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How Demagogues Work In Politics

Leadership stands when the leader gains the trust of his supporters. Leaders encourage and motivate their subordinates with a shared vision. In order to be effective and earn the allegiance of his / her followers, it is important for a innovator to be honest. Unfortunately, in many cases, leaders break this essential aspect. It happened in "The Bathsheba Syndrome", when Ruler David lost the trust of his constituent for having an affair with Bathsheba, the wife of one of his military officers. I happened with President Charge Clinton in the "Monica Lewinsky Scandal", and it goes on to occur in the American politics environment. The question is: Why is that? Why market leaders promote something and do the opposite or promote a concept when they know it isn't true? One signify used by politics leaders to accomplish their goal is demagoguery. Demagogy is the rhetoric of the demagogue; and Thesaurus defines the demagogue as a innovator who obtains electric power by means of impassioned appeals to the feelings and prejudices of the populace. Demagogues are having an impact in this American culture. The first aspect is to evaluate the practice of demagogy by politicians. Through Ayn Rand theory of objectivism, one will dwell whether the activities of the demagogue derive from self interest or just demagogy is explained the rule 'the end justifies the means' of Machiavelli. Later, one will show the consequences of the practice of demagogy on our society

An important theory of democracy would be the general public's usage of information. If this information is not accessible or distorted, it will impossible for the public to identify between a real truth and a lay. Therefore, the demagogue will be hard to be recognized. Demagogues use propaganda as a mean to transport their communication across an audience they imagine is susceptible. Before addressing the practice let identify the characteristics of a demagogue. Demagogues use the features of charismatic leaders. They are excellent orators and use their appeal to carry their misinformation over the audience. Charles Horton Cooley shows that in his description of demagogue. He says that a demagogue is "A person of certain character and goal who comprehends our way of thought is sure to exert electricity over us. He cannot totally be resisted; because, if he understand us, he is able to make us understand him, although word, the look, or other icon, which both folks connect with the common sentiment or idea; and thus by interacting an impulse they can move the will" (Charles Horton Cooley). Demagogues use two tools to in their actions. They polarize their audience and use the rhetoric of hate. Polarization is actually dividing everything into two teams. Demagogues divide everyone into two poles: the individuals who are on their site and those who do not trust them. It is important strategy, because they know who do not the stand by position them and for that reason they may use propaganda to be able to earn the devotion of the people. Today North american society is divided into major political people that experts believe that drop competition during election periods. Kenneth Mehlman, a chairman of the Republican Party said that "some Republicans gave up on receiving the African-American vote, looking the other way or seeking to profit politically from racial polarization".

The other method utilized by demagogues is the rhetoric of hate. Demagogues encourage the hate a group of people they do not like plus they justify the utilization the hatefulness. They want the mass to condom their hate against a certain group. An ideal example will be Hitler and his hatefulness from the racial minority. Hitler didn't like the Jew, and declared that "my enemy is Germany's foe: always in support of the Jew". He used the propaganda theory to inform the Germans that the Jews were liable of the fantastic depression, and they were the friends of the Bolshevik, thus the opponent of Germany. Another example is Osama Ben Laden, who accuses america to be the scapegoat of the misery of all Muslim on the globe. He urges all Muslim to be against the United States. Record reminds us that Osama bin Laden is just jealous of the wealth and the power of the United States. He didn't like the fact that the United States again Israel in the Israel-Palestine conflict. He hates the affect of capitalism and hates anyone who is against Arabic countries for Jews. Harley Sorensen published Osama's Letter to America', where Osama said "this is why we hate you". Osama Bin Laden is using misinformation to market his hatefulness in the Muslim world. The 3rd example in this chapter is Theodore Gilmore Bilbo, an former mate governor and ex girlfriend or boyfriend senator of Mississippi. He was a defender of segregation and called himself "white supremacy". He was a dynamic member of the Ku Klux Klan and announced that he does not hate African-Americans but he believes that they must be sent back to Africa, where they belong. Certainly, one can see a demagogic rhetoric in his declaration.

For demagogue, propaganda is an extremely useful tool. Before accessing to vitality in 1929, Hitler understood that propaganda theory was a key to his success by declaring "propaganda, propaganda, everything matter is propaganda". Hitler was a great orator and a smart politician. Ian Kershaw discloses that "his only property was his demagogic electric power over the masses, his words". He believed that the repetition of propaganda is important in order to have an impact on the general public. He said that "the receptivity of the mass is very limited; their intelligence is small, but their vitality of forgetting is enormous". Hitler demonstrates that demagogue consider the audience as idiot. To insist on the concept of propaganda repetition, Hitler wrote a reserve, Mein Kampf, in which he says "the orator who wants to sway a masses must exaggerate, and he must replicate a similar thing again and again". Hitler thought that demagogue should be lying big instead resting small, because the audience is vulnerable to big lie. This practice continues to be utilized by politicians in this American society. Past Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, criticizing the Obama's healthcare, declared on her facebook page that "The America I understand love is not one in which my parents or baby with Down Symptoms must stand before Obama's 'fatality -panel' so his bureaucrats can make a decision, predicated on a subjective wisdom of their 'level of productivity in society', whether they are worth healthcare. Such a system is downright evil". The '-panel panel' symptoms, which created many irritated people across, was in fact a pure misinformation. 'Fatality -panel' was voted the "the largest lie of time 2009". Sarah Palin recognized what she was doing. Her goal was to create many dissidents from the bill in order to 'kill' it.

