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Child care resume

To find a job as a nanny or any other job related to the work with kids, it is important to write a competent and professional childcare resume.

Below, you will find out how to write a resume, if you are looking for a job yourself. This will give you the opportunity to tell about yourself so that the future employer will see an ideal nanny or childcare worker in you. Each family seeks to invite a nanny without bad habits, smart, fun, and the one how genuinely loves children. Thus, it is important to know how to compile a resume.

Specifics of a resume for a child care job

A child care resume is a brief self-presentation in writing of your professional skills, achievements, and personal qualities.There should be a photo of good quality in the resume.

Before proceeding to the structure of the resume, pay attention to 3 important points:

  • First, write the truth, but not all – write more about your positive qualities and less about shortcomings.
  • Second, adhere to a clear structure. The resume is written on no more than 1–2 sheets of paper. Therefore, try to summarize all the necessary information. Take care of accurate formatting of the text and its structure.
  • Third, be optimistic and cheerful. A cheerful, positive person will attract the attention of the employer faster.

Goal of the resume

You should keep in mind that your resume must necessarily have a goal. You can correctly formulate it in the following way: The purpose of the resume is to find a job as a nanny, a nurse or a child care worker.

Experience and education

If you have several educations, list them in order. Of course, in the field of home staff, education is especially important in such specialties as a nanny and a childcare worker person.
When looking for a nanny, people prefer to find a teacher or someone who has an education as a teacher. When looking for a child care worker, people try to find someone who has the certainmedical background.

Note that the work experience column is written in the child care resume starting from the most recent place of your work, if it is not the only one, and begins with the period spent in this position.


In the duties section, you should write about what you had to do in the family if you already worked in the family. If you did not work in the family, then write down what duties you are willing to fulfill.
For example, you can list the following duties:

  • Full care of the child from one and a half to three years old.
  • Compliance with the regime of the day.
  • Walks in the open air.
  • Developing activities according to the age of the child.
  • Cooking for the baby and feeding.
  • Care of children’s clothes and shoes, delicate washing and ironing.
  • Cleaning the children’s room and keeping toys clean.
  • Teaching a child to order and maintain cleanliness.
  • Washing children’s dishes.

You can add as many duties as you want and list everything that you're willing to do as a child care worker.

Additional information

In the additional information section, you need to describe your strengths, professional knowledge, and skills that will directly help you better perform the tasks set for you in the family.
It is advisable to indicate the following in your child care resume:

  • You have a certificate on the absence of a criminal record
  • You have a medical check from a certain date
  • You have a certificate from a drug and psychology clinic

Having these certificates increases your competitiveness. If you have taken any courses on child development and care, show them as well.

If you know the developing techniques, write about what methods you use. Housekeepers can specify that they know how to deal with detergents and clean various surfaces. Simply write the truth.Otherwise, at the first working day, you may be uncomfortable with your lies. Mark everything that highlights your professionalism. Here, you can specify that you have a car and driver's license. For someone, this is very important.

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