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Hospitality and Tourism Communication Strategies

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Introduction of Communication

The classification of verb to communication is, "to impart, to transmit, to succeed in conveying Information" In hotel there is a considerable amount of information to be transmit ted to and form staff in various division, as well concerning GUEST, CUSTOMER, SUPPLIERS, while others. You will find, for example, the lines of communication to and from the reception office of a hotel. Communication can exchange of information, idea, or feeling it entails at least two or more individuals and involves of communication by:


NON-VERBAL=COMMUNICATION WITHOUT WORDS ex: body language, eyes contact.


REPRESENTATIVE VISUAL=MORE IN DIAGRAM ex lover: no smoking, damp floor,


Information searched for and given in many ways :but whatever the proper execution of communication, there are certain points that need to be established. WHAT IS THE Concept ? WHO SHOULD RECEIVE IT ?WHEN SHOULD IT BE SENT?WHAT IS ESSENTIALLY THE MOST SUITALBE WAY OF SEND IT? IS IT INTELLIGIBLE? HAS IT BEEN RECEIVED AND UNDERSTOOD?


Process of communication :

1. TRANSMITTER is a person or group of peopl who send the concept to receiver transmitter an idea ad feelings. At the same time transmitter need to work with the decided on method or advertising to transmit through oral or written

2. MESSAGE can be an idea that has been encode and forminto the note. It easy and simple to comprehend and it require knowledge and experience and target of the message

3. RECEIVER is the person who receive the subject matter from process one transmitter and process two subject matter. Interpretation and assigning meaning. Receiver, have the message in line with the value.

Communication fail due to barries

Barriers of communication

When the: 1) The transmitter is not clear lack of experience of knowledge and go through the transmitter dont have trustworthiness and a poor communication skill

2) Device not decode the note if the interpretor never interpret the subject matter correctly because he / she not concentrate the speaker it could be sleepy, monotonous or refuse to speak in manner way.

3)Message not reach to the recipient because not interested and the noises of fizikal noise (conversing), complex noise(radio) and visual noise

A communication is an connection between a sender and a device. In an effective communication, the sender direct a clear communication to someone and the device gets the communication effectively and it sound simple enough. The situation lie what that people use to spoke with someone. Listed below are the six elements of a successful communication.

  1. Think interpretation of meaning
  2. Expresses signifying in words, symbols
  3. Transmits message (tells, write / delivers)
  4. Receives communication (hears or reads)
  5. Translates meaning symbols
  6. Understand and allows meaning

An effective communication is an excellent communication. Communication is thee basic term that amounts up the mailing and receiving of messages Just how employees speak can make or break an organization think of the several between courteous and surly employees and the communication they express to guests. We want to business with people who able to communicate the company philosophy to friends and give excellent service. These details is a formal communication and is also given in via conference, personal correspondence, e-mail, notice panel and so on. Supervisors are quite crucial as they are the main one who describe the quest, goals, and company insurance policy to their associates. We human beings communicate all day every day and spend over 70 percent of the hours sending or receiving communications: a good example speaking, tuning in, writing reading, pushing keys on pcs, watching the television set display. Since we talk so much, we ought to be pretty good at it but badly we don't because there are probably as much opportunities to be misinterpreted as there are people with whom we converse an example different people interpret what we say in various ways and not really what that you recommended and sometimes we have the same what they state to us. Until NO ONE HAS YET FOUND a theory or method or set of communication principles assured to be 100-percent effective BUT the expert know a whole lot about why why people FAIL IN COMMUNICATION plus they can describe the materials for SUCCESS. Communication play a primary role in hospitality industry it because we are interacting constantly and at the same time we will be both a sender and a recipient of text messages, and a both jobs will be very important it because we should understand what boils down for you from the top so that people can carry out the INSTRUCTIONS and the POLICIES of the business. We cannot take care of effectively ii we can not communicate effectively.


Communication is the transference of understanding and signifying between two or more people. Supervisors are involved in social communication, organizational communication, small group communication, and sometime mass communication. Communication is an important because supervisors spend the majority of their time communicating, as when directing people at the job, supplying instructions, training, interviewing, employing, firing and so on. The following can be done to remove many road blocks to good communication create a environment of trust and respect : send your communications plainly : use words the recipient can understand : don't assume anything : take into account receiver's ability to receive : send your communication at the optimum time : send your communication at the best time : send your subject matter to the right person : choose the best mean of sending your subject matter : check for understanding : pay attention: be objective : avoid slang : and disrespectful terms: and do not communicate if you are upset. Hearing is the next one half of the communication process- the most neglected 50 percent and sometimes the most important. Bad hearing process include heading off on tangents, reacting, psychologically and reducing the move of the message. Five guidelines of good being attentive giving your partner your undivided attention, hearing the person out, looking for the real message, keeping your emotion from it and keeping your role

Question 2

Motivation is the main element to keeping undertaking continuously at the best standards. How organization motivate their workers to excel at their jobs.

