How Harper Lee Reveals The Theme

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is one of the very most interesting novel using the use of the innocent child, Scout growing up to narrate the story in her own experience. The book is defined in the 1950's during the heights of People in america segregations of the Blacks and Whites. This book discusses the various aspects in the modern culture such as inequality, bad and the good among other sensitive issues. Critics start to see the place of setting up the novel, Maycomb is like Monroeville, Alabama where the author was born. This article explores how Harper Lee uses different literary devices such personality, symbolism, figurative terminology, conflict, imagery and firmness to expose the major themes or templates in her novel.

The main idea of this essay is to go over how Harper Lee brings about her themes through the use of different literately styles. One of the styles is the use of characters. The primary character is a nine-year-old gal, Scout. She actually is the protagonist and the storyplot is advised from her point of view. Scout is portrayed as an unusually young woman with exceptional characteristics. She grows from the innocence of a kid to maturity. She approaches life innocently believing that everyone is good exactly like them in their household. Her first disappointment units in when the jury convicts the definitely innocent dark-colored Tom Robinson, who was accused of raping a White girl, Mayella Ewell. Scout and Jem learn the difference between your good and wicked that exists in the contemporary society and must keenly understand the individual character (Lee, P. 247). Scout and Jem are also used showing the theme of racism that existed between the African american and Whites in Maycomb. Scout will try to understand the differences between the Blacks and Whites. She went to the Black church and enjoys the experience. She would prefer to visit Calpurnia home but her aunt would not concur. Jem, Scout and Dill believe in racial equality. They observe the innocent Tom being convicted of rape and this incident really bring conflict with their innocent imagination about human aspect. The category of Atticus represents the good people in the world who value everyone irrespective of social course or race while Bob Ewell stand for the true evil who want to destroy the kids towards the end of the storyline (Lee, Chap, 288. ).

Tone is another important literary technique utilized by Harper Lee. Scout's tone is used to inform the story. The build is innocent, childlike and humorous. This shows the good nature in which Atticus has brought her up. However, as she matures and activities the evil area of human aspect, her build changes and becomes more critical of the modern culture she lives. The phrase of Tom tortures her innocent head. She learns that even thought Tom is innocent; he's convicted because he is Dark accused of raping a White female. Racism, vices in the contemporary society are a few of the topics that form the build of the novel from the narrator's viewpoint.

Harper Lee uses deep symbols to converse her themes. She uses "mockingbird" to signify the good and purity of the modern culture. Miss Maudie clarifies that mockingbirds do not do anybody any injury. They just sing peacefully and therefore it is sinful to get rid of them (Lee, Chap 10 p. 7). Mockingbird can be used to represent the nice people in the world wrongly accused or killed. Tom Robinson signifies the good that is wrongly accused and convicted and later wiped out while trying to flee the prison. Boo Radley is another mockingbird; he shields the children from the murderous Bob Ewell. The sheriff has to protect him because he is a mockingbird doing no harm to anyone. All he do was to protect the innocent children from true bad. Bob Ewell is symbolic of evil in the contemporary society.

Harper uses discord in the book to operate a vehicle her theme of good and wicked in the modern culture. The novel has two conflicting pushes; the good and wicked. Scout and Jem presumed that everyone is good. But through the phrase of Tom Robinson unfairly, they become mixed up and their innocent imagination is put through conflicts regarding human being nature. These conflicts produce the themes or templates of racism, issue human nature particularly with Neglect Gate who's racist. Her declaration beyond your courtroom is clear incompatible with equality in America. These works of evils cause them conflict in their innocent brains. They continue steadily to believe in the true nature of mankind. These conflicts show that whatever is righteous will usually prevail over evil, exactly like Bob Ewell is prevailed after by the well intentioned Boo Radley (Lee, Chap 31, p. 288). Harper Lee also uses other literary techniques such as imagery, figurative, flashback, stream of consciousness but we've focused only on the three to draw out the themes plainly.

To Wipe out a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a novel rich in themes or templates as well as the utilization of different literary devices to draw out the themes. Her choice of the main character, Scout to see the storyline from her viewpoint lets the reader hold the first hand experience of the occurrences of the storyline. She matures with experiences of the population she lives. The storyline is humorously and innocently advised, sometimes the narrator laughing at her own naiveties' during her child years. All the people used in this novel have a role to play in growing the styles, and plots of the story. Styles are also well presented. In the moral education of the Atticus, the moral decadence of Bob Ewell to the racism Tom Robinson experience can all the seen through several characters and use of terms in the novel. The book makes an interesting reading.

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