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How to write an essay about a movie : an introduction to the writing guide

The powerful effect that cinema has exercised upon literature and many other arts, as well as upon nearly every aspect of everyday life in the twentieth century, is, surely, well known. Filmmaking, an artistic practice that from its earliest days combined the artisanal practical characteristics related to the visual arts and crafts with the imaginative rigors of such temporal arts as novel writing and creative writing , can be seen as the first wholly invented art. Its development relied on scientific breakthroughs in optics and chemistry that occurred during the nineteenth century. If you also consider the central importance to the cinematographic process of industrially produced machinery from recording camera to projector and the new art's appeal to a mass audience, you will start seeing why cinema has been heralded as the "most representative" art of the high-technology era and why there are lots of calls such as how to write a movie in an essay .

It has been shown that cinema gradually displaced the novel as the primary form of popular entertainment during the first three decades of the 20th century – say, a way smaller number of people would change their favorite series for a 500 word essay . A keen film sensibility and cinematic frames of reference gradually became the norms for new generations in the United States and Europe, where most of the pioneering work in a film took place. Other nations looked to these countries, particularly to the picture of American life presented by Hollywood, for a view of what was considered by many to be life as it was designed to be lived in the modern world. Moreover, this film sensibility is quite often expressed by students who are forced to seek for information on how to write an essay on a movie .

Critics have speculated at some length about the sources of cinema: industrial and technological innovations, carry-overs of literary techniques from theater and the novel, mass culture of the nineteenth century, and so on. Although on the surface cinema and writing have very different histories – thus, it is not that simple to find a tie between an MLA format paper and a film spool – cinema being a recent brainchild of industrial science and writing being a fundamental, "primitive" method of presentation linked with the commencement of civilization as we comprehend it many writers sense a kinship with the cinematic way of telling stories or the particular view of reality offered by the film medium. Postulating a close tie between cinema and literature requires careful scrutiny of the manner of how to write an essay about a movie , and in this manner we apprehend "images," be they visual and therefore entirely outside ourselves or linguistically generated in our minds as we read. However, such tie can provide us with many needful answers on the essential questions, including how to write an essay about a film . If the tie is there, it must have quite a lot to do with similarities in the book-reading and film-viewing processes. And so, what begins as a question about the connection between two forms of art ends up as a question that regards the functioning of the mind. Thus, thinking about the history of cinema and its effects on other arts leads one to ponder over the thought process itself.

How to write an essay about a movie : the valuable pieces of authors’ experiences

As the writers of the following techniques grapple with the relationship between visual and verbal signs in the cinema and in literature, most often expressing themselves in terms of their own writing or film experiences, it is highly important to try to understand their approaches in order to become able to compose something significantly more advanced than a cover letter .


  • - William Burroughs, probably best known for successfully putting into practice the cut-up technique of literary composition, ponders the nature of consciousness as he attempts to explain the appeal of his method on how to write an essay about a movie . The cut-up technique consists of randomly juxtaposing texts from a wide variety of sources. Burroughs would, for example, take pages from a newspaper, paste them up next to pages from a pulp novel, and then arbitrarily cut the mock-up horizontally or vertically. The result would be a text hardly accessible for essay proofreading and whose consistency and continuity were always in question, where the reader, vaguely aware that two unrelated events that are non simultaneous were being presented simultaneously, would be jarred by thematic dissonances and unexpected connections, the rewards of this aleatory method.
  • - Ronald Sukenick espouses a method on how to write an essay about a movie that is similar to the cut-up and has similar aims. Modern narrative, for him, is not just a sack of tricks collected to titillate the reader. It is capable of expanding our consciousness through techniques such as collage, improvisation, and arbitrary form. According to this argument, the question is not how to write a play in an essay ; a discursive thought, associated with traditional rationality, establishes frames and boundaries beyond which the ordinary mind is not allowed to venture. The montage techniques of modern narrative break down such boundaries, setting up a conversation "between the impossible and the possible things " that implies, as Sukenick wittily put it, "to recover the impossible as well as reclaim it."
  • - Alexander Kluge, the German director and writer, discusses the difficulty of expressing a passage of highly figurative prose in film terms and maxims. Definitely, lots of Kluge’s phrases are figures of speech that have no equivalent in film expression. In attempting, nevertheless, to match the prose and understand how to write an essay about a movie , phrase for phrase, with film images, Kluge demonstrates how limited cinematic language is for dealing with the intangible. He maintains that film is not altogether incapable of handling abstractions; it is montage that confers upon cinema its "conceptual possibilities.''
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