts right if you are able to think back to what you experienced in the performance.

    The components of an evaluation essay

    The aim of an evaluation essay is to demonstrate the overall quality of a particular product, place, service, business or program. While every evaluation entails injecting some form of opinion, if an evaluation is done well, it cannot come across as opinionated. Instead, it will seem reasoned and unbiased. Therefore, the key to a good evaluation essay is establishing clear and fair evidence, criteria and judgments.

    A criterion is the establishing of what the ideal for the product, service or place should be. In other words, it implies demonstrating what one should expect as the ideal outcome. With clear criteria, you will be able to keep the evaluation from feeling less like an opinion. For instance, if you are evaluating a restaurant, you want to establish the criteria which are the quality of food, service, price or cleanliness that any good restaurant must adhere to; you can then apply these criteria to the restaurant that you are evaluating. In the judgment, you will establish whether or not the criteria are met. Using the restaurant example, if the first criterion for evaluating the restaurant is the food quality, the judgment will state whether or not that restaurant offers food that meets or exceeds the stated quality. Your evidence is the details that you provide to support your judgment. If your judgment is that the restaurant does not consistently offer quality food, you need to support this with evidence to show how you reached that judgment.

    Generally, the best way to write an evaluation effectively is to ensure that every paragraph of the essay focuses on one particular criterion which should be explained fully, followed by a judgment and a lot of evidence provided for support. Because of this, it is important for every evaluation to have several different criteria, judgments and evidence. An overall thesis has to be provided. In an evaluation essay, this thesis is the overall evaluation of what you are evaluating. And if the criteria, judgments, and evidence are clear, the overall thesis will be clear as well. For instance, if the restaurant meets most of the criteria stated in the evaluation essay, then the overall evaluation will be mostly positive whereas if most of the criteria are not met, the evaluation essay will be mostly negative.


    Writing an evaluation essay

    After understanding the various guidelines on how to write an evaluation, the next step is to write the actual evaluation essay. And just like every other essay, an evaluation essay must have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. An evaluation essay can be written in a five paragraph format whereby one paragraph is the introduction, three paragraphs are body paragraphs and the remaining paragraph is a concluding paragraph. But the evaluation essay body can be written in more than three paragraphs. The evaluation essay should have a thesis and that thesis is the overall evaluation of what you are evaluating. When explaining the criterion, you must include your judgment about that criterion and evidence to support your judgment. The idea here is to avoid sounding too biased. The conclusion of an evaluation essay summarizes everything that you covered. And many at times, you will rephrase your thesis in order to drive your point home and you can summarize the criteria that you covered. You may also summarize the evidence and judgment that you have to support your judgments.

    To craft a detailed evaluation essay, you begin by selecting a topic. When selecting your topic, it is very important to focus on a specific service, business, policy or service. This simply implies that you have to evaluate a specific class rather than evaluating a wide range of similar classes. It is also good to select a topic that you are familiar with as that will make it easy for you to establish the right criteria, judgment and evidence. Once you have your topic, prepare an outline before you start writing. The details of the outline depend on you. Some writers tend to write only the important points while others prefer writing detailed outlines. After that, you will write your introduction. An introduction serves to present the topic and preview your evaluation essay. You can begin with a funny story or some fun facts about the performance or performers that are related to the theme of your essay.

    In your evaluation essay body, you must explain the reasons for evaluation and you should separate it into portions like while evaluating a play, various sections can explain the performance, direction, scenery and script. You need to provide interesting details about the topic as sufficient details will help your readers to create their own evaluation. Your thesis statement informs the readers about your opinion about the topic. Basically, you will explain whether you like or do not like something. A good evaluation essay must have strong viewpoints. You must describe the criteria of judgment just the same way you could negatively evaluate a book based on its historical correctness even if the story was properly told and the writing style was perfect. This is the chance to be opinionated about the topic and when presenting your details, have a good paragraph structure and present your information from the least important to the most important. You must provide evidence to support your opinion, use quote references and logical opinion as needed and include examples to back up your statements. Provide an argument for your judgment and at times, you might need to counter argue or disagree with something that others agree with. For your opinion to be believable, you must have good references. If your evaluation essay is on a controversial topic, you might require evidence to back up your opinion.

    At the end of the overview is the conclusion of the essay. A conclusion can restate the topic that you evaluated. You will state your opinion and why you support your evaluation. After writing your evaluation you must read it over again to ensure that the details and sentences make sense. All details must be presented clearly and the essay must follow a proper format structure. You also need to proofread your evaluation essay for spelling and grammar errors.

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