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Hotel Jobs And Responsibilities

Classification of hotel facilities is not predicated on rigid criteria. On marketplace forces, touchstones, location, mathematical function, and the definitions can change, depending and choice, but the meanings that follow are usually accepted and will be the ones intended for these classifications throughout this textual subject, in some cases, personal.

A hotel usually offers guests a full range of accommodations and services, which might include reservations, suites, open public eating out and banquet facilities, lounge and entertainment areas, room services valet, laundry, mane care, pool, health club, sauna, spa and other recreational activities, gaming/casino operations, surface travel to and from air-port, and concierge services.


Motels offer guests a limited selection of services, which may include reservations, vending machines, swimming pools, and cable television. How big is these properties averages from 10 to 50 devices. Motels are usually in suburban highway and airport locations. Guests typically stay immediately or a couple of days. Motels may be located near a freestanding restaurant.

All suites:

It can include reservations, living room and independent bedroom, kitchenette, optional general population dining room and room service, cable, videocassette players and recorders, area of expertise shops, personal services valet and laundry, pool, and ground transportation to and from an airport terminal. How big is the procedure can range from 50 to more than 100 products. This type of property is usually within centre-city, suburban, and airport terminal locations.

Limited-Service Hotels:

The range of accommodations and services can include reservations, minimal consumer dining and getting together with facilities, cable, computers, personal services (valet and laundry), and floor transportation to and from an international airport. They're usually located near restaurants for visitor convenience. Guest keeps can be over night or long-term. These properties sometimes focus on catering to the business traveller and provide special business technology centres.

Extended-Stay Hotels:

At Hilton's Homewood Suites, the following room amenities are included: king-size bed or two two times beds in the bed room and foldout sofa in the living room; two remote-controlled coloring televisions; fully prepared kitchen with a microwave, refrigerator with snow maker, coffeemaker, twin-burner stove, and kitchen utensils; a spacious, well-lit dining area; and roof fans and flat iron and ironing plank. Additional hotel services add a business centre, an exercise room, and a pool.

2 Jobs and tasks of accommodation and reception staffs

Hotel receptionists are accountable for making guests feel welcome, examining them in and out successfully, and dealing skillfully with enquiries, face to face and by phone, fax or email. They deal with general reservation enquiries, as well as responding to friends' questions and working with grievances.

Duties will most likely include:

allocating rooms to guests

taking and moving on messages

preparing charges, taking repayment, and handling international exchange

Helping guests with special requests - such as storing belongings in the hotel safe or luggage area, placing your order taxis or scheduling theatre tickets.

Figure 1 Medium size full service hotel company chart

Their main jobs are:

changing the bed linens and making beds

emptying bins, vacuuming floor surfaces, and washing glasses and cups

replenishing shares of guest resources, such as tea, coffee and biscuits

Tallying up items consumed from the mini-bar.

2. 1 Identifying obligations of reception service staff

Receptionists are usually the first people hotel friends' encounter, particularly in those hotels where hall porters are not applied. They thus occupy a gatekeeper role, frequently bearing the duty for guests' first impressions of the hotel. Actually, the responsibilities that receptionists tolerate for that image of the hotel probably extend beyond first impressions. E. g. Receptionists of Hilton hotels regularly being involved in book-keeping, notice writing, inventory taking, keying in, record keeping, responding to queries, filing, taking reservations, coping with email and lost property, dealing with room changes, taking obligations of customers' expenses, banking monies, keeping responsibility for room secrets and producing records and statistics.

3 Legal and statutory requirements for rooms division operations

The pursuing legal and statutory requirements must be fulfilled by the Hotels in the UK:

Duty to guests

Employment & Pension


Food/ Hygiene

Health & Safety

Guest information


Intellectual property

Licensing & tourism

Local & national tax

Planning & zoning

Other (Bureau de change)

4. Front of house area effective management

The Front of House Supervisor will be accountable for providing a high standard of customer support in order to maintain the customer commitment from the general public and visiting companies, as well concerning maximise earnings from Bar, Kiosk and Caf, hotels the post holder will report to the Operations Director, and work meticulously with the senior management team. He/she will be in the front line of customer liaison.


