The way the Pill Impacts Your Body

How the Tablet Affects The body

Every night by 11 s. m., the alarm clock in 21-year-old Natacha's* one-bedroom flat goes off. That isn't a sign to wake up her up from a quick nap to publish a paper or do a couple of reading, nevertheless a reminder that it must be time to consider her birth control. As soon as it goes off her live-in boyfriend of three years, Julian, provides her a pill and a glass of normal water.

"In first Julian utilized to call myself at 11 to remind me for taking my supplement, " explained Natacha, who a long length relationship with him during the first two years they were online dating. "Now this individual just delivers it in my experience. "

Natacha is just one of the many female students at Northeastern University that is currently taking birth control supplement. In a survey of 31 students, 56 percent suggested that they take the pill.

"Oral contraception is considered the most common [contraceptive] among learners, " explained Leah McKinnon-Howe, a health care practitioner in Lane Overall health Center. "I write even more prescriptions for the pill. "

The contraceptive pill, which is often used by more than 16 million women across the country, was approved by the Food and Drug Operations in 60 and is obtainable in 41 brands on the market. The pill comes in two different varieties, combination pills and progestin-only pills. Though both are made form human hormones that are obviously found in women's bodies, the combination tablet also includes estrogen, which is not found in the progestin-only products. Combination pills prevent ovulation and thicken the cervical mucus that surrounds the egg, protecting against the fusion of the egg and the semen. Progestin-only supplement also thicken the cervix mucus but usually don't prevent ovulation. Estrogen and progestin are steroids that are made in the feminine body. Female, the female love-making hormone, is made by the ovaries, corpus luteum, and the placenta. It is accountable for the development of chest and also handles the menstrual cycle. Progestin is also involved in the menstrual period. Produced from granulose cells, it can be secreted through the second half the menstrual cycle and assists in developing embryos if motherhood occurs.

According to McKinnon-Howe, there are many explanations why students choose to take the pill.

"They usually consider it for contraception, however, many are not sexually active. They get it pertaining to dysmenorrheal, several for cycle regulation, or perhaps the improvement of acne" stated McKinnon-Howe.

The benefits that are linked to taking the contraceptive pill are numerous.

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