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History of Typography Essay

First of all, what is typography? Typography may be the art of letter varieties being organized in certain phrases or phrases. Typography originated in the Greek word typos which means contact form and graphe which means producing. Most people would agree that a German man named Johannes Guttenberg was the one who invented typography. Ahead of Guttenberg, everything had to be scribed by hand which was very time consuming.

Guttenberg as well created blackletter, the first ever typeface. Since blackletter viewed very small, a man known as Nicolas Jensen invented the first ever Roman typeface through the 15th hundred years. Since Jensen's typeface was performed of directly lines and regular curves, it was much easier to be go through compared to the blackletter typeface. Following Roman letters, the italics typeface was developed during the past due 15th hundred years by Aldus Manutius. Through the 18th hundred years, a man known as William Caslon created a typeface called Traditional style.

A few decades later, Ruben Baskerville create a variety of well which is now called Transitional. A few years later on, a French gentleman named Didot and an Italian guy named Bodoni created typefaces that are classified as Modern day. During the second industrial innovation, advertising necessary new typefaces. Letters received taller, larger, and even weirder. Since the typefaces during the nineteenth century had been so complex, the early twentieth century helped bring something simple.

A man named Paul Hammer (umgangssprachlich) from Indonesia created a well called Futura which was depending on simple geometric shapes. In 1957, Helvetica was presented. Some will call this kind of the world's most beloved typeface.

The field of typography transformed with the introduction of the computer but it will surely continue increasing since technology is constantly increasing too.

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