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Hoani Waititi Public Services Case Study

  • Weizhi You (Peter)

Alternative health care positioning for BD

Workplace: hoani waititi interpersonal services

1 Outline the information and issues highly relevant to the decisions about the choice placement because of this individual.

BD is a 13years old young man. The boy's father or mother are both no longer working and they are medication and drunk everyday. The young man couldn't have the proper care from the family, insufficient food, always wear on grubby clothes. He's suffered from abuse in verbal and physical. The grandparents called the interpersonal services for a few help because they are old and may not look after BD, plus they would like BD to be placed in foster care. After consult with grandparents, the interpersonal workers decide to remove BD from the parents service to another family which is filled with love and eager to look after DB. The cultural worker worried the parents of DB and told them that their children will leave them until they change them home and discover themselves.

2 What other information did you need to obtain?

Safety: The individual is safe from almost any harm that originates from themselves, or any other person. Make certain he will not be abused in foster treatment. Check if he's vulnerable to running from foster are.

Wellbeing: We have to check the boy's health situation and the mindset health situations.

The person's wellbeing is looked after - for Maori people wellbeing should be considered in the all natural sense. We need concerned the family and have a family meeting to go over regarding it.

Arrange the visit for grandparents.

3 Key things of information provided to the people engaged or other observations

The son is so silent and don't want to talk to others and cover on the back of grandparents. So we spend the tie with BD and build the trust.

The grandparents have pain lower limbs and sore back again who need take medications every day no family members may take BD, so foster family is essential.

4 Outline how decision making was facilitated in accordance with the service provider's standard

Gain information that is pertinent to the decision making process. Before an Alternative Positioning happens, the families including SW, BD, BD' parents and BD' grandparents may meet several times to go over and share relevant information, issues and needs of the client for their security and wellbeing.

The safeness and wellbeing of BD is the main topic of an alternative care and attention position is the first consideration

Social employees use verbal and non-verbal communications to obtain information highly relevant to decision making

Obtaining sufficient information to facilitate decision making about the alternative care positioning includes all information and issues relevant to all parties involved in the decision about the alternative care placement

Keep the info private, and get family consent to discuss family concerns with exterior companies e. g medicine agency.

5 other records which think about the decision making process

The youngster and the whanau will have the different personal preferences for the position, perhaps related to the simple access for visiting etc.

Cultural issues are an important awareness for social individuals, particularly when coping with Maori.

Some information may reflect on the decision making process including Health needs, Terminology, safety, client's privacy, spiritual needs, Diet needs, Medication needs, Physical comfort

Task 2

Student name: weizhi you(peter)

Alternative care placement for BD

Workplace: hoani waititi sociable services

1 Outline any further or additional information or issues highly relevant to the decisions about the alternative placement because of this individual.

DB is more timid and silent at first week, but by using social employees and new families, he becomes advanced both in physical and psychology health. For the religious support, the interpersonal staff member bring him to the marae to become listed on in maori activities and practice maori culture. DB made good friend with them and develop his social network. But from the reviews of school, he is not focus on study and hardly ever do the homework.

BD will go to the same institution so he will never have to included at another college. He always walk to classes.

BD is pleased to reside in the foster family, the risk of jogging away is low.

2How did you plan the placement based on the decisions of the parties involved and another key people?

The social staff keep contact with family members involved. They keep connection with the fostr family and BD, gain feedbacks and make plan to help BD get found in the new family. In addition they connection with BD's parents and grandparents. Helping BD's parents stop medication and find employment to earn some cash. They have a talk with the school and the instructor of BD then your school decide to spend extra time to help BD review.

3 how did you intend the placement in line with moral practice?

Followed agency's procedures/protocols.

Ethical practice, the ethics of sociable work practice also have to connect with decisions about alternate care placements. For example, it will be unethical to tell the individuals family the sole place available was one an extended distance away, because it had a vacancy and public worker can end their engagement quickly and move on to another case. A location was found practically to garandparents's home and easy to visit, families kept informed all the time of all decision making.

