How do the 2 poets work with Visual Description to bring about their

How do the 2 poets use Visual Description to lead to their

Underlying Theme? - Keats and Hopkins in Hurrahing in harvest and

To Fall months.

How do the two poets make use of Visual Description to bring about their

Actual Theme?

There are numerous similarities between the descriptions from the two poets

and one of the most obvious is that both of the poems label the

seasons with Keats and Hopkins in 'Hurrahing in Harvest' and 'To

Autumn' talking about autumn and Hopkins to spring in 'Spring'. Both of

the poets use the these types of natural incidents (the seasons) to recommend their

individual underlying means even though they can be different and they also use

representation all through the entire poems to suggest all their underlying

indicate and among the this would be two titles with the poems

'Hurrahing in Harvest' and 'To Autumn' which both personify the


However despite the fact that from a glance both of the poems seem like they are

indicating similar things this is not accurate because if a closer appearance is

considered it is obvious that both of the poets use plenty of description nevertheless

that it is very different because looking at Hopkins poems he uses

sort of riddles and an example of this would be in 'Hurrahing in

Harvest' and this is shown in the subsequent quote:

Of silk-sack clouds! has wilder, willful-wavier

Meal-drift moulded ever before and dissolved across heavens?

Looking at what highlighted in blue this really is an Anglo Saxon

riddles (a kenning) used to explain the atmosphere as if we were holding

floating around while flying and this individual used these kinds of riddles so that he do

not have to work with the exact phrases and this individual also planned to use them because they

were used in Anglo Saxon poetry so that this individual did not have to use rhymes

to make the poem flow and instead use alliterations to make this flow

and there are many instances of the use of alliterations such as 'what

wind-walks' in Hurrahing in Harvest and 'long and wonderful and lush' and

choosing this as one example he uses asinations where he uses repeated

vowel seems to try and associated with poem circulation. However Keats does not employ

either asinations or alliterations to make the poem flow and he uses

rhyme schemes to do this.

Comparable words double in the poetry such as the phrase 'lambs'

although they are " light " and have extremely minor similarities but the

distinctions are great because Hopkins uses the words 'the racing lambs' to

emphasize new existence whereas Keats uses the text 'full-grown lambs' to

recommend ending. There is also the use of the expression 'bloom' nonetheless it

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