Introduction of Motivation

The;success;of;any;organization;largely;will depend on;on;the;determination;of;its;employees. ;Sadly, ;there;is;no;exact;solution;to;determine;how;to;motivate;any;particular;group;of;people. ;The;truth;is;we;are;all;determined;by;different;things. ;Still, ;there;are;some;key;ideas;to;keep;in;brain;when;producing;a;plan;to;motivate;employees, ;no matter;of;the;group.

Every small business wants encouraged employees. They work more effectively and produce greater results. Using financial and other rewards to boost motivation is a straightforward idea, but carrying it out reasonably and effectively can be challenging. Nearly all small businesses deliver obligations to whoever is the golden child of the week, a main and senior consultant at Payment Resources. How will you create a compensation program that motivates employees, results a more fruitful staff and is administered quite and effectively? The secret, it seems, lies in the details. Here are four steps to follow.

Answer q2

Motivation is the willingness to effort an organition goals, conditioned by the work capacity to satisly some individuals needs. Drive can impact people at the work place The role of motivation is to achieve effective performance by potential, course, motivate, and support

Perspective inspiration to individuals, group, organization, Individuals is to aspire to do well in some work linked to desire by meet someone personal needs. Group is to ensure the employee's work and the manager should comprehend the staff need and job design and workplace and while an organization is to ensure employee to work by increase efficiency by programe and training it because different people different needs.



;Create an action plan. ;While the goals that you would like to achieve can vary greatly from one project or staffer to another, the procedure that you follow can be duplicated each and every time. Andrew Broil, leader of Broil Progress Consulting in Cleveland, breaks the procedure down into five steps: They are the main details of any Payment plan. You need to always prize top performance and must be as clear as you can to your personnel on precisely what you take into account top performance. Additionally you must have an idea and culture that motivates less-than-top performers to strive to compensation plan. You need to always pay back top performance and must be as clear as it can be to your personnel on just what you take into account top performance. You also must have a plan and culture that motivates less-than-top performers to strive. Drive at the job group an important to determine EFFECT AND PRODUCTIVE WORK GROUP. Drive also helps GROUP INFLUENCE


Motivation is the driving a car force which allows us take action on our dreams or goals. There is always a motivating drive behind anything we do which is the intensity of the motivation which decides how well and exactly how fast we do well at obtaining what we wish to achieve. There are many opportunities nowadays but these opportunities are totally centered upon our knowing of our surroundings. After we recognize an opportunity, our success is determined by our drive for the desired results. Our success is also centered upon our capability to meet up with the obstacles of life. Many people become cowards and lost their inspiration during challenging times. Enthusiastic people, who experience challenging times will create a plan, put together themselves, and take action. Life is often challenging and many obstructions are tossed at us daily. We blame misfortune, are often prepared to give up, and be pessimistic of the world. During these situations, we have to realize that it is a fact of life that road blocks were, is, and can always be a part of our life within our thoughts so whenever we endure more hurdles, were more prepared. Whenever we use our desire to work through the obstacles inside our life, we use a good personal attribute and we take advantage of the experience as do those around us. It is life's road blocks which build our character, allow us to expand, and give us the strength to move on. A lot of people will follow the path of least resistance. They want a fairly easy and wealthy life clear of life's hurdles. But take away the hurdles, and we eliminate growth and durability, since it is the obstacles which make us strong. When we lose our motivation, we lose everything because we fail to grow and progress. We see types of this in people who try to escape life by living their safe place. Those who lack inspiration and continue to reside in their comfort zones often become victims of life. This becomes a hard to break behavior and is damaging to their life. It requires motivation to take on life's surprises and also to work about the obstacles which life throws at us. Those who lack motivation often respond selfish and burden those around them when they share their uncomfortableness. This disrupts everyone's calmness and delight. Highly determined people never enjoy self-pity. Instead, they stand out like a beam of light and guide others by creativity. Drive is positive in mother nature and others are not only drawn to it, also, they are inspired by it. They value us for it. It also allows us to get over any negative obstacles and is an essential part in our life. Many people are entitled to tranquility, and it takes motivation to work through the evils of the world and go above them. When people all around us become depressing and irritating, we must rise above them. If we become a member of then, we end up being the cause of our own downfall. Instead, we must maintain our happy mind-set. In get together life's challenges, we should face truth and control it. We must not allow certainty to regulate us. We should conquer life's road blocks or be conquered by them.


