A Guide for Starters on How to Become A Real-Life Adult


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A Guide for Starters on How to Become A Real-Life Adult

One thing that fascinates every student is adulthood. Remember how we all wanted to grow up and be independent? Well, it's not as fun as it seemed back then now, is it? Perhaps all the Millennials know the predicaments that come with adulting. Many of them are young adults and know that what glittered back then isn't all gold. Growing up has its perks, but some people don't know how to do it right.

Are You a Full-Fledged Adult?

When we think about a full-fledged adult, most of us imagine a person sitting in an office in front of a laptop. Someone is quietly reading a book early in the morning in a park. Maybe even a grown-up shuttling between house chores and multiple tasks. Have you ever put yourself in their shoes, though? No. Well, perhaps you are them now! Let's find out whether you show the "symptoms" of adulthood or not.

Complete Your Daily Tasks

When adulting hits, a person shifts from buying luxury items at malls to running errands. You will find yourself running around the city to get groceries, dropping your younger siblings to school, or rushing to the shop to get something for repairing broken items at home. Mom and dad aren't going to do all that for you because you are a grown-up now!

Saving Money for The Real Stuff

Adults are savers. Money is the key to all the doors in the future for our adults. They save for the bigger items rather than giving in to impulsive buying. Children feel the need to buy every toy, every dress, and every video game they spot. An empty bank account doesn't suit an adult. So, if you look at the bigger picture in life now, chances are, you, my friend, are becoming... Yes... A mature person!

Sleeping Too Soon

Remember the nights after college when you would rush home and then run out to party with your friends every weekend. A blurred memory... Now you come home and look forward to falling asleep after your long hard day. You're more concerned about your family members and going home to them rather than enjoying yourself on a Saturday night.

Don't Rush

Don't force yourself to be an adult. No matter what the circumstances are, you must enjoy every stage of life! You don't always get a second shot at living. If you don't live your childhood or teenage to the fullest, you will find yourself without any lively experiences to share with your children or grandchild in the future. The first time is always as great as an adult. You feel independent, you can do whatever you want, and you feel invincible. There are several reasons why you won't be happy if you rush through life.

Look for Happiness in Every Little Thing

If you rush as a child, you'll learn to rush adulthood as well. You'll be upset about reaching a gathering late or you'll be bummed for way too long if you miss a minor deadline. Your world will come crashing down if you lose marks in a college course. Nothing will make you happy. For you, the glass will always be half empty. You're never going to look at the glass half full.

People Might Walk Out On You

Indeed, loved ones always stay. But have you ever thought about what might happen if they have no reason to stay? If you are always anxious, you will drive people away. After all, we all are looking for someone we can have fun with after your heavy days. You might subconsciously be making them anxious too. So be careful about every decision. Take young T and Bugsy's advice and don't rush!

See Life as an Adult

The first step on your list of how to be an adult should be your perception. You need to put your life on pause and look back. Reflecting on every past decision will help you find a good enough reason to improve your mindset. You will learn a lot and will try to see life as a mature grown-up.

Self-Control Can Do Wonders

You can do and say anything as you move ahead in life. Growing up is not a matter of the biological clock. It has much more to do with self-control. Stop yourself from insulting others, curb your anger, and move on in life towards rational decision making.

Logic is Key

Never allow your emotions to cloud your judgment. It is okay to have a sudden burst of emotions, but your actions should remain practical if you want to excel in life. Don't give up on a great job in New York city just because you have many memories in your city.

The Importance of Adulting

Being an adult doesn't just mean you get voting rights. It means you learn that all of your conscious actions will have an equal and opposite reaction. Adulthood brings many new things in our lives. We might not realize it, but as time passes by, life teaches us the meaning of maturity and shapes us into young adults. Whatever we learn in our life is reflected in this stage. There are many reasons why adulting is important for everyone as they become a 21-year-old.

