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Benefits of knowing how to write a process essay effectively

A process essay is a how-to essay whereby you will tell the readers how to perform something, how something is done, how something is manufactured in a factory or how to create a particular dish. A good process easy leads the reader through the activity step by step without moving too fast or too slowly, as the reader might be new to that activity. Though details are crucial, if you include so many steps, the reader may get bored before the essay is over. So it is important to only include the most important information. Some of the basic guidelines on how to write a process essay effectively include:

    • Determine the procedure that you want to explain or write about. You should tell your reader why it is important for them to learn more about that process.
    • Create an outline. You can also include several sub-texts in order to ensure that your essay will be properly understood.
    • If there could be other alternative procedures that the reader can take, it is better to cite them. Be aware that the main aim of writing a process essay is to properly inform the readers about the correct procedures that they should take.
    • If your topic is something that is technical in nature, you must mention the tools, programs, equipment and other items that the reader will need in order to complete the task. It is also good to use layman terms when writing your process essay. Readers can not appreciate high faulting terms which cannot even be understood by ordinary readers.
    • The final tip on how to write a process essay is, explain to the readers about the outcome that they should expect. With this, they will know if they are going the right direction or not. In addition, you must also give information about the estimated time within which the procedures should be completed.

    If you want to be a blogger or a content writer, it is important to learn how to write a process essay effectively. Knowing how to write a process essay effectively will save you all the trouble and you will be able to increase quality traffic to your web site. Online readers are not keen when it comes to essays which are articulated in nature. They want articles which are relevant so that they can apply the information that they come across in their daily lives. Very few writers really know how to write a process essay effectively. If you want to be famous in the blogging world, it is important to familiarize yourself with the necessary procedures on how to write a process essay effectively.

    Examples of process essays and how to make your process essay effective

    To understand how to write a process essay effectively you first need to know the types of process essays available. There are two types of process essays which are classified according to their purpose. One type of process essays explains how something is done and the other type describes how something works. The process essay that explains how to perform something is designed to tell someone how something is done. The readers should be able to follow the directions of your essay and perform what you are explaining successfully. Such process essays include, how to repair a laptop, how to search for a new house, how to plant trees and many others. The process essay that explains how something works is meant to inform the reader. In this type of essay, the readers will not do the process being explained in the essay. The readers will understand the process when they finish writing the essay. Examples of this type of essay include how plants trap the sun, how a car engine works and many others.

    To write an effective process essay, you first need to determine your audience and the level of their skills. Before starting to write, you must know what you will need in each part of your process essay for your audience. This will help you to think about what you need to address. Determine if you need to let the readers know upfront that the task will require a certain amount of time or will require a very specific set of tools and what they need to know first in order to wrap their mind around the task. You have to make a list of the materials required. These are the materials that your readers will need to complete that task.

    You will then outline the task by writing down each basic step. You also need to have actually gone through the task yourself so that you will know exactly what happens as you write the steps down. You can time yourself when carrying out the task if possible. However, if it is not possible, come up with a good estimation of how long it will take. Many people will want to know how long the task will take in order to determine if they will do it. And if you are writing a process essay on a topic that is difficult that you are a whiz at, it is good to add more time to your estimate. The people who are not familiar with the task are likely to take long. And note that process essays are often written in the second person (you) but at times you might be asked to avoid this. You need to confirm with your tutor about it.


    Writing a process essay

    The first section of a process essay is the introduction. You have to introduce your task creatively in order to draw the readers’ attention. Do not just launch into the steps. Ease your readers in with a captivating introduction. This is the opportunity to let them know what they are getting into and they can be able to decide if this is actually something they are ready to do. The next step in the introduction is to clue your readers into the basics of the task. This is where you let them know how long the task will take and mention the materials required. The introduction, the ingredients and the list of equipment make the actual process essay easy to follow and help the readers to feel prepared. And when writing, ensure your sentences transition smoothly. This spurs the readers to read more and it cues them to action.

    The second section of the process essay is the body. This is where you use the list of steps that you had prepared earlier. The process essay body should include a good number of steps that will help the readers to know about the whole process. The body of the process essay should be in paragraphs. The steps should be grouped in paragraphs as per the time or as per the ideas. This differentiation makes it clear on what to expect in each topic and prevents one from going back and forth between topics. If structuring the paragraphs per ideas does not work, you can try grouping the steps chronologically. You can have the first steps in the first paragraph, the middle steps in the second and paragraph and the end steps in the third paragraph. The number of steps you use in a paragraph will depend on the duration it takes to write about each step. But bear in mind that a 100-word is the appropriate paragraph size, though that is not a rule. It is good to ensure that you do not overwhelm your readers with so many words at once in order to keep them motivated.

    Ensure you use transition words and not just list each step. The transition between steps shows when one step ends and when a new step starts thus forming a unified process. Ensure you write in detail as the readers may not have come across your process before. Enough details help the readers to follow the process easily. And it is good to let one of your steps stand out from all the other steps. In other words, do not let all your steps in the process essay feel equally important. Equally important simply implies equally unimportant. You can do this by attaching a warning to one of your steps for example; mention that if you do not do this and this, this item will not function well. This and any other similar warnings in the process essay will remind the readers that you are trying to be helpful to them and this will keep them reading.

    The last section of the process essay is the conclusion. A conclusion can be similar to an introduction. It is meant to remind the readers of the problem and the solution. And a conclusion at times warns the reader about the dangers that are likely to happen if the steps are not followed correctly or it can offer a suggestion about how to overcome a certain difficulty. In a conclusion, you must also mention the end product and its functions. Give the readers an idea of what they will end up with once they complete the process. Make them visualize the end product and give them ideas for the next steps. Just because they have gone through the entire process it does not mean that they know how to use the end results. You also need to go through the completed process essay to ensure that it is easy to follow. Check the number of steps, if they are few, check if it is because the process is too simple or it is because you overlooked some steps. And if the steps are too many, check and modify the areas that you might have written unnecessary steps. And since you know the process at the back of your mind, it is good to have a friend test it out. They will be able to point out errors that can easily be fixed to ensure that your process essay is perfect.

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