4 how have you make sure that everything you have was centered on the current and future security of the individual who needed the choice care placement?

BD need to relocated from your home because he couldn't receive the properly care and attention from parents which is bad for his well beings. The cultural worker as well as relevant people needs to determine the best choice care placement for BD, with the safeness and wellbeing of the individual as the first factor.

5 key points of information provided or other obeservations

The parents of BD have consent to receive the help from the community and local organizations to avoid drug.

BD is happy moving into the foster home.

6 format how planning was facilitated relative to the service provider's expectations. Give examples

Followed agency's guidelines.

Family Group Seminar (FGC) business lead by Young ones Justice Co-ordinator and Community Work.

Family group discussion (FGC) recognized CYF health care as an interim solution.

completion of checklists: all the newspaper should be achieved and inspected, it have to be sign by social worker, care professional and individuals.

security of information: make sure that everything through inside the person who is included.

Confidentiality and keeping exact records of discussions or meetings

Social workers acknowledging the needs and issues of gatherings to the choice care placement, use the interpersonal skills to utilize the different get-togethers and make sure everything goes on line.

7other notes think about the planning process

Home environment: low risk - high risk safety issues. Always consider person's safeness and well-being first.

Family visit provide spiritual support.

Task 3

Student name: weizhi you(peter)

Alternative care positioning for BD

Workplace: hoani waititi interpersonal services

1how does you encourage self-determination of the individual who is the main topic of the alternative care and attention placement?

To encourage self-determination means stimulating families users to the plan to fulfil their discovered roles, and take ownership of these roles. Dependency on the public worker or interpersonal service provider must be discouraged. Encourage grandparents to visit. Provide BD's parents 2or 3 councilling companies to choose to resolve their problems.

Outlined agency's goals and appropriate legislation, burning agencies mandate/kaupapa.

Fully up to date BD and whnau/family of the parameters and opportunity of the reaching, and allowed them to determine the best options. Informed all your choice making at all times before it satarts.

Where possible I (organization) worked well collaboratively with the family to discover a middle ground where agency mandate and whnau alternatives weren't aligned.

2how have you discourage dependency you as the interpersonal staff member and the social service provider?

Gave space (and resourced where necessary) so the whnau/family could define their own possible alternatives. Give them 2to3 useful local companies and let BD's parents choose the way to help themselves.

Where possible the company would step aside, therefore the family/whnau could intensify.

3how does you assist key people in the implementation of the plan to identify improvement?

I will provide key people who have a care-plan that included key indicators of progress, such as going to university regularly, keeping curfew, behavioural agreement etc and informed all decision making at all times.

4how performed you assist celebrations to the program to review the plan? What if any more options were discovered? If the plan was amended, how was it amended?

Regular meetings to review progress were held between social company, BD, whnau and care giver(s). to check the which task has been achived so far and what to improve.

When execution of the plan is complete, the plan (in its entirety) needs to be reviewed. In some cases the review will bring about further options being determined. The review may also determine some different final results in conditions of success of targets and these also have to be saved in the plan

5 key points of information provided or other observations

Parents have enrolled the drug councilling center

6put together the execution was relative to the service provider's standards

Cultural practices were used eg a karakia/blessing was organized for BD when he arrived at the home.

The looking at in operations was completed totally, including areas such as health insurance and safety, and guidelines for behavior etc were explained to BD.

7other notes think about the implementation process

His review in university have a large improve under the assistance of teacher.

Task 4

Student name: weizhi you(peter)

Alternative care positioning for BD

Workplace: hoani waititi public services

1how you understand you'd completed your required tasks or participation in the program?

DB is now in foster good care family and the parents were enrolled in medicine councilling. BD go to the institution regular and make new friends. Once the implementation of the choice care position is complete, it is time for the public employee to complete their participation in the plan. Always first consider the security and wellbeing of the individual who is the main topic of the alternative treatment placement.