Accountability And Responsibility Go Hand in Hand

Every human being makes mistakes. It is inevitable. Adult life brings a sense of accountability, as well. We don't have the privilege to cry and run to our mom and dad anymore! We have to own up to our mistakes and mend our ways. It may seem difficult, but it is important for personal development. Well, adulthood isn't all about a debit card now, is it?

A word that is always on the cards is responsibility. If you want a sense of purpose in your life, you need to be a responsible adult. There are some things you can't let go of in life. You need to learn to be a responsible person to make sure you meet deadlines at work, complete your assignments, and deliver every task to the best of your ability.

Let's Learn How to Be an Adult

Adulting is not about turning into a 21-year-old. It is a life stage that involves many trial and error methods to teach you the importance of every little thing in your life. The child inside us often comes out and tries to distract us, which is okay. We can't always be at our best! Everyone has the right to fall short every once in a while. So, to control that, we have prepared a list of ways to learn to be a real adult!

Be Polite

The child we used to be might not understand this, but being polite to others is crucial. We need to empathize with those around us to prevent ourselves from rushing into decisions that can harm others. Try to be more understanding of people and their situations. You never know what someone else is going through. Social media might trick you into thinking everyone is happy and living their lives, but it is all a farce. What meets the eye isn't always the truth!

Stop with The Blame Game

Young people in high schools are the ones who are about to enter adulthood and let us tell you, it's not a piece of cake. You might be used to the fact that you used to blame every drawback. But now things are different. As a grown-up, you can't hide behind the blame game. The victim mindset has to go now!

Keep in Touch

One should always keep their loved ones close to them. You never know which turn life might end up taking. Hence, always call your parents back even on a busy day, check up on your children and take time out to visit their school often, and have a social life. No. We don't mean social media. Meet your good friends and have a good laugh! Cutting people off is not a part of growth.

Appreciate the Little Things

Some people have the habit of neglecting the good in their lives. Sadly, they make their end up making their lives difficult. It deprives them of pleasure. Learn to appreciate the little things to be a happy adult. If you have shelter, food, a good job, a good company of people around you, and a family, then you are lucky. Most people don't have the privilege to enjoy all these blessings.

Quit Lying!

Lying is the one thing that we all should stop at one point. Sometimes, it may sound like a hard nut to crack. But always try to be honest with yourself and other people. Children can lie as they have a world of their own, but you don't want to be a grown-up child, do you? To become the best version of yourself, you have to pick all the lies up and dump them out of your life!

Why is Adulting So Hard Now?

Every millennial can relate to this phrase. There is no step by step guide to being a grown-up. You learn it along the way. However, millennials feel that it is difficult to bring out the adult in them now because of their typical lifestyle. There are so many distractions. You can either be watching Netflix, or you can study and work. There is no grey area anymore! You need to get your priorities straight.

Most of us ask our parents to do things for us. The party culture has increased so much that it is all we can think about. Saturday night out with friends, going to the beach, going to the mall to shop and drain credit cards, and so on. There is no end to comfort in our lifestyles.

People are so interested in romantic relationships that they have lost sight of what truly matters. That is themselves. Entering immature relationships just for the sake of having someone by your side is not what an adult does. An adult waits for the right partner to build a home with and feel safe.

Responsibilities As an Adult

Welcome to the realm of responsibilities. You can't learn these by reading books from some bestselling author from New York or London. You need first-hand practical experience to come to terms with them! We can't tell you how to handle these responsibilities as every person has a set of their own. But we can tell you what some of them might be so that you don't let them overwhelm you when you encounter them.

Pay Your Bills

When you move into your own house, you realize that there are bills wherever you look! The electric bill, gas bills, groceries, rent, utilities, everything costs money. You have to start paying all these bills on your own and bear all costs like a mature individual.