To maintain safe and friendly environment for everyone theatre tourists.

To give strong and effective management

To develop and encourage high expectations of customer support.

To control and statement on costs (personnel and stock control).

To manage the Front of House sales facilities.

5. Planning managing the front of house area

A little planning on leading office manager's part is required to ensure that the new worker meets the whole staff in the first couple of days. Declaring a few words about the role of every employee during the introductions will not only make new hires feel convenient with their co-workers but also make each current employee feel like a special area of the team. The current personnel will also appreciate achieving the new addition to the staff. Very often, this process is forgotten, and new employees feel awkward for times or weeks.

6. Operational issues affecting management and business performance

The prominent office team have the normal goal of providing hospitality to the visitor. Training, empowerment, and flexibility are necessary to make the team work. Forecasting, scheduling, developing a supervisory style, motivating employees, balancing personnel personalities, delegating responsibilities, training, and effectively communicating are only a few of the skills a good supervisor must get better at. It is a lifelong work developed through continuing education and trial and error.

7. Need for property interiors and design to effective management

This is important to setting the front workplace to allow front office workers a view of guests who go into the lobby from the street entry and elevators. The guest's first impression is improved by the atmosphere, appearance, and orderliness of the gear and personnel. Leading office supervisor must establish a balance between visitor service and work control to permit for efficiency.

Figure 2 Prominent office layout

8. Aspects of planning and management of the accommodation service

Planning is vital to delivering continuous quality service in hotels, as defined by the visitor. Successful expansion of hospitality starts with management's dedication to a service management program. Planning a service strategy declaration will focus the look attempts of the owners, management, and employees. Key points of total quality management provide a director with an possibility to involve frontline employees in inspecting the components of delivery of service and methods to improve existing services. The introduction of the service management program requires the involvement of frontline employees, discourse of the visitor cycle, moments of truth, employee buy-in concept, testing of potential employees prior to hiring, empowerment, training, evaluation of the service management program, follow-through, and interfacing with other departments in delivering hospitality. A long-term dedication to a successful service management program is necessary.

9. Operational issues impacting on the management and performance of the accommodation service

There are some issues impacting this sector such as:






Political etc.

10. Yield management techniques

Achieving the best produce involves redefining the utilization of occupancy ratio and average daily rate. Although these principles are essential to the long-range potential financial picture, they take on a new so this means with yield management. Optimal occupancy, reaching completely occupancy with room sales, which will yield the best room rate, and ideal room rate, a room rate that approaches the rack rate, interact to create the produce.

10. 1 Yield management strategies

E. Orkin offers a straightforward policy for producing strategies to execute yield management: when demand is high, maximize rates; when demand is low, maximize room sales. These ideas are portrayed in Table 1. Orkin also offers some details on expanding strategies. He says that when demand is high, "restrict or close availability of low-rate categories and plans to transients [guests], require minimum amount length of stays on, and commit rooms only to groups prepared to pay higher rates. When demand is low, provide booking agents with special promotional rates to offer transients who balk at standard rates, solicit group business from organizations and sections that are characteristically rate very sensitive, and promote limited-availability low-cost packages to local market. " Restricting or closing supply was indeed a challenge because most prominent office professionals were familiar with the "sell out the home" operating technique and were doubtful if this ambitious marketing tactic would work. Some hoteliers were arranging reservation procedures that required minimum amount length of stay during heavy demand durations. The procedure advised for low demand (special promotional rates and soliciting group and local business) was the strategy used during any demand period. As produce management continues to be tried and tested in hotels, various combinations of maximizing room rates and room sales will continue steadily to task hoteliers.

