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How Home Managed Learning Can Enhance Lifelong Development Education Essay

This report will have the information about how self-managed learning can boost lifelong development by evaluating the methods to self supervised learning, ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be motivated and the great things about self managed understanding how to the average person and organisation. You will see also information about my own current skills and competencies against professional criteria and the ones of organisation aims. Identifying of my own development needs and what activities are required to meet them. Personal development opportunities I've got in getting together with current and future needs.


Self-managed learning is a means people or specific find different ways in learning things, which could maintain the modern culture they are living or at the job that is clearly a varied environment. Self-managed learning also is about setting out the goals for the learning by evaluating the purpose for learning and ways to accomplish such goals. People learn new things example the culture of different people, behavior, personality, perceptions etc. Individual can learn things not only in school but also through friends, news papers etc. Self-managed learning offers people an opportunity to come up with their own strategy in learning, though sometimes people have a short term in learning something that may be maybe to enable them to pass the exam, or concluding a project, it's important for people to obtain such knowledge for long term as the surroundings now is facing challenges due to improve technology people need that knowledge that they could use them in their personal and professional life. The following are the methods to self-managed learning.


Individual could learn through the research they'll be doing that could be either been issued by the school or university even at the job place, people could learn different techniques found in doing the research also the info about example problems associated in UK business people could learn whats taking place in business environment.


People could learn through training seminars, meetings what they have experienced over there and make changes for future years. Seminars and meetings provides people the opportunity to present their knowledge about something to other people who finish up learning new things. Seminars and conferences helps people becoming assured in speaking in the general public and develops presentation skills that happen to be needed in the organisation


There are different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, My year booklet etc where people spend more than two time a day communicating with friends learning new things about other individuals information also people could learn through use of bulletin planks, internet and new groupings. People can understand how internet sites owners such as Draw Zuckerberg how he became successful, specific could learn and find their means of being successful in their occupations.


Individual can learn through internet such as different articles written by different authors involving management studies, tactical, risk management etc. People could acquire such knowledge that could be used in work places. There are different sites that might be researched on the internet that help people learning things example Directgov. co. uk which may have different information and services that folks could learn from them.

Through self-managed learning, specific such as myself have experienced personal things that there are ways that lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be motivated.


Lifelong learning is focused on continuous learning in my opinion that could donate to the professional context. Individual would have personal assessment as method of lifelong learning by analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and risks (SWOT analysis). My talents are good learning skills, ambitious, friendly etc, weakness may also be I get stressed whenever i am exhausted but I try to control it by having enough sleeping and doing some physical exercises helps to minimise my stress, opportunities are continuing with further education and my dangers are recession, money.


By evaluating personal SWOT this can help me with my professional learning using other tools that are self-reflective learning and continuing professional development (CPD). Self-reflective learning is about trying to examine some viewpoints, judgements, personal understanding and actions that you are willing to take in a proper way and become honest about it. This will help me to link my professional development to functional issues that I've experienced in my own life either socially or academically.


Self-reflective learning may help learn new skills at work place also developing my personal skills through having work activity and responsibility designated if you ask me. While self-reflective learning reviews things, Continuing professional development (CPD) combines strategies, ideas and techniques that help to develop my own learning and grow to certain degree of that I possibly could link it properly by planning and analyzing my effective learning that could be through others, acknowledging judgements or views.


Self-managed learning is about people taking their own initiatives in handling their learning, there are positive effects of self-managing understanding how to the average person as well as the organisation. Graduates or students who will be soon graduating such as myself yet others acquire diplomas from different professional skills in which we have learnt from college or university and apply that knowledge within the company where we will be working.


Individuals have learnt working in teams from their academics record through group work project or university tasks such knowledge they'll all apply them in the company.


Individuals understand how to produce a demonstration using projectors gives the chance to express the data of what they have learnt from particular subject matter also give them confidence to talk in front of others which become an edge to the organisation when been given an activity to achieve that need to be presented to the administrator and other directors from the same company of different company.


Self-learning helps specific develop communication and writing skills which is useful to the company goals. Individuals through self-managing learning helps them to be independent scheduled compared to that it troubles them to create their own learning that they could hook up or talk about it with others so that to make a good synergy that will improve organisational development also helps others to learn new things they didnt find out about it. Some people get an opportunity to be class rep which is part of control skills self-managing learning that may be of benefit to the company.


Decision making, self-managed learning help individuals acquiring decisional making skills through various learning experience they may have that could be from education or work experience.

Being ethical, person can find out about moral judgement from personal experience that may be an edge to the organisation in a specialist manner.

Problem solving, these are the type of skills a person might have through self-learning that are transferable skills a person can acquire them from work, education, hobbies or interests how to solve various problems practically that could be applied in the organisation.

Organisation prefers visitors to be versatile in the working style meaning designated to different responsibilities without any personal commitments that can limit someone from working. A person could acquire this through self-learning by centering to the organisational goals.


Organisation try to be sure their goals are achieved and such goals need to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, natural and time bound), this is by analyzing the characteristics and expectations they need from the personnel to people whom they may have contracted with in achieving such objectives. They need staffs that contain potential skills such as control skills, time management, team player. Writing and communication skills, ambitious etc, such skills could be associated with objectives of the company.


