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How does Alton Towers Monitor Customer Service Essay

Alton towers is definitely an industry that offers products and services that are similar to their competitors, they should continually screen and butts their amounts of customer service, and improve areas so that they can go over customer expectations. To have a advanced of customer service the company first has to identify their aims and objectives this could come in the form of a mission statement. Alton towers quest statement is definitely we create magic moments' this attracts people of all ages, and different categories of people, what individuals look for if they go to Alton towers. Like many other businesses and providers it is vital to keep customers cheerful regardless weather condition they are older or new, this will encourage them to revisit the attraction.

Persons from diverse back reasons and age groups Price or perhaps value for money Alton towers costs 23. 00 for one adult ticket, thus when you purchase the ticket you anticipate to obtain value for money which can be different for different people, one particular persons good value might be fun for the whole family (adults, kids and teenagers) another individuals value for money could be to visit every ride inside the theme park two times. So Alton towers has to take in consideration that everyone's value for money differs but cannot lower there prices to low due to competitive organisations and the annual funding needed to keep the playground open, so what Alton systems have done is definitely printed off booklets telling people of the prices and beginning times of the theme park, height restrictions about rides seasons times (the time of year which the park is most popular) on the net information and website out of this booklet people can see. If you should visit, what time to visit, how much they will likely pay and what rides they can/can't go on and see if Alton towers provides better value for cash than Drayton manor area.

Consistency and accuracy from the park In the event that customer receive a good quantity of customer support while at Alton towers which continues each time it promotes people to revisit again and again, Alton towers is usually forever planning to improve its standard of customer service and rides for making it more fun for people, vehicle trying to increase the waiting lines so that trips are easier to gain access to and the lines go down quicker. Accessibility Alton towers possess a good ease of access due to the substantial amounts of persons arriving and departing in the park. Alton towers has grown there parking areas so that they can now hold up to 60, 000 cars a day in the event the accessibility is bad then simply customers is going to assume that it can be like this throughout the park, there are also ramps to help clients who cannot walk up steps or are in a wheelchair, rides as well let steering wheel chair users access the ride through the exits which are also ramped so that gain access to is more easier. Reliability If Alton systems is difficult to rely on then people are influenced to try one more theme park. Nevertheless Alton towers is not really unreliable it's this that attracts clients to come back, they keep there internet and pamphlets up-to-date and let customers know very well what is going on around the area this is trusted because in the event that they wherever closed some day and they didn't advertise that lots of people could still arrive at the amusement park expecting to join.

Staff For Alton systems they use the best personnel that are conditioned to deal with the high anticipated levels of customer care, staff most where a uniform this to make certain they continue to be clean and identified Alton towers also employs over 1500 members of staff and they are all divided to function over different areas of the playground to help with customers In busy times e. g. over the summer season Alton podiums employs more casual staff' that can take care of high levels of customers and that can deal with all of them in an ideal manner Into the safety In case the health and security of the area is poor the customers will not visit again but if the excessive standards are noticeable chances are they will enjoy there visit a many more, at Alton towers trips have standard maintenance checks and are work in the morning prior to park opens to ensure that there are no errors. Cleanliness and hygiene The cleanliness and hygiene criteria of Alton towers is vital if the area looks dirty this gives a very bad first impression when the buyer see it, the park has been produced hundreds of containers, there are also specified litter pickers that patrol the park every a quarter-hour, toilets which might be all around the area are supervised every 45 minutes to make sure they remain clean and neat. Enjoyment The key objective for Alton towers is to generate everyone's time (who visits the park) is to produce is as pleasant as possible, they do this by looking to get lines and queues straight down as quick as possible, providing people steps for success system and so the can neglect the lines, more fast food restaurants will be being launched this will help for the long queue's that

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