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Hospitality Supervision And Training Skills

After reading the case study of the hotel one can simply uncover what are the power and weakness of the hotel. A number of the power are that the hotel can be found in center of the city. The hotel is 3 legend properties. That is manly concentrating on the business clients? Despite the fact that the hotel is situated at the guts of the town, the hotel is battling to maintain the profit margin. From the previous few years Because of the 3 new hotel which keep up with the countrywide or international standard, opened up not far from the hotel, doing this the courthouse hotel struggles to make profit. The standard of food and service of courthouse hotel is relatively lower than the other hotels. The hotel capacity is 150 bedrooms, a club, and a carver style restaurant and a room in which matrimony and business meetings are held. Some of the weakness of the hotel is, there is absolutely no banquet center, no room service. In this way the hotel lack a few of the newer property not far from. A lot of people who are employees in the courthouse hotel are on full time or permanent contract, leaving few senior manager and night time workers. The personnel of the hotel works in to shift either early on or late transfer. The hotel need personnel only a weekend in the month because of the business executive staying there in weekend.

3 month before a company tycoon bought this hotel and his planning to up grade the hotel to a four superstar properties, giving good services to clients. For changing the hotel his likely to make a a-la-carte restaurant, new banquet in the hotel, staffing should be increased. And hotel needs good skills employees. The employees desire a good communication skills and coordination of staff is also need.

There is a beginning of a fresh convention center is walking distance of the hotels, there will be a trade increase of 60% which is expected therefore the courthouse hotel standard should be rise. And in addition now the hotel will be in the hands of German chancellor, so every world leader having the meeting with the German chancellor for this the hotel should increase the standard of service.


The personnel should be change or hotel should retain the services of new employees because today's employees or not familiar with four superstar grading needs and requirements and it might be possible that personnel may not such as this type off tendencies fro the management the hotel should appoint new staff because new people work a little more harder than the elderly staff.

In circumstance of the curt house hotel needs to look after on the major issues of Staffing. It will require care by the top management of the organization. Management need to looks after on the budget and the staff problems occurring in the middle, when the management planning for the next calendar year summer objective to improve hotel from 3 superstar to 4star property. It's not easy job, they have to organize the training and development programs for the employees. Management must retain the services of employees from internal and external source of recruitment. The crucial thing in this training and development programs the employees need to focus on the training in order to put an attempt for the future goals and aims. Management need to look after on the budget what they are shelling out for working out and development programs so that they get a better outcome for a business.

The hospitality industry is highly, influenced by the people labour starting right from chefs, to the servers, bartenders, dishwashers, prominent office employees or room attendants.

(Supervision in the Hospitality Industry, by Miller, Walker & Drummond pg-5) It all depends upon the employees to generate friends or loose business.

Talking about the case study "The Courthouse", a 3 Celebrity hotel has certain disadvantages & issue, which the new owner would face while its up gradation. The staffing issues in the a few months to come, which the hotel will face are the following (Circumstance study-"the Courthouse Hotel"): -

2. 1 Unskilled Personnel: -

According to the author, the hotel up gradation would bring about the increase in the profit of the hotel as the location is opening a fresh convention center, in the future a few months. The Courthouse would be allotted to the German Delegates who are incredibly particular about the assistance. The hotel personnel though are good experience holders but is unacquainted with the criteria of services to get in a 4star classified hotel. The current personnel being unskilled & unacquainted with the techniques & strategies to be implemented in the Courthouse Hotel can be an issue that would be anxious the management.

2. 2 Variant in the Change Timings: -

The employees of the hotel have no idea of the actual transfer timings that is followed in any property, this is a large drawback for the hotel. The benefits to the assorted shifts i. e. , day, afternoon, evening, chance & evening shifts would create a chaos among the employees which can further lead to personnel turnover. Not only this might the personnel getting used to its ideologies may not agree to accept the new changes executed in their working time. Working only for one weekend out of 4 can again be a point of talk.

2. 3 Improvement in the typical: -

With the up gradation of the legend categorization of the Courthouse Hotel, the improvement in standard of the services & facilities is an important issue with regards to the up-market of 3-superstar categorized hotel to 4-star standard. The hotel must setup certain Standard Operating Ideas about that your staff needs to learn properly. From the case study the author has already brought up about the utmost percentage of staff being everlasting, hence they are pursuing their own means of carrying out their job & they might not exactly encourage new changes in their work culture & methods.

2. 4 Sacking of Employees: -

According to the case study, maximum staff is employed on the fulltime basis in permanent contract, which claim that the majority of the employees are experienced in this situation the sacking of such workers would be absurd. Within the stage of up gradation of the celebrity- categorization of the property sacking of experienced employees & hiring of new employees would raise the financial burden on the management, as the new skilled would be asked to be paid more.


The new hotel owner is going through the next plans used to receive the targeted goal of the organization.

Customer services / satisfaction

Training directed at staff

Leadership quality

Interpersonal skills of staff


Business consists of a sole meaning of how much effort and the measure the company has to make in order to meet the demands of the client. It is considered to be as one of the key performance sign within the business. In the current competition intense market client satisfaction plays a vital role in providing information about how much effort is being put and how much more is needed, that is the sole big reason why it is now an increasingly important factor running a business strategy making.