Providing a thorough selection of services to the people

Shaping its services across the needs and choices of specific patients, their own families and their carers

Responding to the various needs of different populations in the environment

Improving the quality of services and minimise mistakes, using different strategies of confirming health problems

Supporting and valuing its staff

Public cash for professional medical will be dedicated solely to NHS patients


I am good at writing skills, hearing skills, friendly, researching skills, these sorts of skills I've could be ideal for meeting organisations prospects from my own skills. These skills I possibly could transfer them to others so we all interact in getting new ideas to the organisation. I've received caring skills for other folks as company such as NHS requires a an individual to get that kind of skill in their company, I am working on growing business skills that I could apply them appropriately at NHS as my aim are set on dealing with that organisation available department, their objective is to provide a sound body services to the people in all the areas of the organisation from the health department to finance, human resources and proper level.


As company requires a person to acquire time management skills, authority skills and IT skills, where to me those are the weaknesses I've where I am working to acquire them by participating myself in training at the my working place aiming responsibilities and taking management part monitoring time management from the start of the designated task to the completion. As I do face communication problem sometimes, make an effort to solve my weakness insurance agencies course presentations about certain matters.


I reading more books, news paperwork such as business pages just like the Times, Financial times, Telegraph etc to extend my knowledge that will help me develop my communication skills which is required by the organisation also proper tactical planning through reading Harvard business review learning how other organisation have taken to enhance the performance in their company. Personal development by producing my learning through researching what types of changes might happened in the future a long time organisations by assessing the environment politically, economically, socially, and technologically (Infestations)



As at the moment I am still seeking my qualification higher nationwide diploma in business. My goal is doing all the task by end of June so that my results or transcript could be employed by the university to enrol me for the ultimate calendar year top up level in BSc running a business.


Opportunities are the chances a person may have I expanding themselves further in another level of understanding and professional. Opportunity I've personally is carrying on with further education that is subscribing to university for the 3rd year degree top up running a business. After that am likely to specialise in strategic management, after my degree I am going to have various training in proper management as my future needs for both personal and professional. I likewise have the ability for doing my Experts in Strategic management that will help me formulating strategic plans.


Personal development plan is just how that individual such as students or anyone draw up a plan that will assist them know where they are and where these are heading to in future possible personally and expertly. Professional bodies make an effort to encourage members to keep upgrading their record for professional and development for the purpose of maintaining sign up or professional status that company prefers for future development.

Personal and professional development plan requires individuals such as me to have a proper planning put in place for my future development which need to be flexible because of the job requirements and dreams change. Changes occurred continuously in all respects of life and individuals put efforts into keeping hand and hand new knowledge and expanding their talents that will obtain rewards when opportunities occur. Listed below are my stages for the professional development plan

Developing Cv, this is my first stage of knowing where I have reached in conditions of my education and skills that require to be developed more.

Short-term objective, concentrating on what I am doing now on doing all my course modules before June, as it'll be my condition for enrolling for the BSc course.

Long-term objective, I've lay out my action plan with the schedules showing what I wish to achieve in five yr time from now

SWOT analysis, monitoring regularly personal research by trying to develop the areas where I have realised are my weaknesses, expanding the areas where I came across I have acquired some opportunities

Time framework, will be having my professional development timeframe from the time I started out my career till the time I am likely to reach

How to learn effectively, by participating various learning programs that will help me develop professionally and professionally

Regular reviews of my personal and professional development plan

The diagram shows my personal and professional development plan and actions that I'll take by analyzing my strengths and weakness.





Further business studies after my higher national diploma running a business (HND)

Finding a college or university than can help me enhance my business career

From September 2011 to June 2012, complete within one year

IT training

As my business area requires high level of computer skills, I will find a brief course for developing my IT skills

Plan to complete within three months

Leadership skills, decisional skills and time management

I will sign up for various training and a workshop that will develop my command and decisional skills and manage time

Plan to complete within six months

Masters in tactical management

Finding proper business institute that I could acquire such qualification

Planning to complete within one year

Join NHS organisation

Finding possibility to join NHS company in the tactical department in the health sector

After my Experts in tactical management

Register with professional body

Finding a proper management professional physiques so that I could registered as a member for my future development

During my employment period


Self-managed learning is not at all something easy, though a lot of people tend to passive that managing their own learning through self-managing learning is an old fashion way of learning. The truth is that its incorrect, the basic need needed to lay out the goals and appointment them is hard method of learning. Proper plan put in place by making an action plan, monitoring it, setting up the date, reviewing it regularly can help learners achieve their goals. Though they want the assistance from the co-workers by accepting viewpoints and judgements that will assist them to learn. Individuals need to comprehend the periods for the professional development plan for the purpose of getting a clear aim of what they wish to achieve from self-managing learning


My recommendations is that learners to be able to build up their learning skills they should have join self-managing learning programmes into certain organizations between five to six individuals where they could set up proper strategic learning and reporting on the progress from it. The group should be get together from time to time for looking at their learning evaluation and challenges they could be facing through their learning. I assume that learning groups provides a unique, cost effective way that helps individual to learn in a sense and dealing with business issues that tend to happen from time to time credited to different circumstances such as economy, natural calamities, environment etc

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