Get a Job

If you need to pay bills, you need to make money too! It is an essential need to survive in this world. Try to land a job that pays you well enough to meet your needs and still leave you with a good amount to spend on your desires. There might be challenges initially, but you will eventually learn how to do your job right and even bag better opportunities for yourself. Many students start working from home to afford a good lifestyle as soon as they move out! You can also gain knowledge about the stock market to step into investing in stocks for the future. Who knows, you might end up making a profit!

Adulting Calls for a Savings Account

As an adult, you must get yourself a savings account. Getting a job doesn't mean you earn and spend the entire amount in the blink of an eye! You have to save a considerable amount for your future and security. You might end up losing your job, or working from home might not always work out for you. For such unpredictable and unfortunate times, you should have something saved up. You can't count on loans from the bank and relatives in the long run.

Adulting Requires Budgeting

As we said earlier, you need to save up for yourself. But how will you do that? By budgeting, of course. If you don't budget your items, you won't ever know where your hard-earned money is going. Budgeting will allow you to have a financial plan for the month and keep you aware of your money value. You should know what you spend on groceries, house rent, car fuel, and so on. Many people have now started budgeting every little thing to make sure they save up for hard times in life. Initially, it may seem challenging to let go of a few desires, but you will be more than happy when the outcome comes out!

You must be wondering why we keep talking about budgeting and finances so much. Well, many people now focus on their savings account more than on spending due to the current economic situation. You never know when the stock market might crash, when a pandemic might break out, leading to another lockdown. With all this happening, the world still won't stop for us. To face all these situations, you should always have a handsome amount of cash in savings.

Achieve Success in Your Adult Life

There is no point in eagerly waiting for your adult life unless you plan on making it successful. It is your journey to success. All we can do is help you find your way and develop some skills that might help you along the way.

Be Mentally Tough

A person with a strong mental stance cannot be put down no matter what. You need to find yourself enough space and room for the thought that you don't take stress for every little thing. It is difficult, but it will allow you to find solutions to problems and set goals for yourself.

Work Hard

Believe it or not, but someone who works hard is better than someone who puts in the average effort. A few years of hard work like no other can put you in place better than them!

Have a Very Strong Will-Power

Life will throw many challenges the way that might make you want to quit like children. But you need to remain persistent and keep going on.

Take Control of Yourself

Don't ever let someone else make decisions for you. Be in the driving seat of your life!

Self-Improvement is Key

Work on yourself in every possible way. Try to find errors in your work and improve them. Not just your work, but your lifestyle and decision making as well. Knowing your shortcomings can be an added benefit for you.

Learn to Prioritize Things in Life

For example, save up for your Roth IRA and homeowners insurance rather than spending huge sums of money on clothes and shoes. Meet your deadlines before you go out to a party.

Cope Up with Failure

Failure is an inevitable part of adulthood. There is not a single person who hasn't experienced failure in their life. But don't take it in a negative sense. Failure is always a path to success. It allows you to learn a lot more than you would have learned from success. It gives you time to sit back and reflect on your decisions and personality that contribute to the fact that you could not meet your goals.

See failure as a friend, not a foe. You need to realize that panicking is not going to help you. Rather, you should look failure in the eye like a mature adult and say you're going to win it next time. Always motivate yourself to do better and improve. Time changes for everyone. Your failure will also turn into success if you stay persistent.

Maintain Balance in Life

Grownups know that they can't work all the time! It is crucial to have a balanced life to be able to function. Working hard doesn't mean you work 24/7! It means working smart. Finding an easy way out of every problem. Something convenient for your workers and organization. Adults know that they need a personal life as well. Always remember that you have family and friends to go to. Your work won't ever make you happy or give you pleasure. You need to keep your social life active to refresh yourself for the coming week at work.

Take time out to travel the world, have new experiences, meet new people, learn about different cultures, and above all, to grow! Take time out to incorporate exercises into your routine. Wake up early and go for a jog in the park. It will make you active, and your day will go ten times better than you expected.

