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How to write a concept paper?

First of all, you need to understand what exactly is a concept paper before moving on to the section that covers tricks on how to write a concept paper. It is basically a document that is written with the intent of convincing the people or parties which might turn out to be potential funders or investors for any product that is to be manufactured. It could range from a product to a particular form of service or a program. The format of concept papers varies and this entirely depends on the organization. But in a nutshell, these are also termed as concise documents which contain information supported by arguments that are persuasive in nature and is backed by statistical data. Without beating around the bush, let us move on to the basic requirements that you need to keep in mind before writing a concept paper.

Steps on how to write a concept paper

First of all, you need to acknowledge the role of the organization that is willing to sponsor the manufacturing process of the product that you have designed. This should be done with the help of a holistic demonstration of the knowledge that you have regarding public and private organizations. Base the facts and arguments by giving an adequate summary of the involvement of the organization in the plans that you have for your product. An example for the same would be a case scenario where the funders are highly oriented and ambitious towards advancing literacy, especially among nations that are in developing stage. You need to make the organization understand how you want them to be involved in the whole process and before doing that, make sure you give an acknowledgment to the organization for all the success that they have attained in the particular area that your product is inclined towards. This is one of the most important points to ponder on when you are learning how to write a concept paper.

Secondly, make sure you give a proper description of the members who are part of your team or the organization that you are associated with. Understand the point that it is highly imperative to explaining the prime objective of the product to the funders, so as to ensure that they realize the scope of the idea that you have based your product on. Let us consider an example where you are representing a software company that makes use of software programs in order to teach skills such as reading and writing to populations that are disenfranchised. In such a case, you will need to make the funders realize your position and how it is related to the set of goals that the funding organization has.


Identification of problem statement

Another important point to note while learning how to write a concept paper is to identify as well as present the problem statement in a justifiable manner, so as to ensure that the funders are able to comprehend the points and vision that you have in mind. Keep in mind that the funders will go through the concept paper only because they are keen or fascinated to know what prospects your product holds and how will it be beneficial for them. Understand and draft the problem statement explaining the issue that your product intends to tackle and make sure that you give the funders enough detail that conveys the background of the product and also ascertains that you have enough knowledge regarding the issue in hand. It is a commonly recommended practice to include relevant data into the concept paper that helps in demonstrating the gravity of the problem. Keep these facts in mind while learning how to write a concept paper.

Be aware that including a detailed assessment covering the methods that you have applied before, will always go as a strongly recommended practice since it will give the funders enough idea about how capable you are. This report should consist of all the successes that you have achieved in the past and the type of projects that you have worked on. You can also include something that counts as a reference to the successes that you have achieved with various organizations that you might have collaborated with. Make them understand how you devised the solution and what the problem that you tackled was.

It is quite important to explain how you are planning to meet the goal that you have set for yourself and the funding organization has set for you. Make sure the deadlines you give to them are reasonable enough and the description of the service, program or product is holistically drafted. It is imperative to be concise and clear while describing the idea. The language should be understandable so that the reader does not have to spend time in comprehending it. It is strongly recommended not to use technical language since the audience might be from a non-technical background and they might not be able to understand the prospects that the product boasts of.

While learning how to write a concept paper, you will always have to look out for the best way in which the objective of your product is outlined. The solution should not only save money but also help in the prevention of issues related to health and generate scope for advanced learning at the same time. The best practice would be to include details that are quantitative in nature, which includes the people who will be benefitting from it and the amount of time that will be saved. At the same time, give the funders an estimation of the profits that can be generated from the product.

Your concept paper must always have a list of the resources that will come handy in order to offer services. But the question arises as to what type of resources we should need to consider. The list can have materials that will be required to build any kind of product or the requirement of a particular set of people who will be assisting in providing services. The more detailed your list is, the better chances for the funding party to sponsor your project. The needs of the project must be highlighted in order to satisfy the needs of the project. In addition to that, the description must also include a portion which emphasizes on the readiness on your part to provide the service, program or product based on your idea.


Reasonable deadlines for services

As we have emphasized on this point before, please make note of the fact that it is highly important to openly discuss the deadlines taking all kinds of scenarios into consideration. Explain to the funders how long it will take you to build, deliver and manage the product and services. There are lots of points that need to be kept in mind while doing so and some of them include taking the team members into consideration. If you think you are capable of delivering the services within a short timeline, then you might be risking the whole project as it usually depends on the complexity of the project more than the type of members you have who will be working towards the services.

How to write a concept paper in the most efficient way and how to attract the attention of funders are two correlated questions that need to be answered. Make sure you do your calculation and keep a small buffer for any scenarios where the project might require additional support which has to be bought. After evaluating all the pros and cons, you need to give a specific amount that the funding organization will take into consideration. There is one more way of doing that and it involves making an estimation of the amount that the funding party is capable of processing without exceeding the budget that it has set for itself. If you are asking for an amount that goes over their budget, then it might lead to dismissal of your services, project or program. Hence, you will have to tread very carefully, just to make sure that you leave no stones unturned while convincing the funder that your idea behind the project carries merit.

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