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My paper will discuss how fear is used to manipulate others. I will support my issue using ideas extracted from The Color Crimson and Lord of the Flies. Fear is a natural feelings in humans occurring when a person seems threatened; when he feels that he must be preserved from something or someone. Dread is a safeguard system inside our mind that people use for self-defense and success. In fact, the body is always well prepared for any intimidating and unidentified situation which makes an attempt on our lives, and the body can responds with panic to anticipate to fight and survive. This is a natural action in humans.

However, some psychologically unwell people are afraid in way too many circumstances, because of insecurity, shyness, low self esteem, etc. This circumstance is very different to the normal fear because people who have this type of fear may not feel happy with what they have; they might not recognize their lives or aren't capable enough to have their lives without depending on another person. People with this issue usually put it to use as a way of blackmail to manipulate other folks with assault, excuses and is.

As I observed in the catalogs I have read there are examples of this kind of fear, and just why these folks feel fear. For example, in Lord of the Flies, Ralph is a guy would you not know any thing about life. At the beginning he is the first choice of the males and he feels self-confident. However, this sense of security changes because of Jack, another youngster who thinks he is superior to others and manipulates these to be 3rd party from Ralph and dependent on him. This decision is tragic because it causes the death of a few of the young boys. Ralph then realizes that Jack and other males are not performing with sanity. The kids are affected mentally by the necessity of survive and by the fear of death. Fear is a safeguard, but sometimes people use fear in a great way and sometimes it is used in a poor way. Jack manipulates the young boys to show them that the island is not dangerous, but rather is fun. However, Jack is absolutely feeling fear and he does not want to accept this fact. He needs to see the island as something that can be beat, so his sense of impotence is what makes the others action in the same way, not agreeing to their certainty.

Aggressive people who fear are usually those who need emotional help. For instance, in THE COLOUR Purple assault is obvious because many of the characters act corresponding to their negative impulses, they fear losing something they have got or not getting something they want. Albert, Celie's spouse, beats his better half because he concerns abandonment; he worries not knowing what to do with all his children, because he's a man who's reliant on Celie. In fact, when Nettie, Celie' sister, finds Albert's home to see her sister, Albert's action differs, like showing that he would like to Celie. Albert begins to notify Celie in different way; he will not beat her like at the beginning because he desires showing Nettie he is an extremely good man.

In this couple there is a person who is uncomfortable with the relation and always is more fearful. This person always is angry, often mistreating his friend, blackmailing her, defeating her and hoping to make her feel pity for him with the purpose of not being discontinued. Folks who are so dependent on another are people without morals, without prices, without self love. And yes it influences the past of the person, because a person with serious problems is somebody who had a very difficult childhood, so it can have a lot of affect in the reactions of the person who feel fear. Maybe this person is fearful to suffer, that is why Albert, in THE COLOUR Purple, and Jack, in god, the father of the Flies, they react according their instincts, showing their home pain and fear in other people, making them feel what they feel, filled with rancor, hate and fear.

Piggy, in the Lord of the Flies expresses his fear to Ralph in different ways: "When you're your dad save us? How does he know were here? Did not you hear the actual pilot said? About the atom bomb? They are all dead. That is an island, is not it? They are really dead. This is an island and no one will not know we live here. Your father will not know, nobody will not know. We might stay here till we pass away" (pg. 7-8). Within this quote Piggy is wanting to encourage Ralph that they are totally alone in a unidentified place, Piggy is worried of what can happen and he thinks if he convinces his comrade, both can choose a solution and solve the situation. Quite simply, Piggy is wanting to transmit the same fear he feels to Ralph and not to be the only person sense that feeling of anxiousness.

Nettie, in THE COLOUR Purple, is different, she will take her anxiety to God: "Oh Celie, unbelief is an awful thing. Therefore is the hurt we cause others unknowingly. Pray for all of us. " (Part 4, pg. 169). Nettie believes God is really the only having the ability to solve her problems, she worries that if she does not believe in God she will never find a remedy. She tries to persuade Celie that she also must have confidence in God to solve her tragic situation. However, there are cases when we, as imperfect beings, we give up hope and we've nervousness about starting again, about trusting other people, and about declining. We start to lose trust on things that have had significance inside our life, like what goes on to Celie: "Yeah, I say, and he gives me a lynched daddy, a crazy mama, a lowdown dog of an step pa and a sister I probably won't ever before see again. Anyhow, I say, the God I been praying and writing to is a man. And act exactly like the rest of the men I know. Trifling, forgetful and lowdown. " (Part 4, pg. 175). Because she feels God must be a man and that is why God cannot understand her.

