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How to plan an essay?

While writing an essay, one of the first things that you need to take into consideration is the question that is being asked and how you are going to address it. It is highly imperative to understand the notion behind the topic in order to get a proper understanding of what is expected from you. Start by identifying all the key instructions that have been given such as an account for, compare, assess, discuss, describe, evaluate, explain, discuss, outline and certain important questions such as when, why, how, what and use all of them to determine the entirety of the material that you are supposed to cover as well as the way in which it has to be organized. It is highly important for you to understand what unusual and specialized words mean and what the phrases meanwhile learning how to plan an essay.

Coming up with a plan for the essay by collecting references is probably the first thing that you should be doing if you really know how to plan an essay. After you are done with your preliminary research, make sure you start planning your essay in such a way so that the content which you have researched can be easily put in proper words to increase the impact factor of the essay. Producing a plan for the essay will be efficient only when you organize your ideas properly. Once your ideas are in place and you have figured out how to put them to use, start gathering more materials from different blogs, articles, books, forum postings, electronic media and other forms of sources purposively. Now this is where a question arises as to how to plan an essay by forming a strong basis of arguments as well as discussion based on the primary points. As soon as your work proceeds further, you will eventually discuss that there might be a need to change the plan that you had devised initially since your ideas might change with the course of time, based on the research you do. Maybe the information that you are looking for which supports your idea is not readily available on the internet or any other source, which compels you to change your thought process. It is immensely important to do proper research of the material in a careful manner by seeking assistance from someone experienced, if required.

How to plan an essay by taking notes

Making notes while going through research are always a good practice and this is something which you must convert into a habit for your own benefit. This will help you in highlighting the main points that you require to finish your essay and will give you a detailed insight into the topic that you have researched on. Make sure you keep a record of all the sources on the internet of off it that you are considering and the page numbers as well. You need to learn how to develop an efficient system that stores research notes as well as references, enabling them to be accessed and used easily. This is a suggestion that is applicable for all students from high-school to post-graduation.

Giving a structure to your essay is very important. Your essay needs to have a proper beginning as well as an end. This doesn’t mean that the middle part is not important since the whole composition has to be done in such a way so as to ensure that information is being rationally presented throughout the essay. Learn to make a proper transition from one topic to another as many students end up sounding redundant and that is something which makes them lose marks. Knowing how to plan an essay will go a long way in ensuring that you understand how the structure of an essay needs to be.

Firstly, you need to start off with the introduction part where you need to put emphasis on the question being asked and provide valid context pertaining to the topic. In this way, you will be able to indicate which direction your essay should proceed towards and you will get a vivid insight as to how the structure of arguments must look like. The introduction part must always be followed by the discussion part where logical arguments need to be developed with the help of many points that support the arguments that you are trying to make. The evidence should be relevant enough and supported by illustrations, examples, facts and data tables. If there is any other form of evidence which can support your arguments, then you are free to use those as well. Finally, knowing how to plan an essay, you must be well aware of how a proper conclusion should be drafted. It is basically one paragraph that will summarize the ideas that you have included in the essay and summarize each and every argument that you have emphasized on. It should look like a proper demonstration of a valid answer to the problem statement of the essay.


Detailed review

The toughest part is always the beginning of the process where the students are looking for the right way to start the essay. You might come across a method that might be convenient for you and might be based on a structured approach. But the transition from the introduction to the crux of the topic has to be made in such a way that it makes perfect sense, without which it will simply make the reader lose interest in the topic. No matter who you are consulting on how to plan an essay, everyone will suggest you follow a structured approach as that make it easier for the writer to present the information and the reader to comprehend what the writer is trying to convey through the essay. It is a common practice to write essays by dividing them into stages and then finally combining different parts in order to produce the final version of the essay. Make sure the facts are presented in a clear and concise manner making it easier for the reader to understand. You can dedicate one paragraph to one major point and then make a smooth transition, which is a recommended approach.

First of all, make note of the fact that the first version of the essay must always be the draft version since you can make changes to it in order to make it much better. Knowing how to plan an essay, you will come across lots of draft essays on the topic that you are writing on, so pay emphasis to how the essays are written and review your draft version accordingly.

While reviewing, the first thing that should be in your mind is to check whether the problem statement highlighted in the beginning of the essay has been answered appropriately or not. You can rearrange the points that you mentioned in the essay in order to add more weight to the arguments that you have made. Ensure that the essay is free of any grammatical, spelling or punctuation mistakes. The supporting evidence needs to be mentioned in the essay and highlight all the key points in such a manner that the reader is able to make sense out of it. Finally, the length of the essay has to be appropriate enough since the essays that fail to meet the word of character length might lose out on marks. Being able to review properly will be enough to understand that you have finally cracked how to plan an essay as a well-planned approach will produce the best essay.

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