2what possible future involvement might be required from the social service provider in cases like this? Think about factors that may lead to further contact being needed, what functions or services a cultural service provider might offer the person in the foreseeable future, and how the person could go about re-establishing connection with public service provider

The parents might need parenting program to help them learn how to manage BD. In case the parents could not stop medicine and maltreatment on BD, in this example, BD have to move to some other home. The social workers will provide many suggestions plus some useful organizations for them. If they need services in the future, they can band the organizations again.

3notesor key points of information received or other obeservatons made

Social worker's responsibilities were clearly done on the care plan, and the program was updated showing they were completed.

Transition from home to residential treatment completed.

4outline the way the closure was relative to the service provider's standards

Review the items which were part of your role or responsibility in the plan. Check you have completed all of them, and completed all related paperwork etc.

Consult with the other people to the plan. Be sure they consider you have completed your responsibilities, or whether there exists something else these were expecting someone to do.

Handover ending up in web host home family, BD and whnau.

5outline how you will ensured information was retained confidential

Followed agency privacy policy. For instance, consent from whnau to share information with substitute education supplier was received.

6provide two examples of how your actions were relative to relevant legislation. Name the legislation in the example.

Privacy Function - I (company) only held information that was essential for the purpose of facilitating BD's position in the number home.

CYPF Work - both BD and whnau were placed informed of decisions made, and wherever possible involved in the decision making process.

7other notes think about the closure process

All parties modified and keep getting in touch with with them.

Provider policy implemented, case file checked out and modified, renew the information and regular check visit BD.


How tiriti o Waitangi in social services? Give 3 good examples how your activities on position were guided by the tiriti.

There are four rules in the Te Tiriti o Waitangi to ensure that maori's rights were protected including partnership, safeguard, participation and authorization.

A relationship in good trust between two Maori and Crown, for the principle, when interesting with Maori or creating insurance plan that could impact Maori, the Social Service organisations ensure needs of Maori are prioritised. In order to make ensure Maori have rangatiratanga privileges over their taonga, always consultation with Maori authority and management when organisational plans are being reviewed. Te Tiriti o Waitangi can be applied in interpersonal services including ensure that all cultural services have a bi-cultural perspective. For instance, we respect our maori customer, maori way to cope with things, our maori workmates and client's individuals, keep good marriage with them.

Protection: for that rule, it allowed maori to exercise their Tino Rangatiratanga (complete sovereignty) total of these taonga(land), and reap the benefits of these. Taonga in Maori vocabulary means land, resources, terminology, knowledge, and other aspects of the Maori way of life. Maori have the rights to enjoy their taonga in sociable service settings, and communal service organisations must respect their way of life. It protect Maori's privileges to make options that best provide their culture, that line with tika and kawa, suit their customs and practices customary. For instance, we employed in the maori marae, we follow their traditional civilizations and their process in the marae, we are not allowed to bring the food into marae and switch off the telephone, no noisy when sign up for the formal welcome.

Participation: it ensure that maori take part in the social counseling and have the equal protection under the law with crown. Consultation by any means levels with Maori. It must be service convenience for Mori. Allowed Maori choose their types of health i. e (Te Whare Tapa Wha) alternatively than traditional western models whenever using Mori. So when we dealing with maori, we ought to knowing their needs and their culture value, provide their prefer ways to help them.


How your activities throughout the process of contributing to the facilitation? At least 3 cases and include your inflections from your activities in this examination all linked to theory for sociable service practice.

respect my consumer, always ask their permission, I always gather the family contract prior to the action and listen to my client, respect their alternatives and their maori way to do things. And I respect their culture, when enter Maura, I will follow their traditional methodology and traditions.

Gain information that is relevant to the decision making process. Before an alternative solution Positioning happens, the young families including SW, BD, BD' parents and BD' grandparents may meet several times to go over and show relevant information, issues and needs of the client for their security and wellbeing.

We keep connection with family members involved. Keeping contact with the fostr family and BD, gain feedbacks and make plan to help BD get found in the new family. Getting in touch with with BD's parents and grandparents. Being able to help BD's parents stop medication and find employment to earn some money.

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