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How Can Children VULNERABLE Be Helped Young People Essay

In this newspaper we will be highlighting the major regions of children at risky, the causes behind and the effect on the lives as derived from child theology. Our concentrate of attention would be the role and responsibilities of church and various organisations working for the treatment as well as calling them with the Gospel.


Child Theology includes all children regardless of their individuality, since our God is impartial. The basic reason for child theology is to start to see the pressing needs of children, their potential and also to take purpose powered action on their behalf. 3

What are Children to God? Or in child theology? Children will be the most numerous and needy people we find on the planet earth. These are most needy people because they are small, fragile, dependant, most susceptible and powerless.

Children will be the blessing of God to the young families. God would have easily created prototype of Adam and Eve, instead He advised them to increase (Gen. 1:28).

Secondly we also see they are created in God's image like any other individuals thus reflecting the type and personality of God (Gen. 1:26). Though children are manufactured in God's image they, among all other human beings are also imperfect because of Street to redemption and therefore needs to be redeemed. 1 It is important to note that aside from physical healing they are also in dire need of spiritual curing which is often overlooked.

Thirdly it's very much evident during the scripture that they are the target of God and His Kingdom. Within the vision of God children are incredibly special. But God cares for them and they're the target of His Mission. Dr. Dan Brester says that, "they are both key to Great Fee and a manifestation of Great Commandment". 2


Street Children:

These children are the once who are on their own deprived of basic requirements of childhood, thus seeking to make it through by living and employed in a specific environment. They are simply categorised as - Children who live and focus on street during day but returning home during the night, other group who find food, shelter and friends in the pub. They can be called children of the road. And the 3rd category includes the abandoned ones, completely independently for material and mental health support, so they are really referred to as children in the pub. 4

Kind of work they certainly: salvaging recyclables from waste products, advertising things on highway junctions, polish shoes, gather alms, scavenge food from the market, pick pocketing, theft etc.

Problems each goes through: They are neglected, abused by any and every kind of people passing by. Lack of roofing over their heads leaves them only to be exploited sexually, abused and tortured actually. These children are deprived of proper food, education, and medical aid. They are in high risk of both physical as well as mental problems being that they are homeless and are still left unattended if they suffer any health hazards. Many children are open to the risks of dependency of tobacco, alchohol and all types of substance abuse. 5

Sexually abused Children/ Child Prostitution

There is significant amount of increase in the sexually abused children in India during last few years. Children are dehumanized, demeaned and are reduced to mere comodities on the market and purchase just to satisfy the necessity of ruthless and inhuman sexually immature individuals. These children are deprived of their childhood. Prostitution has become a very profitable trade in which million of children are participating specifically girl child. Child pornography has alarmingly increased in our country, so also incest hardly ever arriving to light but very common in our modern culture.

The agony they go through: Aside from being sexually abused in addition they go through physical torture- beaten up, burnt, deprived of good food. These are stored in small cells or in very small and packed rooms in unhygenic conditions getting very less light and air. Sometimes they are really pressured to take drugs to subside cravings for food and pain.

Reasons: Among many other, povery is the basic reason worldwide. In India we find parents reselling child to get school funding. Children of making love worker are pressured into prostitution. Sometimes parents sexually misuse their children and so they see them "ready" for sex - reasonable to earn money. 6

Effect: Looses child years and dignity, no future, physical as well as emotional disorder. Psychologically they may be depressed, post traumatic stress as disorder, anxiety, psychopathy in later life, poor self-confidence, develop self destructive behaviour such as offense in adulthood and suicide. We also find they turn out to be anti-socials. Phisically they are infected with sexually sent deseases.

Children effected by Drugs and Alchohol:

Children who cannot take out their anger indulge in taking drugs. Cause of children addicted to medication are divorse of parents, family assault, insufficient love and support, not being heard about and it is also because of peer presure. In some cases they grab this habit from their parents.

Effects: It results every area of life such as psychological, psychological, religious as well as cultural and bodily. they suffer lack of health. 7

Child Labour:

In India 14. 4% of children between 10-14 years of age are used in child labour. It really is effecting our society all over the world. They fundamentally work in carpet factories, cup blowing devices and firework factories. There are around 20 million child labourers in the united states.

Causes: To alivate poverty individuals force them involved with it. Relating to Prof. Gangrade, child labour is triggered by differe nt factors eg. Communal tradition, traditions, and dearth of schools or parental reluctance to send children to school, industrialization, urbanization and also migration.

Effects: They are simply mal nourished, deprived of education, viewed as wage earner. It really is hazardous to child's developmental needs both mental and physical. They are also effected socially and psychologically. 8


1) VIVA NETWORK: This corporation works among the kids and do investment for their future in order to break the routine of poverty and love, equip and support them. They are also helping them to make them clear of melancholy, exploitation and mistreatment. And because of this they employ themselves with mobilizing churches, neighborhoods and individuals to learn their part in changing the lives of vulnerable children.

2) WORLD Eyesight INDIA: A Religious humanitarian organization attempting to create enduring changes in the lives of children, people and communities residing in poverty and injustice. They concentrate on building the community around children in order that they have the possibility to reach for an improved future.

3) UNICEF: In India it is working since 1949 and regarded as the driving drive that builds a global where the privileges of every child are recognized. The purpose is to triumph over the obstacles that poverty, assault, diseases and discrimination place in child's course.

4) CEF: A global Christian organization seeks to evangelize and disciple children surrounding the world. They concentrate on 10 million children worldwide to listen to the good thing. One of their main ministries is regarding children of prisoner's because children of prisoner's have 70% chance if heading to jail when they expand up.

5) DIVYA SHANTI CHRISTIAN Company: Working since 1967 in Bangalore. They search children at market, railway place where in fact the abused and runaway children take refuge. Their ministry is performed by a evening mobile center which is run by way of a staffed nurse and communal worker who tackled the needs of children.

6) CRIN: They envision a world where every child loves all human privileges promised by United Nations, Regional Organizations and Country wide Government. They also think that children have the right to participate and go to town freely and openly in all mater's impacting on them.

These are some of the organizations but there are so many NGO, as well as the secular organizations which are working for the kids. Now these days we also see lot of books upon this subject, great deal of work has been done but lots need to be done to be able to accomplish the need of the children.


Today lot of churches as well as our federal government spent some time working for the upliftment of the kids who are at risk. Many churches have come forward to help children in conditions of finance, materials, and medical facilities and possessed helped those to get status in the contemporary society. Government got also started schemes for children like providing them mid day meals, free education as well as learning organizations where children are outfitted to do tailoring, handicraft work from which they can learn and earn also.

But apart from physical healing we need to reach out to them trough the Gospel that will bring spiritual therapeutic. Evangelism to children is a particular ministry of the chapel. There are various ways which chapel adapt to bring the Good News to children. For example through strory revealing to, visual supports such as even pictures, design, projected materials, video-tape, Puppet show, music etc.

Therefore being truly a theologian student let's stand in the difference for the kids at risk and become very sensitive about their needs providing and uplifting them in whatever capacity we can, in order that they will become dependable leaders to provide the nation in future.

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