I think manipulated people are neither sure about their personality, manipulated people don't have a will independently. This kind of person feels threatened by other people, he feels guilt, he is such as a slave, and he's unable to decide how to proceed along with his life, or attack for his ideals. This is the way the manipulator has more opportunities to take good thing about the problem: "The greater things change, the more they stay the same. " -Celie. Celie, for example is manipulated by her hubby, so when we can see, she actually is totally submissive to Albert. She, a manipulated person, does not have strong enough values to change her life and determine by herself. If she were different, Albert, her hubby, wouldn't normally have these opportunities to make her insignificant: "I don't say anything. I think about Nettie, useless. She fights, she try to escape. What good it do? I don't battle; I stay where I'm advised. But I'm alive. " (Part 1, pg. 29). She says she is merely alive because of Nettie, her sister, who's the person who shows more fortress and security a difference to her.

The same happens in Lord of the Flies, when Jack is the manipulator and young boys are being manipulated. They don't know the risk where they you live, because they don't have knowing of their actuality, so they can not take the responsibility for themselves. In other words, they are not capable of recognizing that they don't have the power to make a decision, nor does Jack. Children are often manipulated because they're persons who believe in an alternative world where all is funny and where they can see danger as a game. The youngest have nightmares, but at the moment of understanding that the island is a location where they can hunt and also have fun, they ignore their concerns, they feel safe with Jack, who feels is taking benefit of Ralph. When a person uses fear to manipulate others is basically because this person has a particular purpose, the manipulator always desires to make others feel he gets the reason; he makes them feel guilty and in this manner the manipulator is seen like an innocent person.

Lord of the Flies makes a whole lot of differences between the good associations and your competition. I think Ralph expresses his dread diversely from Jack. Jack wants to be the employer, he must change children because he knows in this form Ralph will not be able to be the leader, nobody will listen to him. Ralph is a calm son who also feels the fear, however his serenity makes him think like an adult person: "Been doing work for days now. And look! Tow shelters are constantly in place, but shaky. That one was ruin. Plus they keep running off. You remember the conference? How individuals were going to work hard before shelters were finished? All day long I've been dealing with Simon. No-one else. These are off bathing, or eating, or participating in. "(pg. 41).

Both are defending their reason, but, who manipulates whom? Both are being manipulated, because, Jack is aware of they desire a place where you can live, in the other aspect, Ralph knows they want something to consume: "-We want meat- said Jack. -Well, we haven't received any yet. And we wish shelters- said Ralph". Jack's obsession to acquire meats is so strong because he's afraid to expire, if they don't have anything to eat they will die. However, Ralph is reluctant because if indeed they don't have any place where to live, they will die for wintry, for a dangerous pet animal, etc.

In THE COLOUR Crimson Celie and her partner, Albert, each be based upon the other, because Albert cannot live with out a woman who helps his life, who cares for his children and makes the food. Celie, on the other hand, is a woman who is determined by a man to provide her a residence, food, and support despite the fact that Albert mistreats her, and she is afraid of him, worried to be beaten. That is similar to Lord of the Flies, because both are manipulated by each other, Celie who is frightened of him and also Alberto who's frightened to be abandoned by her.

In finish people usually use fear as a protection, to take good thing about others, the manipulator is an egoist one who only feels on himself, in what he wants for him, and he will not care to hurt others. I believe somebody who is not sure of himself has mental problems and it is very difficult to change. This person starts off to build up his imagination triggered by dread, like Ralph, in god, the father of the Flies: "Maybe there's a beast. . . . maybe it's only us"(Cap. 5). So I think someone who has a really serious issue of fear must make an effort to get confidence and feel sure about himself and his situation. Even as we can easily see in the catalogs, both are examples of temerity, dread, egoism, rancor, manipulation and principally how some folks have the ability to use their fear like an benefit and can use others like their slaves, or just like a based mostly of the manipulator.

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