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Household Appliance Engineering Report: Standing up Fan

Household home appliances Engineering report

Making of stand lover.

Due date:24/03/2017

The introduction

This report explores and examines the annals and evolution of the stand enthusiast detailing the way they work and the materials used. The purpose of the article is to demonstrate the functions and special features as well as to provide information about the social, environmental, sustainability and cultural connection that rose credited to development and use of the stand fan. As the time progressed, solutions have drastically evolved, the use of polymers and smaller sized powerful motors have allowed the stand fan to be lighter as well as improved performance and lowered the production cost in comparison with heavy metals and bigger motors used in the past. a stand admirer is a common home equipment used for cooling down a location it is actually a traditional fan establish on an adaptable pole which is mounted on basics, it also contains at least 3 wind flow speed range.

The earliest style of fans appeared during the 1800's it was fundamentally a bipolar motor unit attached to a six-leaf shaped flat brass blades. These early admirers were the unique, or a pricey appliance, used in large offices or rich homes. The ten years of 1910-1920 brought major changes. Around 1910, electric followers were being designed for residential use, they had six wings and ran on slower swiftness and the cages were now made out of steel due to lack of brass as well as the rotor blades were round in condition and shrank from diameter of 8'' down to 5''.


A stand lover is a common home appliance they may be a lot more effective and popular than other desk fans as it can be adjusted to go up and down as well as its mind oscillates till 180 degree or remain constant pointing at one path. A stand enthusiast is just such as a normal table fan but its place on an extendable pole which is attached to a base. They have three speed configurations and an on off button usually known as as "0". This sort of lovers is usually positioned at a part of the area or in an advantageous location to attain greater chilling experience.

2. 1 How it works

Stand/pedestal enthusiast works with the aid of an electric motor. A motor involves coil of wire wrapped around a metallic center so when electricity is handed through this, it produces rotational movement and a hub/cover connects the electric motor with the metallic/plastic knife which circulates the environment around, these rotor blades are shaped on an angle which really helps to carry air in one indicate another. The control box is made up of four switches three to control speed and someone to turn the enthusiast on or off. The extendable pole may be used to increase or reduce the level of the enthusiast.

2. 2 Assembly

  • Slide the 2-off base cross sections jointly.
  • Remove the screws from the guts of the bottom cross section, and then fasten the lover pillar constantly in place.
  • Now unscrew and take away the clear plastic retainer that locks both support sections mutually slip over and fit the plastic material bottom part cover.
  • Set the elevation of the expansion pole and then lock into position with the plastic screwed retainer.
  • Set the electric motor and swap control section over the extension pole and secure into position with the locking screw.
  • Remove shaft safeguarding cover and unscrew officer retaining nut/hub/cap anti-clockwise and remove.
  • Take the rear-guard section and slip it over the threaded screw on the enthusiast body (make sure, the deal with on the safeguard is facing up-wards).
  • Screw on the vinyl nut/hub/cover to secure the rear guard set up.
  • Push the blade on to the electric motor shaft until it gets to the stop.
  • Screw on the blade retaining cover/hub/nut in a clockwise direction to secure the edge in position.
  • Hook leading guard to the rear-guard section at the top.
  • Secure the two guard sections together with the clips around the sides. The screw and nut at the bottom of the grille MUST be fitted.


  1. Guard (backside and front barbeque grill) - this can be a metal netting used to safeguard fan rotor blades from any physical contact this shields the admirer from any harm as well as the user.
  2. Motor - it is the heart and soul of the lover as it turns the applied electricity into mechanical result energy.
  3. Blade - they are the paddle molded objects linked to the motor unit which spins and creates airflow
  4. Hub/cap - this is a device which links the fan cutter with the motor.
  5. Extension pole - this is actually the component that makes stand lover special, it allows the user to adapt the height of the lover according to their preference.
  6. Head support frame - this part provides stand fan its feature of tilting its mind up or down.
  7. Switch package/ control package - this is the component which contains the electric circuit and switches which handles the acceleration of the supporter as well as transform it on or off.


Material made from



Rear and again grill


Extendable pole

Polypropylene polymer/ metal


Metal (carbon steel/stainless metallic) and plastic

3. 1 Materials



Why it is used?






-it is used because clear plastic would become more safer and cheaper than metals as well as it'll reduce the weight of the enthusiast.

Metal (carbon metal/stainless material)

-extension pole


-guard (entrance and back grill)

-it can be used to help make the product more durable

Advantages and disadvantages

4. 1 Advantage

  • They are extremely easy to put together also put them away if you are not using it as you can split the components easily.
  • You can move them throughout the house easily and put them within an beneficial location.
  • Due to its extendable pole, you can change its height matching to your inclination.
  • It is cheap and you can put together it yourself.
  • They're light-weight and provides cool air over large area.
  • They can be easily washed.

4. 2 disadvantage

  • They've less basic safety for children as they could keep their finger inside the grill.
  • Cooling range is smaller.
  • there's too much noise when the supporter runs in higher speed.

Impact on society

This household appliance possessed a great impact on the culture and people's life. As before the invention of pedestal/stand lover there is only mechanical enthusiasts which required people to apply energy in physical form to cool the temperatures or circulate air. When pedestal/stand, lover was developed it made individuals life way easier. During the early stage of the invention these fans were only found in big offices or wealthy homes however when refrigerated air was used in commercial properties the fan makers targeted more towards home use. Then these kind of fans began to appear at everyone's home. The invention of pedestal/stand admirer made life of the individuals more easier as they were cheaper and easy to assemble as well as it didn't need much maintainance.


The making of the stand fan and different materials found in the stand lover has been explored in this report. Pedestal/stand lover is usually made of polymers and metals like stainless, aluminum. They are really more useful than other stand or ceiling admirers due to its extendable pole that allows an individual to increase and decrease its height regarding to their desire and also because its cheaper than ceiling followers as well as it is not hard to assemble.

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