This factor is known as to be an abstract theory because the amount of satisfaction varies from individual to individual and between product and services. It also puts a psychological effect on the process which makes a web link with satisfaction actions such as come back and proposed rates and prospects. A person has its own factors on which it decides upon which to choose and which not to chouse they can compare the other product with the company product.

Customer satisfaction usually is assessed with a set of survey measures records by by using a level or Likert technique. Customer is invited to evaluate each and every statements in conditions of their own observation and goals from the utilization of this product being assessed.


Transformational market leaders always make a strong vision between the employees and established types of a good view of objective and strong hospitality firm. Transformational leadership has always been of a essential importance in the current hard fought customer market of hotels where versatility, determination, willingness to improve and modernize are key factors of your organizational success.

The work, which is early done on management, has extracted distinction, transactional and transformational management. (Burns, 1978)


This can be an important tool in succession planning, it is employed to find appropriate individuals for hiring and offers. It can also be defined as a formal tool in which programs are developed to ensure that substitutes can be effectively and happily be filled with productive individuals. Succession planning helps continue the pursuit of proper goals an missions in a relatively competitive way in order to be there on the market place and contend with the rival companies at par. This is always taken care of by the training and development staff.

3. 4 INTERPERSONAL SKILL OF STAFF:-the employees should trytalk to the peoplethis is the social skill of a employees. Interpersonal skill can be told as the way of communication in a much better way, to meet that standard. Communication helps to reduce theclashes between the employees and the professionals in this manner the motive can be achived. The person who's having good interpersonal skills are designed for difficult situtation in a better way.


Change can be negative or positive in any business in courthouse hotel personnel can it as with an optimistic way or can place it in a poor way. The state of mind of the staff can make them to withstand for change or and yes it can be possible if they like the change they can also welcome it and choose it as new step to development. The reason for the resistance can be as follows.

Freedom- there might be thinking between the staff whether they will be under a manager who can withstand their liberty to work.

Responsibility - their responsibility can be divided between your new staff. And their process can be reduced.

Authority - their position can be lost and vitality can be shared between others

Work condition - there work condition can be changed and they have to work under different condition which can further demotivated their moral.

Status - their responsibility can be reduced. As the management will be hiring more staff so this is a thread for others personnel whether their job name will be same or they have to change. It could be above the level or below the level.

There is also a reason between other the staffs "what the matter with what sort of things are now?" typically any change in courthouse hotel can be beneficial and management will not face much issues while implicating these changes. Resistance to improve can also make staff to go against the management. Management will have to look the staff members who are welcoming the change and the way to preserve them by determination.

If the prevailing personnel is resisting to improve this amplifies that they don't really have knowledge and trust on the organization and also may be because of lack of understanding about the change. When the staffs doesn't understand the reason behind change they makes a distrust over the business. This distrust can also make others positive personnel to go behind the distrust.

With the change of benchmarks in courthouse hotel the technology will be changing and this will be a main concern between your staffs how to complement the standards. An extremely difficult situation will be there between your staffs is they fail to grab the specifications. And this creates a resistance amidst the staffs.

Three 3 important elements of Kirkpatrick's model for change management.

4. 1 Empathy-: (Kirkpatrick, 2001), Matching to Kirkpatrick administrator should put himself instead of employee, which is, easiest way to understand the employees feeling. Managers should also make reference to the doubts of the employees that they might have in their minds in order that they might not resist the change process. . There are a few steps by which a manager can know about the employees, first step is looking personal documents, second step is requesting questions from the worker and the next and previous step is hearing and observing. Relating to Robert Bacall empathy is "walking in other person shoes". Thus by implying empathy in the courthouse hotel the managers should become familiar with the issues of the average person employees.

4. 2 Communication-: Robert Bacall expresses that communication is a 2 way method and in this method the hotel management must communicate the required wishes and new management plans to the hotel staff. In communication after supplying instructions the management must even look for the opinions from the employees. So the barriers for communication can be over ridden.

4. 3 Involvement-: (Coch et al, 1948), claims that involvement is the major step. Participation is the change tends to reduce level of resistance build on the change and motive people to make the change to work. Kirkpatrick, (2007), claims that Participation is technique for use in executing instructional conferences. The participation has it's two basic approached first one is which one is most common form is to obtain discussion on the list of participation without the hesitation and market leaders gives questions and problems to entire group. Employers answer it to the first choice. Second approach is that group is divided into buzz group of 4 or 5 5 people so that each employee can get involved actively. Thus it is suggested that by implying contribution the employs have a tendency to feel better and favour the change alternatively than resisting it.


After reading the complete study of the courthouse hotel. We get to know the hotel is facing reduction available through this we reach what are the staffing issues in the hotel. The hotel employees may to react to the change in a good viewpoint. Because they may not like the change as a consequence to lack of coronation between your employees. When the employees and the professionals aren't coordinating in proper way An organization can't be run in a good way. If the worker aren't skilled enough to do there job. Then you will see issues in the business. Change management can take care of staffing issues.

In the case study aspect of change management shows the way the empathy, participation, and communication can help in handling the changes in a proper way.

The hotels new owner is transforming the hotel to a four star property. and he's seeking to make changes in the hotel which advantageous for both the corporation and the employees working there. If the organization follow the aspect of the change management goals may be accomplished in a much easer way dealing with the employees and director.

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