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How to cite an essay in following the requirements of the MLA formatting style

No matter what level you study on, whether you attend high school, university or even if you are a professional author, citing sources is something that you really need to deal with anyway. It is important that you know how to make your paper meet all the requirements of the formatting style, which you writing assignment needs to follow. There are many different formatting styles and ways how to cite an essay , each of which has its specificities and difficulties. However, all of them have the main common purpose: they ensure the audience that the author of the paper did not plagiarize, that the paper is written in an original and unique manner. In fact, citations are a rather important part of research process, as well as an integral part of the research paper itself. Below, you will get acquainted with the most popular and widespread formatting styles and learn to follow them appropriately.

  • Don't hurry up to choose this formatting style, as long as you need to make sure that it matches the style of your research document. MLA style is often used in the area of humanity studies, such as language and literature, history, religious studies, culture and so on.
  • Make sue you comprehend the two elements of the citation. When you write your paper, you need to divide the citation text of your essay into two pieces: in the main part (the body of the essay) and in the end of your paper, which is going to be the bibliography list.
  • Write down only relevant information in the citations. You need to let the reader know the name of the author of the words you cited, as well as the number of the page, so the reader could know where to find the original text of the citation.
  • Find out when the citations are needed and where they are not. Make sure that everything that you cite is also provided in the bibliography list of your paper. Don't overuse citations, even if it seems that they match the context.

Apart from being aware of how to cite an essay , you also need to know how to find a good title for your paper. There are writers, who consider this deal to be the hardest part in the overall writing process. Indeed, this is quite a challenging issue, which requires a serious approach. If you want your paper to be attractive, you need to create a catchy title, which could provoke your reader's interest. Keep reading to learn an easy way to make up your title.

How to title an essay and make your paper attractive

  • Don't think about the title of your essay before you finish the paper itself. The point is, as you write, you may change some of your ideas and the overall context of your paper. Therefore, in order not to change the title for several times, do it in the very end.
  • Make a list of the most important themes of your essay. Which one sounds most attractive? Keep in mind that your thesis statement gives information on the main idea of your paper, so the title has to match it, not to provide a new point.
  • Think of the target audience. It is essential that you are aware of the preferences, believes and possible attitudes of your potential readers, so you could know precisely which style and tone to use when creating a title. If you write for a broad publicity, you can allow yourself to use slang phrases and hooks. But if you write a research paper for scientists, you should avoid using slangs, and instead, write in standard, formal English language.
  • Define the purpose of your title. Does it have to shock your audience, attract or just inform? This is the issue, on which the form and the style of your paper depends.
  • Make sure your title is not too long. Otherwise, it will not be beneficial for your mark. Try to make a title that consists of ten or maybe fifteen words maximum.
  • Look for new ideas from you own text. All you need to do, is to give yourself some time, have a rest and look at your paper with a fresh eye. Are there some phrases in your text that you are especially proud of? All in all, get inspired from your own writing.

In addition, we would like to warn you that proofreading is the stage of writing a paper that cannot be ignored. To know how to proofread an essay is almost as much important as to know how to cite it. In fact, it is not that easy as it may seem, because there are a lot of mistakes and errors, that the writer cannot see on his own. To recognize what wrong with your paper is, you need to remember all the mistakes that you used to make in your previous research papers. Also, you make ask your friends or family to proofread you essay. If you realized that your paper has errors, but you know how to correct an essay , you will cope with this deal and make your paper as good as you want.

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