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Getting to Know What a Range Is

What is your main understanding of range? You may use the word range in order to describe the difference between a couple of items. You may also use range when you would like to compare two items on a set and at the same time, acknowledging everything that is in between. For those who are young, finding range may be easy to evaluate as numbers or items would simply need to be arranged depending on their specifications. As people grow older, the range may also differ not only in math but in life as well. How to find the range is normally one of the things that people would like to figure out beforehand

The first step that you have to do in order to figure out how to find the range is to first arrange the data set that you have received. You will most likely get a set of numbers and you will be given instructions on how you can arrange it. For example, you may be given numbers 32, 1, 17, 22 and 9 and you would have to arrange them from least to greatest. Since they are whole numbers, you would then arrange them from the smallest number which is 1 to the greatest number of the set which is 32. It will be arranged as 1, 9, 17, 22 and 32. The formula for finding the range is very simple. It is Range = Maximum Value - Minimum Value.

It can be easy to identify the smallest and the biggest number on the set. You will then mark 1 and 32 because they are the smallest and the largest numbers. You may then subtract the biggest number with the smallest number so it will be 32 - 1 = 31. So the range of the numbers will be 31. It sounds easy, right? For basic range, it is always easy to figure out what to do. In fact, even people who do not like math that much usually enjoy this lesson because this is something that they can understand easily. If you are wondering how to calculate the range and if it feels complicated, it is quite obvious that it is not as complicated as you may have thought it to be.

Of course, based on the figures that are mentioned above, it is obvious that the range is a bit misleading because most of the numbers do not even reach 30. This is the reason why a range is not the only way to figure out the difference between the highest and lowest number. People may become delighted when they realize that the understanding of how to find the range is actually easier than what they thought but because it is too easy and simple, the data that it can give may not be as accurate as people would expect.

Range may have some limitations and this is because of the outliers. The outliers are extreme numbers that you will find within the set. This will change the data that you will get out of it. When this happens, finding the range may not be as easy as you would like it to be anymore because it is not as accurate as you wanted it to be. Usually, when there are outliers, the process that will be carried out instead is standard deviation but this is more complicated than outrightly finding the range.

In order to make it easier, it will be safe to assume that standard deviation is usually 1/4 of the total range. This means that the standard deviation is 1/4 of 31 which is the answer mentioned above. Divide 31 by 4 and you will get 7.75. This will then be the rough estimate of the total standard deviation which can be good enough to know the actual range of the numbers that are mentioned above.

Range can be done with a wide variety of things. While the formula for finding the range of values is basically used for numbers, you can expect that range can be used in order to arrange integers. You can also use range when you are dealing with money and other units of measurements. Let us say that you would have to undergo finding the range of the kilometers that runners had gone through so you need to know the number of kilometers that the runners were able to reach before you can successfully evaluate the range. It usually just involves simple subtraction on your part so it is not that complicated.

Using Range in the Modern World

When you think about using range, you have to admit that it is not as complicated and as far out as other math concepts. It seems that there are some math concepts that are truly out of this world and are hard to understand. But finding the range of values is not one of those hard tasks. In statistics, you can easily make use of range in order to find the mean, the median and the mode. Statistics may seem an enjoyable math class for people who do not normally love numbers. This can be an exception unless of course, it would be connected to another complicated subject like testing. Range may already become complicated then.

Sometimes range is needed whenever some tests are done. For example, if there would be a test on the level of empathy of students towards certain people, then students would have to answer a survey and the results of the survey will then be tabulated. The range will then be useful for knowing what type of people most students empathize with and the average range of empathy that students usually give depending on the situation can also be determined simply by knowing how to find the range. Of course, for more complex situations, finding the range may not be the only process that would need to be done.

It is true that for carrying out creative writing or short essays, there is no need to know how to find range because what could range necessarily be needed for? When you only need to write about your costs or possibly what you have learned about during the lesson being discussed in your school or college. When it comes to thesis writing or dissertation papers, range may already play an important part because research must take place and with research, range is sometimes useful.

At times, people may become confused with the things that they can do with their dissertation papers, so knowing how to find range, upon knowing the data that would need to be placed on paper, they get dissertation editing services in order to be sure that they will only get a report with great quality. Sometimes, there is a range for the annotated bibliography given by students. Wondering what is an annotated bibliography ? This is the list of the resources that researchers have studied in order to create cohesive text.

Sometimes, with range comes the making of theories. The range may sometimes be applied to other things other than math. You have to admit that there are times when you range some of the people that you meet based on what you have learned about them. Teachers may use the range at times in determining who among the students is the best in making reflective essays and who does not really reflect before making the essays that they submit. How to find the range may not be too applicable here but the same concept is used wherein the least in the category is placed on one side and the most in the same category is placed on the opposite side. Yet, this may not always be accurate as there may be some students who hire professionals for the purpose of writing a reflective essay for them. If this would be considered, then will the range shift tremendously? The number of people who hire professionals to write for them may also change the range entirely.

When it comes to the medical field, has it ever occurred to you that range is also being used? Whenever your platelet count would have to be determined or your blood pressure would need to be checked, have you been told that the figures received are within the normal range? This means that there are certain numbers that will determine if there is something wrong with you or not.

When you are in a certain store, have you ever considered the range of the products that they are selling? It is highly likely that you will be in some stores that sell a wide variety of clothes but what is the range of the items that they sell? Do they only sell clothes for women? If they do, do they sell designs that will be applicable to all types of women? You can then determine if the store has a wide range of clothing or not simply based on this. Still, when you are in the store, have you tried to determine the price range of the items that are being sold. Here, finding the range can be applicable as you can look for the item in the store that is priced the cheapest and look for another item within the same category that is priced as the most expensive. Simply subtract and use the formula on how to find the range and you will know the price range of the items that are being sold in the store.

The examples that are mentioned above, these are things that people usually do not think about. It is even likely that before you came across this article, the procedure for find the range is not really something that you find important without realizing that it is something that you do every day. It is something that can affect you every day. How do you determine if something is out of your range? It is when that one thing that you aspire to get just does not seem to fit in with your expectations. It may fall below or above your range.

Now that you already know the various ways on how range can be useful in your everyday life, you will most likely find yourself teaching others how to find the range not only in Math but with the different things that they do. Remember that range can be countable or uncountable but it is so commonly used that you sometimes forget about it. Thus far, here are the points that have been touched here:


  • Range can be defined in different manners but in math, this is the difference between two numbers in opposite sides of a set.
  • How to find the range is actually uncomplicated and easy to do.
  • Sometimes range can be inaccurate which explains why standard deviation should be done instead.
  • Range is something that people encounter every day without realizing it.
  • Range can be useful if the method used is properly carried out.
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