A Detailed Guide: How to Write a Theme Essay

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A Detailed Guide: How to Write a Theme Essay

Well, you’ve just received a new assignment you’ve never seen before – a theme essay. Such essays are normally structured around a certain theme specified in the assignment prompt. As usual, writing a theme essay incudes three stages: prewriting, writing and revising.


Let’s start with prewriting. First of all, you should understand your topic. Very attentively read the essay prompt assigned specially for you. As usual, the topic of the assignment is explicitly stated there. In most cases the topic of the essay is rooted in the first noun of the prompt. For instance, you see a phrase «Mood disorders are one of the most misunderstood mental ailments». As follows from this sentence, «mood disorders» will be the essay’s theme.

Sometimes, the theme isn’t mentioned directly, but in this case you can easily determine it by simply summarizing the meaning of the first sentence.

Then, you require identifying every task. The so-called «tasks» can be defined as details or key points, which needs to be addressed in your theme essay. Such tasks often include data ranging from the number of examples you need to offer to the way of how these examples should be analyzed in the essay. From the prompt you’ll learn how many examples you need to provide.

After this you should review your options. As usual, in the prompt we receive multiple examples, which can be successfully used for addressing the theme. Unfortunately, such examples aren’t always directly mentioned in the prompt. Sometimes, they can be found beneath the prompt. Even if it’s not available too, draw this stuff from the topics covered in the course.

The next stage suggests picking a worthy example. For this purpose, you require reviewing the list of possible examples. Pick up the option you consider ideal for your theme essay.

Address every task in compliance with your example. First, write an example, after this sort through the indicated talks once again. Write down all the necessary details for every example, which will fully satisfy other tasks of the prompt. It would be helpful to create an organizational chart. You require listing every task in a separate space along with one column in the chart.

The final stage of prewriting involves creating a thesis statement, which is a single sentence, summarizing the entire theme essay. The thesis statement needs to be placed in the introductory paragraph. The rest of your essay should support this part.


We’ve done it! Yes, we’ve just approached to the main part of your theme essay – writing. A catchy introduction is what you should write from the very beginning. The introductory paragraph needs to deal with the theme and introduce the newly selected thesis statement.

The thesis statement is usually placed at the end of the introduction. However, in some cases it would be better to mention it first.

You require building each of the body paragraphs around one main supporting details of the thesis statement. All the task mentioned in the writing prompt needs to be covered in the body of your essay.

The overall number of body paragraphs depends on a particular assignment. Even if it hasn’t been specified in the assignment how many paragraphs should be in the body of your theme essay, you should include at least three ones.

The very first sentence of every body paragraph needs to summarize one key supporting detail of the thesis in one sentence. As for the rest of the paragraph, it should be based on describing as well as supporting the paragraph’s topic sentence.

Your concluding paragraph should rephrase or restate your thesis statement, while summarizing how the thesis addresses the theme. The conclusion shouldn’t provide any new information.


That’s the final stage of your creation. The newly-written theme essay needs to be reread. Perhaps, you’ll find grammar, spelling or punctuation errors. Needless to say, they should be fixed without delay!

Make sure your essay boasts decent readability, as it’s as important as the absence of grammar errors.

Having read your theme essay, ask yourself whether your creation really covers the topic described in the writing prompt and adequately addresses all of your tasks. Then get back to your prewriting notes. Look through the topic as well as tasks to make sure all of them have been covered in the theme essay.

Don’t forget about the necessity of checking the newly-written stuff against the thesis statement. Having found out that your creation meets the strict requirements set by the writing prompt, you need to make sure it remains consistent and true with the thesis statement.

The topic sentence of every paragraph shouldn’t be overlooked by you. Have them checked attentively – all of your topic sentences should support the thesis.

Make sure the information in all of your paragraphs supports their topic sentences, which in turn support your thesis.

Get ready to rewrite your theme essay if required. Remove anything detracting the major topic of your essay and add what’s really required there.

Of course, depending on the severity of your revision, you’ll most likely have to remove, add or rearrange huge amounts of information in the essay, but when doing this do your best to leave this stuff mostly intact. If there’s something wrong with your theme essay and you find it spoiled, there’s nothing bad in writing it once again from scratch. That’s all about how to write a theme essay.

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