How the Sandinista Revolution Altered Traditional Sexuality Roles in Nicaragua

The way the Sandinista Trend Changed Classic Gender Roles in Nicaragua

Before the Nicaraguan Sandinista Revolution had taken place in the late 1972s, male and feminine gender jobs had been plainly and traditionally defined as to how you need to behave and conduct one's self. People identified these types of ideal traits and behaviours for potential husbands and wives, or as suggestions in how to increase their children, and in many cases so that the relatives order of gender function was not raise red flags to. Traditional male behavior experienced originally been based around the notion of machismo. In this way, they are meant to act extreme, violent, prominent, sexually get over and beverage and bet. Women on the other hand were anticipated to be gentle spoken, obedient and caretaker of the household. Once the Wave started, so that as times were receiving harder, the concept of the ideal Fresh Man and woman acquired changed.

"Two sets of values coexist, compete, plus more than occasionally blur: the ideals of machismo, having its cult of aggressive masculinity, defined as a mode of sexual and physical cure; and the ideals of the ground-breaking New Person, who is envisioned as hard working, focused and friends and family oriented (Lancaster, 1992; pg. 40). " For women, her traditional position was in your family taking care of the children, cleaning, cooking food and washing as would be expected. Furthermore, she was unable to words her objections or thoughts to her husbands' sometimes harassing tendencies, and from that the New Woman got evolved also. Women began to lose hope in the battle, growing worn out as they had been losing many husbands and sons to the war. Through Lancaster's Life Is Hard, anybody can watch since the manners and contemporary society gender jobs start to change as the Sandinista Wave continue...

... card and shouting "! Vive un Frente! " But nowthis is poor, it is very negative (Lancaster, 1992; pg. 141). '

Since the revolution, males and females in Nicaragua had digressed from their classic expectations and behaviors of gender functions. Moving away from machismo, men started focusing on improving their country, helping themselves by obtaining an education happen to be generous with his friends and even contributes towards the household chores which might have never recently been acceptable prior to the war; guys did not trust in women's am employed at all it. The traditional female ended up changing more considerably. First, they will began to voice their thoughts and started becoming more extreme as Dona Flora proven to all of us. They were pressured into appropriate men's shoes or boots by turning out to be the breadwinner of the family, while planning to be mom still.



by Lancaster, 1992

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