Table 1 Yield Management Strategies




Maximise rates, require minimum amount stays


Maximise room sales, wide open all rate categories

The pursuing strategies can be studied to maximise occupancy and room earnings:

Forecasting - room sales, preparing strategies to make revenue

Block-out Durations - popular intervals require to block out certain days

Systems & Strategies - using automatic system that will process reservations, keep tabs on demand, and filter room availableness during certain time periods

Feedback - on decisions used in yield management to create right strategies

11. Sales techniques that may use to market and maximise revenue

The purpose of the sales motivation program for entry office employees is to encourage the front office to promote products and services in various areas of the hotel, like the front office, the meals and beverage section, the gift idea shop, and the health facilities. Each promotional area may be considered, or the front office administrator might choose only a few areas, perhaps those that create the most earnings, as incentive goals. A few samples follow:

Upgrading a reservation during registration

Selling meals in the hotel's restaurant

Selling room service

11. 1 Creative ideas

When developing a program to increase front side office sales activity, leading office manager, in conjunction with other division directors and employees, should identify as specifically as you can the hotel products and services to be promoted.

In this circumstance, the overall purpose of the program is always to take full advantage of sales by leading office personnel of forward office, food and drink department, gift idea shop, and health facilities products and services. The team must decide which area or areas would be most profitable.

12. Reason for forecasting and statistical data within room division

An important feature of produce management is forecasting room sales. Orkin implies using a daily-decision orientation rather than a seasonal decision-making system in creating a particular strategy. Accurate forecasting of transient demand will assist hoteliers in growing strategies to take full advantage of sales to the group. For instance, in case a hotel has group business reservations for 95 percent of available rooms, seeking transient business with special promotional deals during that period of time would not be advisable. If the time following a group business is low, then move forward knowledge of this info will allow time for marketing and sales to develop special promotional packages aimed at the transient and local markets.

12. 1 Constraints of utilizing forecasting techniques

Forecasting should be utilized to generate revenue by forecasting the volume of customers and allocating resources where it matches. Managers need to ensure that they have enough available rooms to control the guests flow. As we know "more guests brings more revenue".

13. Performance signals to gauge the success of room sales

A basic manger who reviews the article of a recently available five-day block-out period, as depicted in Desk 2, would discover that the period limited for a five-day lowest amount of stay did the trick well for May 1-3, but 178 room reservations were lost for May 4-5. The director of marketing and sales must research the agreements the hotel acquired with the many groups included. Also, the front office supervisor should ask if the front workplace clerks, bell staff, or cashiers listened to any guest comments on why they tested earlier than planned. The turn away business on, may 3-5 may also suggest that the convention situations scheduled on nowadays were more interesting or that the participants of the group did not want to commit to a five-day stay and needed reservations for only the previous three times of the convention.

Table 2 Convert away business report


Yield %

No. Rooms Switched away

$ Lost @ $95 Rack Rate

May 1



3, 325

May 2



1, 900

May 3



5, 700

May 4



8, 550

May 5



8, 360

13. 1 Appreciable factors to examine the performance of sales manager

Were the expected profits layed out in the budget achieved? Usage of a VIP Visitor Card implies to the restaurant manager that the visitor was referred by the front table clerk. Similar types of control buttons will enable management to pinpoint the origins of room reservations, present shop acquisitions, and other sales. A recordkeeping system must be set up to reflect the money awarded to entry office employees as bonuses to increase sales in targeted areas and the directors should consider these costs in terms of generating revenues. The details of this recordkeeping system must be worked out with the various division directors and the controller.

13. 2 Present and communicate appropriate studies of the Sales manager

Front office management includes helping to promote the overall profitability of the hotel. Creating a point-of-sale leading office involves developing a plan of action, which includes placing goals and aims, brainstorming areas for promotion, evaluating alternatives, speaking about supportive areas for awareness such as motivation programs and training programs, projecting predicted revenues and related expenditures in a budget, and planning opinions mechanisms. This simple framework for planning allows front office professionals the possibility to gain a more substantial perspective on the problem rather than forcing forward with needy efforts to produce sales.

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