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How Diversity Affects Tasks Of Nurses Medical Essay

Nursing is an art work: and if it's to be produced an art, it requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation, as any painter's or sculptor's work; for what's the having to do with inactive canvas or dead marble, weighed against having to do with the living body, the temple of God's spirit? It is one of the Fine Arts: I put almost said, the finest of Fine Arts.

Florence Nightingale



Today, nurses operate in the social diverse environment. The modern day health care setting incorporates both pros and patients with a diverse social track record as well as public level. In that situation, health care professionals need to pay a whole lot of attention to cultural needs with their patients, while nurses are specifically concerned with issues related to diversity because they spend more time with patients than any health care specialists. Therefore, professional nurses have to comprehend the diverse needs of these patients and consider social as well as specific peculiarities of every patient to provide them with health care services of the high quality. So, nurses have the ability to facilitate the restoration of patients and help them to feed their health issues successfully returning to the normal life. In stark comparison, the ignorance of diversity related issues can lead to the inability of nurses to achieve their work and, what's even more important, the ignorance of diversity put under a menace positive outcomes of the procedure conducted by physicians with the help of nurses because patients cannot recover if medical is inefficient which is the case of nurses' unawareness of diverse patients' needs and objectives. So, the diversity is an integral concept of the modern medical and nurses should understand the essence of diversity and be able to find individual method of each patient respectively with their diverse cultural and individual needs to provide effective healthcare services to all patients.

Diversity in the modern day health care setting

This chapter focuses on the major issues related to diversity in the modern-day health care setting. To place it more specifically, it is necessary to focus on cultural variety of patients, their diverse cultural background and individual needs and targets; the diversity within the personnel of healthcare organizations for nurses have to cooperate effectively with other healthcare professionals as well much like each other; finally, today, many nurses from different countries get training and nurses with different ethnical history have to learn to interact with each other effectively both in the course of the training and in their regular work.

Cultural variety of patients

The cultural variety of patients is an essential issue affecting the work of nurses constantly. In actuality, patients have a diverse social history and nurses have to figure out how to work with patients with diverse ethnical background. Patients are not as homogeneous as they used to be in days gone by. The diverse ethnical background causes the development of diverse collections of values, moral norms and principles, diverse models of behavior, and so on. Such diversity may increase very serious problems in the course of work of nurses because they need to provide patients with health care services, which might affect patients' beliefs or moral norms and ideas. At the same time, the growing immigration and multicultural environment contributes to the long-lasting variety which makes the adaptation of nurses to ethnic diversity in health care setting up one of the priorities in their education and professional development.

Close connections between nurses and health care pros at the international level

At the same time, the cultural variety impacts not only human relationships of nurses and patients but also the partnership of nurses and other healthcare specialists working within one and the same health care organization. The personnel of nursing homes and medical centers is culturally diverse. Therefore, nurses can interact effectively with their colleagues no matter cultural distinctions, which effect is similar to that of the difference in ethnical record of nurses and patients. In that situation, nurses should comprehend the needs and basic beliefs, honest norms and ideas of their colleagues to build up effective strategies which they may use in their regular work.

On the other palm, it is important to take into consideration the growing co-operation between healthcare organizations at the international level. For example, Red Mix, Medicins Sans Frontieres, and other international organizations contribute to the closer cooperation between nurses with diverse social background. They need to work together and communicate effectively to provide patients with essential health care services. In that situation, diversity may become an unsurpassable hurdle avoiding nurses from effective professional performance, whereas understanding and development of effective strategies of work in the culturally diverse environment helps nurses to maximize their performance and deliver healthcare services of the high quality.

Training of foreign nurses

The emerging cooperation between health care organizations and experts at the international level stimulates the training of nurses from foreign countries in the countrywide healthcare organizations. In this value, working out of foreign nurses raises the problem of diversity of cultural backdrop, traditions, and criteria of nurses. The prevailing national benchmarks and approaches to nursing may come into issue with benchmarks and approaches to nursing international nurses are used to. Therefore, nurses need to change their work to some universal specifications to avoid conflicts between nurses, as well as between nurses and patients, between nurses and other health care professionals with different cultural background, benchmarks and customs.

Importance of diversity and tolerance among nurses

Obviously, the modern day diverse health care setting stimulates the introduction of tolerance among nurses to maximize the potency of their work in the diverse environment.

Understanding needs and social peculiarities of patients with diverse ethnic background

The education and professional development of nurses operating in the culturally diverse healthcare setting should focus on the development of tolerance, which is grounded on the knowledge of needs and ethnical peculiarities of patients with different ethnical background. So, nurses learn needs and cultural peculiarities of patients, that means knowledge of their cultural norms, customs and values. As a result, nurses may take under consideration patients' needs also to meet their expectations avoiding unpleasant action or inaction that might occur in case there is ignorance of cultural peculiarities of patients.

Study and examination of diversity within the community

Nurses cannot work in isolation from the community because the neighborhood community affects not only nurses but also patients. Furthermore, the community involvement in the treating patients, especially with mental health problems or emotional problems, grows increasingly more popular. Therefore, nurses need to be able to interact with the neighborhood community to work well and provide patients with effective healthcare services. In addition, they may help patients to get built-into the neighborhood community that could assist in their treatment and recovery. At the same time, the interaction between the local community and health care organizations can not only help to treat patients effectively but also to prevent the introduction of diseases within the community. However, without knowledge of cultural backdrop, needs, norms and traditions of the city nurses, as well as healthcare organizations, cannot flourish in the introduction of positive human relationships with local community members.

Development of tolerance in nurses working in culturally diverse environment

One of the major proper goals of nursing education and professional development ought to be the advertising of tolerance in nurses, especially those, who operate in culturally diverse environment. In fact, nurses have to be able to develop effective strategies and methods to patients with diverse cultural background. The last mentioned is impossible if they have no idea cultural norms, expectations, ethical ideas and values of these patients. This is why, when nurses begin to utilize patients, they ought to learn their cultural background and understand clearly their needs and ethnical peculiarities. On the ground of the knowledge, nurses can develop an individual approach to each patient respectively to their needs and targets. In such a way, nurses can take full advantage of the effectiveness of their work and help patients to recuperate faster.


In conclusion, it's important to lay focus on the fact that nurses work in culturally diverse environment. They are simply susceptible to the impact of variety in their human relationships with patients and their co-workers. In such a situation, nurses need to pay a specific attention to variety and development of tolerance in the course of their education and professional development. In such a way, understanding of variety and tolerance can help nurses to provide health care services of the high quality.

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