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The philosophy of marketing must be held by everyone from within the organization. Marketing targets the satisfaction of customer needs, Marketing isn't just much broader than selling, it is not a particular activity whatsoever It encompasses the complete business needs and requirements. Future needs need to be identified and expected. The marketing theory is a viewpoint. It makes the customer, and the satisfaction of his / her needs, the focal point of all business activities. It is driven by older managers, passionate about delighting their customers. Marketing is not only much broader than advertising, it isn't a specialised activity by any means It encompasses the whole business. It's the complete business seen from the point of view of the ultimate consequence, that is, from the customer's perspective. Concern and responsibility for marketing must therefore permeate all areas of the enterprise. This customer concentrated philosophy is recognized as the 'marketing strategy'. The marketing concept is a beliefs, not a system of marketing or an organizational composition. It really is founded on the fact that profitable sales and reasonable results on investment can only be achieved by figuring out, anticipating and fulfilling customer needs and desires.


Lost World of TambunTheme Parks in Malaysia

The latest interest from Sunway City;Ipoh;in Tambun, the Lost World is a new water theme playground in Perak place to provide you a fun-filled adventure for relatives and buddies! Nestled among lush greenery and limestone hills, the Lost World has a bunch of fascinating activities to keep you returning for more. . From my very own research, there may be five main elements which will make up this world of adventures which is really as mentioned in the structure

Question 1:

Your role:

You must select a theme recreation area of your decision. You are required to determine their organizational composition, products, markets, and opponents.


As part of your quest, you will need to specify the framework of the franchise and the product that has been offered to the consumer.


You are required to analyze:

Their market strength

Their area of natural expansion

Brand setting and marketability of their brand

Suggest steps to boost their sales and profits

Suggest how they can take their business to a worldwide scale


Conclude your research by summarizing all the above and offer a final solution about how the theme recreation area may flourish in a completion market place.

All cost for the function and portfolio must be self funding. Olympia College will not be responsible for any cost or any unexpected circumstances occurred during this event.

Answer Q1

As part of our own assignment, I have chose the Lost World of Tambun theme area as my choice for doing my project. From my very own research, there exists five main elements which will make up this world of escapades which is really as explained in the structure below

Jungle Influx Bay


Tiger Valley

Water park

Hot Springs & Spa


Water Park

An exquisitely beautiful Waterfall Beach Garden & exhilarating normal water rides in the theme playground for everybody at this park and where in fact the normal water beach garden were the biggest wave pool in Malaysia where in fact the waves could distend to 3 foot high. At there, you could see a absolutely perfect landscaped beach which surrounded by 20 legs twin waterfalls with two rivers flowing in to the pool. Gleam musical body wash as a refreshment before to the caption of Sandy Bay.

Explorabay, a kids - only area which is specially created for kids while Cliff Racer are plan for a adult and children. And undoubtedly, the longest inflatable tube drive in Malaysia, Pipe Raiders which is the family - preferred big slides while Excitement River is more on soothing water ride.

Cliff Racer

Sail through the jungle canopy within an old mine cart after having a drop from dizzying levels; just like in the old Wild Wild West films! The park is ideal for those family escapades. Make sure to bring extra clothes for a change after a whole day's fun on the many drinking water slides and water games. The park also plays sponsor to some tigers and albino tiger cubs and tourists can see the tiger feeding times between 11. 30am to 5pm every day. The park is open up everyday except Tuesdays (school/public holidays excluded) from 11am - 6pm. You can have a cocktail at the Rum Jungle Pub between 6pm - 9pm every night. Entrance tickets start at about RM25 per adult and RM 19 per child (children under 90cm gets free access). The area also offers special food, entrance and rides deals. ;

As the latest supplement for the visitors to enjoy the inimitable feel of the hot planting season, the in the hot spring come from an all natural source, which is a sanctuary for the visitors to relax and enjoy and also to experience hygienic and rejuvenating hot water. Besides, there are a great many other elements which can be catered for the site visitors presenting the ultimate relaxation experience

Tiger Valley

There are feeding tigers show and their deals with at play in the tiger valley. You can learn abit about how precisely the tigers are cared through the valley's educational program where you will be able to get close and personal basic superb tigers.

Lost World Petting Zoo

Visitors may take a walk on the untamed side along with the Petting Zoo allows the general public to touch, feel, give food to and play with the family pets; giving those searching for a more personal come across, a closer perspective.


Market Strength

So many words filled into one, the Lost World of Tambun, where providing an action - packed with exciting adventures with the most sensational rides and glamour in Ipoh, Malaysia. A 60 million Ringgit theme playground which located in this historical town of Ipoh, in the middle of the North - Southern corridor in Perak; and is set in the inborn panoramas of Ipoh, surrounded by exquisitely breath - taking limestone features.