Protect Your Relationships

When we experience adulthood for the first time, we are drunk on the idea of independence. But that doesn't mean we leave important people behind. Growing up is fun and has its perks, but relationships are constant. You need to value them.

Communicate with your parents. Send them gifts to show how much you appreciate them. Take time out of your busy schedule to meet them at least once a week.

Make sure you attend your best friend's wedding. You can postpone a meeting or complete a project early, but your friend will always remember your contribution to their wedding. So be there for them. You don't get the chance to be the best man or maid of honor a lot of times in your life!

These are the things that give an adult's life its meaning. Some things are above finances or independence. Value the love and positivity you get from your surroundings.

How to Enjoy Adulting

Being a grown-up doesn't stop you from enjoying your life! Let's take a look at all the ways you can still spice up your life and make the most out of it despite growing old.

Pamper Yourself

Keep trying out new looks now and then. Get a new haircut or give time to yourself in a parlor to get a manicure or pedicure! Get your favorite drink on your way back, and make sure you get your beauty sleep!

Watch Your Favorite Shows

Well, you have to keep up with the drama! Never skip your shows. Take some time out on weekends and watch an episode or two of the show you have been waiting for. Don't miss out on the fun of fangirling over a character or the plot of the show. Netflix is something you should never take out of the equation of your life.

Music Is Your Friend

Coming home from a tough day at work? No worries. Get your speakers or headphones and play your jam. Music is therapy. Thirty minutes with your playlist can fix everything. Find new songs on the billboard and go for a long drive all by yourself. It will improve your mood and bring your life back to a smooth rhythm. And let's not forget, music improves memory too!

Follow Your Wish-List

Prepare a wish list for yourself. You need to follow it! Add everything you want to do at least once in your life and try to meet each target after every month or a year based on the situation. Your wish list can include anything you want. It can list down the foods you want to try, the places you want to visit, the things you want to learn in life. You can add almost anything here!

Record Your Best Moments

It is a great way to keep memories with you. Making your memories tangible will help you come out of the sad moments of life. Whenever you're low, you can look at pictures from a great day, a joyous video from a happy get-together, or a special drawing you made with your loved ones that can do wonders for you!

Stay Active

Becoming an adult doesn't come with a boredom prerequisite. You should remain active. Have hobbies of your own and continue with them. It can be anything; swimming, dancing, sketching, painting, cycling, or something as simple as waking up early to make coffee for yourself before work. Try to make your bed by yourself before you leave home to start with an active and productive day.

Take a Break From Adulting

Yes, you read that right. You don't always have to be an adult. You can let the child inside you lose sometimes. You have the right to be goofy, play around, go to your favorite club, have a water fight with friends, and so much more! Be tech-free. Give yourself time away from social media and networking. Enjoy the things you enjoyed as a child and let the essence of childhood creep back in for some time.

Taking a break from adulting will help you acknowledge it when you resume being an adult. We all need some time away from responsibilities and work, so don't feel guilty if you do it. It's therapy. You will focus much better after this small break.

A Simple List of Do's And Don'ts


  • Be on your best behavior;
  • Be helpful;
  • Encourage discussions;
  • Work hard;
  • Be considerate;
  • Show empathy;
  • Control your anger;
  • Maintain your routine;
  • Prepare schedules for yourself;
  • Find time to relax;
  • Read books in your free time;
  • Learn new things.


  • Don't waste your energy;
  • Avoid arguments;
  • Avoid wasting time;
  • Don't be ignorant;
  • Don't delay tasks;
  • Never demotivate yourself;
  • Don't focus on the negatives in your life.

Bottom Line

We hope that all these things will help you tap into life as an adult in a better way now. Adulthood isn't a challenge, it is an experience. So make sure you enjoy it to its fullest because nothing lasts forever. Adulthood also passes by in the blink of an eye like childhood, leaving us with countless memories to cherish. Make every moment count before it is over.

Originally published Jan 20, 2021, updated Feb 17, 2021

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