In addition, demagogues are always hazy in their statement. They do not clearly make clear their intention to the general public. Which means that if the audience does not take time to analyze the demagogue's rhetoric, the demagogue won't describe to them. This strategy makes them even far better, since their goal is to sell what is not true. Karl Klaus says that "the trick of the demagogue is to make himself as ridiculous as his audience so that they believe they are simply as clever as he". Demagogues like to be hazy because people generally speaking will try to be kind and prevent requesting details. They such as this practice because do not need to say anything that can be prejudicial to them or the people who support them.

Demagogues are also known as the leader of people, because they learn how to persuade the audience. They are also known as the heroes of everyone. They called themselves nationalists in order to be gain the devotion of the public. Nationalism is described by the devotion to the passions or the culture of 1 nation. Demagogues assume that their country is better than other countries. This is what makes them different from patriots. Hitler starts his contest to power by promoting nationalism. He wanted to show the Germans that Germany was the powerful country on the planet. Hitler believed that anybody from another country would be a treat to Germany prosperity and stability. His first enemies were the Jews. Hitler was anti-Semitist in every means. Another example of nationalist demagogue will be Lou Dobb. Lou Dobb, a former mind of CNN's financial media unit, promotes communal anger against immigrants. He blames the immigrants for many problems facing america. He thinks they will be the scapegoat for the careers loss, the low wages, terrorism and medical care turmoil.

Ayn Rand described selfishness as a virtue and feels that the most important in human characteristics must his / her own well-being. Will this description really connect with demagogues? Demagogues are politics market leaders who use false rhetoric to be able to reach an objective. They are before any means people who act to survive in the population. They want first for their own self-interest. However in most instances, demagogues do not really care about the general public. Hitler did not have any respect for the German who cheer for him. In 1926, he said that "the extensive public are blind and stupid, nor know what they doing. " Werner Maser, a German historian, demonstrated that Hitler was using propaganda for his own self-interest by saying "Hitler understood his people - the public he so detested. More than that, he despised them and said so openly without circumspection". Another example will be Joseph McCarthy, a ex - Senator of Wisconsin. He was regarded as one of the famous demagogues in American history. He had not been a good orator. Therefore to obtain the support of his constituent, he accused his competitors to be communist or sympathizer of communism. He became famous by using demagogic rhetoric toward the politicians who disagree with him. Senator McCarthy was led by his own self-interest. Ayn Rand does not see selfishness as a mean to hate other or use other to accomplish an objective. She believes that individuals self-interest is based on psychological and biological needs. However, demagogues want to gratify a desire, not a need. Demagogues do not need to

Furthermore, Machiavelli said that "the end justifies the means"; meaning one will do whatever is needed to get the result she or he wishes whether or not the action is morally right or not. Another interpretation, one can take an evil to achieve a greater good. However when that goal is achieved, the bad action can be neglected. Based on this theory, can demagogues say that their actions are justified? First of all, demagogues are leaders; which means that they have goals that they have to achieve. Alike other market leaders, they will take to 'do the right things'. Demagogues use unethical tools like propaganda in order to encourage their audience. When Hitler informed the people that the Jews were the scapegoat of the Germans problems, he gained the support from the public. Hitler was regarded as the powerful and popular mind of state in the world. Hitler's supporters represent ninety percent of the Germans. Hitler used demagogic rhetoric to rise to electric power in 1933. He come to his goal and the Germans were even pleased with him. Even Winston Churchill called him, "the greatest German of the age. He has restored Germany's honor". Another example will be Joseph McCarty who uses propaganda against his opponents to succeed elections. His actions performed well that he stayed Wisconsin senator from 1947 until death in 1957. Both these leaders used immoral means to gain the support of the respective constituent. What counts is that they both come to their goals. They would probably not been successful if they didn't use demagogic rhetoric. For the demagogues, the end is actually good, therefore the means shouldn't be considered unacceptable. Throughout demagogues, this process can be examined in a different way. Demagogues use evil doing. They cheat the system and do not really value the masses. The result is what matters for these people. Sophocles would strengthen the thought of the "the finish justifies the means" by declaring that "the finish excuses any evil". Should evil be excused? They decide what end is important enough to justify the means. Generally, that end is not morally good since it isn't helpful and commendable to every person else.

Demagogues have negative impact on our population, especially on the politics environment.

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