The Lost World of Tambun has its market strength just like the other theme park as well. As my research around these theme parks, The Lost World of Tambun is a good theme parks if in comparison to all the competition around within the northern region in Ipoh example like Bukit Merah. They has providing an assortment services which provides leisure, relaxation, satisfaction as well as entertainment. Moreover, the price are very reasonable for the services they are providing.

As another market power, Lost world of Tambun is the one theme park with natural hot planting season and water result from natural source and the thermal water in the pool aren't recycled. Furthermore, they received a development of the standalone rock creation - 10 storey building within the theme park. Predicated on the 4Ps, place, people, campaign and products, Lost World of Tambun acquired provides all these 4Ps if in comparison to other opponents as their market strength.


800 parking areas provided

Good transportation

Natural & pleasant landscape


Good services

Caring from staffs

Friendliness from staffs


Invite international performance during parties; beach party

Promote online through hot websites; facebook, etc

Promote through travel and tour companies for packages


Water Park

Amusement Park

Lost World Hot Springs & Spa

Tiger Valley

Lost World Petting Zoo

Zone of Expansion

For your information, Lost World face the nature. Therefore, it has enough of natural resources around and within the playground. As for the near future expansion, they have to take this edge to make more for its zone of natural extension usage from the natural resources. Currently, these are building a hotel of themselves that are scored as 4 - 5 superstar grades; tourists like foreign site visitors do not need to look for other accommodations and can just stay inside the Lost World of Tambun's Hotel which are surrounded by natural source. Besides, also, they are replacing the hot springtime & spa section. As their future extension, it could build up a monorail system for the overall availability within the theme park itself; visitors have the ability to travel from the theme recreation area back to the hotel after explorer.

Moreover, wide natural resources in their theme park which enable those to have their own cave which creates jungle traffic monitoring and cave checking out experience for customers. They should broaden more on dry trips in did of only emphasis in wet rides as there is already a lot of wet trips. This will permit the visitors to have more alternatives throughout their explorer and will not feel uninteresting.

Brand setting and marketability of the brand

A great theme park which have its own nature and provided us a relaxing feeling if you are surviving in a frantic lifestyle; a way to expose you to ultimately the type. Besides, it is a time for each member in a family to invest their time along and have fun in Lost World of Tambun. This is a means for family bonding to occur. Moreover, we can spend our time with this friends during trip at there for entertainment and leisure. And of course, it is a good place for one or two to have a great day.

What are they famous for? Their natural resources and it situated in a historical put in place Ipoh with natural thermal water sources. They are also considered as 'under the umbrella of Sunway Groups' which lead them to success because Sunway group had prove themselves in Sunway Lagoon.

Steps to boost their sales and profit

In order to improve their sales and earnings, they should be based upon the economy level which is reduce their cost to be able to get more people. Besides, it's also depends on the way they generate their profit through the existing products. They can provide more new family plans and teenage deals. Another step to boost their sales and profit is to increase business hour for dried parks plus more events should be organize example like beach get together. International shows should be invite example like excellent junior, wonder young girls and big bang to be able to attract more visitors. And undoubtedly, special rates for senior citizen should be apply and gadgets should get to kids to show that the management is nurturing enough even to each and every matter.

How they can take their business to a worldwide scale

Extend their business to global scale, they can deal with the travel and travel regencies for packages and brings the travel and leisure to Lost World of Tambun and let them discover it and recreate this information back again to the country. Moreover, they can have a deal with a country ambassador to market their theme area in their own country and to attract foreign investment example as an big organization which will lead them to develop another branch in their country by the assist in modal from the organization; targeting warm weather country like india. Besides, it should have a deal with large group to have a big retreat ( international discussion ). And of course, the lost world management should also advertise their theme park through hot websites example like facebook. com, youtube. com, twitter. com and etc


In any;business;success, marketing always takes on a key part. You have to make a good romantic relationship with your visitors. You need to work out how you will reach and earn new customers and make sure that they'll be happy and remain satisfied of the services you are providing them. You need to always review and continue improving all you do to stay prior to the competition. Although marketing performs an important role, you won't ensure sales unless by carrying it out with a organized plan. A well-researched and reasonable plan is important to possess a better potential for building a long-term profitable connections. A marketing plan will provide as a reference point or your basis to perform a marketing strategy. By installation of plans, it will set out an obvious objectives and explains how you will achieve them. You could specify your business well if you have a written record that details the required actions to attain your marketing goals. A marketing plan is considered a part of an over-all business plan. ;

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