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How to begin a narrative essay in college

Now, you will encounter a lot of narrative essays in college. This is definitely the type you cannot run away from. Before you talk about writing this essay and getting it right, you have to know what a narrative essay is. A narrative essay in general is an essay that offers explanations about a thing, person or circumstance. Now, when you are writing a narrative essay, getting it right depends on many things, and you cannot produce a good essay if you do not put these things into consideration. The number one consideration by anybody who knows how to begin a narrative essay is to decipher the type of narrative essay you have been asked to write. There are different types of narrative essays and your teacher will not be the person to point the particular type you are supposed to write. The teacher will only give you the homework topic while you go home and produce a 500 word essay on it. To know how to do a narrative essay will depend on knowing the type of essay to write. The type of essay you have been asked to write will in turn, determine the structure you will use in writing the essay. This is actually one of the first things to do. Your narrative essay may be an expository one. If this is the case, then you are expected to give full information about the topic in question. Here, you are meant to look at all aspects of the topic and write down what you experienced. Another type of narrative essay is the descriptive essay. In this type, you are expected to describe mostly the traits and give details about the characteristics of the concept, thing or person. Another type of narrative essay which you should know if you intend to learn how to begin a narrative essay is the argument essay. This is also part of a narrative essay though many people do not know this and it is meant to convince the reader or to persuade the reader to accept something by demonstrating how true or false that thing is. There is also the simple narrative that is meant to tell a straightforward story from the point of view of the writer or story-teller.

You don’t know how to make a narrative essay if you do not know how to pick the topic for the essay. This is actually one of the number one tasks that you will face when you want to write a narrative essay. In most cases, your teacher may give you the topic of the essay or your area of concentration. But in some other cases, you will not be supplied with this, and here, you have to choose the topic to write on. If this happens to be the case with you, you simply have to look around your immediate environment. Check your home, school, playground or community and pick the thing you are most interested in. pick the area where your passion lies and work on this. When you work on an area you have a passion for, the passion will be shown in the authority and confidence you will exhibit in the writing. Even if this narrative essay is about a business plan, you should also insure that there is enough information to write about. Don’t just start if you don’t have enough resources within your proposal. This is a universal law for the writing of all essays. We consider these when we offer all sorts of creative writing to you. Now, in choosing the topic for the essay, you must also consider your audience. You are supposed to choose only the topics that will appeal to them. Do not be too selfish to consider yourself alone. They are the people to read the essay, so you must consider them too. When you must have chosen the topic to your essay, you have to move to the pre-writing process. You cannot say that you know how to begin a narrative essay if you don’t know how to pre-write. Start by brainstorming the points to research and write. Brainstorm ideas by gathering information from different sources. They could be from your experience, from that of friends, from written works, from your classroom notes, etc. When you want to begin your essay, you have to start with the description. It is always advised that you start your narrative with descriptive words so as to make good details. Talk about the senses of sight, smell, taste, sound, touch and feelings about the subject of your essay. You can also start your narrative essay about how to make a thesis with a dialogue.

Tit-bits about writing a narrative essay

In your narrative writing an essay introduction, you have to take a look at all those sensory details you have written down during brainstorming and begin with one of them as part of your introduction. If your narrative essay is on a book or any work of art or text, you have to narrate the different elements of the text. The most important areas to look into are the setting and climax of the work. You can also analyze and narrate the beginning and end of the work. You should also take a good look at the characters, plot, the author’s points of views and many others. You don’t know how to right a narrative essay on a book if you do not analyze along this line. Now, the body of the essay and the narratives should be written in a chronological manner. This may be according to their order of importance or according to the order in which the events happened in time. You must arrange with one of these styles to give your work an organized setting. Your narrative essay must have a purpose, and this should be stated in the opening parts of the essay. You may be writing it as a dialogue and you must ensure that all the descriptive details are combined in a seamless manner.

  • You should describe your feelings about the event as it occurred.
  • You should also talk about the disposition and reaction of the people around you as the event occurred.
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