How Greenpeace Campagins Affect My personal Behavior

Greenpeace is a non-governmental organization with offices in more than thirty countries over the world. Their absolute goal is to observe and expose environmental maltreatment. Greenpeace focuses its marketing campaign on global issues just like global warming, deforestation, overfishing, etc. This daily news will discuss how Greenpeace campaigns' impact my patterns by applying several theories.

The first theory is self-monitoring theory. Self-monitoring refers to how a person reacts in different contexts (Snyder, 1974). Two types of self-monitoring will be low and high. Low self-monitoring individuals use their particular value and motives to steer their behavior (Michener, 1986) while people in excessive self monitoring is more flexible to change all their behavior to be able to fit in with a given situation. In respect to this, I will consider myself as a excessive self-monitoring person because after i looked at the Greenpeace campaigns' on the Net, many people threw negative comments toward them mainly because sometimes Greenpeace are far too radical. Hence, somehow I was influenced by their behavior by simply disliking what they dislike.

I'm also able to relate this situation with bystander effect, which in turn defines as being a phenomenon where the more persons present, the larger the possibility for people to aid others in distress since their occurrence creates a diffusion of responsibility (Soloman, L. Z, Solomon, H., & Stone, R., 1978). He also asserted that people usually experience much less pressure to take action because the responsibility to help other folks is supposed to always be shared of most of those present. I skilled bystander impact in a way I think that there are lots of people helping Greenpeace to protect the planet already thus i do not have to participate anymore.

Moreover (Eagly and Chaiken, 1993) argued that attitudes happen to be summary critiques of an target that have cognitive, affective, and behavioral pieces. According for this theory, intellectual refers to the beliefs we associate toward an object. Efficient is more within the feelings or emotions and behavior refers to the actions. For cognitive, I believe that Greenpeace has a good dreams and tasks to save and protect the planet and therefore my attitudes towards organization is definitely positive. However, my efficient behavior toward their plan is unfavorable because this creates riot like what happened in several countries such as Philippines where individuals almost close their workplace because they are being profound in their campaign. In the end, my tendencies towards Greenpeace is considered natural. I tend to become selective where campaign i like and ignore the awful ones.

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