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How marketing strategy can develop a competitive advantage for HSBC

Chapter 1: Introduction

This is the 1st section of the dissertation which provides the total advantages of the study topic. The aims and aims of the study are mentioned as well as the background of the research is shown. The overview of the books review is given in this section very briefly. Furthermore the business background which is targeted in this dissertation will come with an analysis taken in this section.

Aim of the research

The study is being conducted to spell it out and identify the approaches for the business in a particular industry. All of the functions marketing strategies will be discussed and how all the strategies will help the company to achieve competitive edge will be centered. The understanding of the value of the strategies that are taken by the business and to what extant will the strategy help the companies will have to be analyzed. To recognize the failures, success and the problems that are confronted by companies and HSBC will be the objectives of the study. Through this research the potentiality of the strategies that'll be discussed will be the parts of the research objectives. By doing this research HSBC will have the thought of how the lender can achieve the best position in UK retail loan provider industry. The followings are the main objectives of the analysis:

To identify the behavior of UK customers towards HSBC

To identify the strategies that are put in place by HSBC

Identify the effect on HSBCs stuffs from the prevailing marketing system.

To identify the best strategies for HSBC that may generate changes of the companys position in UK bank market.

To identify overall management and functional management strategy.

Research Background

The company HSBC is one of the know name to everyone in this world since it is globally recognized. The lender HSBC may be one of the very most effective and successful bank which it have a successful operating system across the world. Most of the other banks who are the opponents of HSBC feels threaten by looking at the kind of strategies that HSBC implements in the management or operational department. The strategies that HSBC attempts to perform or put into practice helps the business to deal up with cultural obstacles and their strategy also helps company to attain the better brand value set alongside the competitors is same industry. The bank is existing and has been successful for a long period because HSBC will try their best to achieve the competitive advantage for which higher profit is increased and down the road committed to the the areas of HSBCs business. Lately due to dangerous economic turmoil all the banking companies had a huge impact in their management and the business enterprise. Most of the banks had to change their management and therefore had a direct effect on the performance of the company that the trust and confidence of the clients is gone.

Overview of the books review

The combo of the growing market which was done through international connection helped HSBC to be always a leader in international bank sector. The most likely strategies are considered by HSBC which is far better than the other companies on the market which helps HSBC to adhere to the recent financial disaster. It really is recoded that even after the economic disaster the shareholders of the business did not have a lose, they still remained under revenue and the surplus revenue that HSBC acquired made use of the gain spending into management and other part business like the buying the insurance provider. The strategies that HSBC adopts, helps the business to make permanent decision which facilitates the brand value and improvement of better relationship with the customers.

One of the strategies that HSBC used was a diverse strategy which revolutionized the strategy raging from 2003 to 2008 which helped HSBC development over the global and achieve advancements that was intern an ultimate success. The other banking institutions were taking money from other institution or the federal government whereas HSBC were always dealing with the strategies that helped improve in the operation department which led HSBC to possess trusted investment who were confident in committing on HSBC. This strategy was put in place by HSBC in order to raise higher capital, but HSBC didn't only concentrate on raising investment funds, they centered on the client of the company and tried their finest to meet the needs and demands of the customers which was a total success even following the recession crisis. There were new opportunities designed for the customers that the client were impressed therefore later on the customers did not have to demand. By implementing all sorts of strategies which not only helped portion the clients but also raise investors in the time when there is a very bad situation of the market which is how HSBC survived in the time of doubt. After HSBC survived the impact of the recession the company acquired raised the amount of customers of the premier account. The numbers of customer were around 2. 9 million that was very high in the appearing market. In the time of economic tough economy there were lots of financial crisis and only several companies survived in this tough economy where one of the companies was HSBC.

In the books review you will see discussion about the down sides that can be experienced by the finance institutions or other companies. It is therefore necessary for a corporation when deciding on a strategy to turn to the external and the internal affects of the firms. The timing for stepping into the market is very important and is essential because if the timing in incorrect then your companies will have severe looses but if the timing is perfect then your company will have massive profit and may achieve a brand. The market entrance strategies are both for the companies who provides product and also for the companies or the banking companies who provides services to the clients. (Lieberman and Montgomery, 1991) Normally for any organization it is quiet difficult and challenging to enter in the market with a new product at the perfect time.

At the changing times when the competition situation within an industry is high then the organizations should be cautious when they try to introduce a fresh product and bring in it on the market. It is necessary for the firms to check out the rival that what forms of products the firms are introducing and that what exactly are their offerings. In the event the new product which is launched by way of a company to the marketplace in case there are similarities with the merchandise of the competitors then the company who just released the product into the market will never be in a position to sell the product because the customers will know about the product and will depend on the product that they were already using. Therefore more of the educational research is needed to get more info on when is the perfect timing to enter in a market in competitive environment. (Brown and Lattin 1994)

In this period the business enterprise world with various organizations have become wilder and gets more requiring in conditions of revenue and other benefits. The revenue making companies only focuses on how to be always a market head and implement strategies which can only help the companies to accomplish competitive advantage and be a market head. (Burke & Cooper 2004)

Company Background

HSBC is known as one of the most significant bank and financial services company which is located throughout the world. HSBC has all the international networks with 8, 000 office buildings in more than88 countries like the parts of European countries, Asia-Pacific, America, Midsection East and Africa. HSBCs stocks can be purchased on New York, London, Hong Kong, and Paris Stock Exchange whit 220, 000 shareholder form 119 counties and territories. HSBC has got all sorts of thorough services such as personal bank, corporate bank, investment banking, private banking and many more.

Since HSBC has got employees from around the globe the work area is more diverse than any other companies therefore HSBC can create different kinds of ideas with which when come up with can create a strategies therefore their recruitment is available for any specific from about the world.

HSBC also focus on the employees needs and demands since culturally it is divers, strong management strategies are formulated with which the companies focuses on the employees and make programs where the employees can work together and be more comfortable with. HSBC company has certain business principles which are providing the best services to the clients. The strategies that they implement have to be effective and have efficiency which demonstrates that HSBC offers strict self-discipline.

Limitation of research

There a wide range of secondary data that exist but the condition is the relevancy on the info because of this research. Primary data are would have to be collected from samples and the sampling sizes are limited for which the outcome of research might not exactly have the entire result and the perfect solution is of the key research aims and targets. There are even constraints in the restriction of the work for which everything can't be provided in the later chapters.

The review will be sorted out relative to the following order

Fig 01: Composition of the report

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