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History of Food in the US

Evolution of the food

Cooking is a process which one can't ever discovered. Baking and food will be the things that have been always being growing as time passes. For the survival the most crucial requirement of a creature is food. If we move to prehistoric time cavemen created weaponry for hunting to make it through and since the flame was discovered the whole way of consuming food modified. When colonization commenced and civilization have been placed, hierarchy of classes of men and women started evolving based on work done by them. Three categories were made like food for royal people, warrior people and Poverty-Stricken people to describe food.

As the technology started developing time by time in the region of agriculture people began developing new type of fruits and vegetables by the help of pesticides, cross technology and insecticides as compared to what they we use to eat in early on times the meals which use to grow in a natural way. But as people find out about the bad effect of pesticides and insecticides they began moving to organic and natural food. Many years when women stay at home to care for the members of the family, whereas the men use to improve earning money to fulfill the basic dependence on the family. More recently when women are working with men atlanta divorce attorneys field, so that is why they get less time to make food at home where ready to eat food came up in market. This is one way centuries have handed down and food has been improved.

American cuisine

History of the United States can be shown by its delicacies. European colonization presented the amount of ingredient and cooking style. In 19th and 20th century many style mentioned expanding compared to the immigrants moving in from a great many other countries, this flow of immigrants varied the food from coast to coast.

Early American used range of cooking strategy, in the first cuisine which were combined with the early European baking ways structure the basis of American food. When colonist arrived to eastern seaboard, they use to cultivate pet because of their clothing and food, identical to what they use to do in Europe. The diet of North american colonist started out rely on the region they use to live a life. Massive amount animal oils and fats were designed to cook the colonial food whereas new Englanders use to have rum and beverage, because marine trade provided them easy approach to the component for producing rum, in which the main element was molasses, which was easily available at trade in Western Indies.

In 19th and 18th hundreds of years, American started developing new food during 1890's - 1920's development of food and presentation came in business. One Feature of American cuisine is the fusion dishes which was affected by local and ethnic which formed a modern cooking food style.

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California cuisine

California cuisine is well known because of its fusion dishes and fresh goods, which came from fertile Salinas's valley which is also called salad bowl of America, to the wine countries all over the status. Health-conscious lifestyle of the folks have combined with local produce and also have made a creative and modern type of cuisine.

California has been a center for many immigrants and carried a range of unique culture collectively, and time by time the cultures have synchronized and formed a fusion cuisine. Many cultural food of the countries were improved according to local preferences, and keep on developing over summer and winter.

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Sourdough Bread

In 1849, during the California gold rush, a vital part of the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA cuisine is sourdough bakery. However the loaf of bread was developed way back in history, yet it has become reputed on earth because of its deep sour flavour and its own heavy texture. And yes it is very hard to create at any other put in place the globe. The microorganism found in the making of the bakery can only make it through in the circumstances prevailing in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA bay area. The miners through the gold hurry ate sourdough breads as you of their favorite starter and transported it around while they journeyed state to convey thereby dispersing the delicious bakery around in each place they proceeded to go. Due to the level of popularity of the breads in San Francisco and its growing method sour dough came to be a name for miners and the mascot of the today's basketball team SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA 49ers is recognized as sourdough breads.

In 1849 the Boudin bakery began baking sourdough breads and it's been in production since it has sharp and chew crust and runs along perfectly with most of the perfect soup of SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, like clam chowder and cioppino and is often found to be carved and formed into a dish by hollowing it away and it can be used to provide soup in it.

Crab Louie

It is a salad which is manufactured out of crab meat, in San Francisco from the 1900's. Many story are being told about the foundation of the dish, but it has been believed that it is a San Francisco dish. Seafood meats, tomatoes, lettuce could be romaine or iceberg, asparagus and hard boiled eggs are merged and tossed with Louie dressing, which is made by adding mayonnaise and chili sauce seasoned with peppers. Now a day's Thousand Island dressing can be used.


Cioppino is a seafood medley stew soup, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA creation. The soup was made by the Italian immigrants in the mid nineteenth century. When anglers from coastal region of Italy came to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and started living over there as a fishermen. When your day ends, they use to gather all the leftover and chop them, put them in a pot and create a stew. The term cioppino came from the term "to chop", while some claims it produced from cries of "chip in" which was been told when they use to come back to the dock, requesting everyone to add the seafoods in the container.

Whereas cioppino in San Francisco is usually made out of a mixture of scallops, Dungeness Crab, shrimps, clams, squids, numerous white seafood, and mussels which were stewed in a broth of burgandy or merlot wine. Shellfish were held in their shells while these were stewed, which in terms added flavour, to broth. Later on Sicilians immigrants developed the shrimps by adding tomato vegetables in the broth, just how it is dished up today. Stew is employed to be dished up with the meats in the shell.

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Famous Chefs and Restaurant of California

Wolfgang Johannes Puck is a celebrity chef who has a renowned restaurant named Spago. He distributed the California food by food preparation for visible guest and their get-togethers like Oscar after gatherings.

Alice water is a restaurateur, chef and writer. She owns Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, California. Her restaurant is known for getting ready food from organic and natural and locally cultivated ingredient.

Mette Williams is a super star chef who became famous by winning in a favorite food network show because of her fresh and new thinking on Italian food. Currently she actually is the professional chef of culina restaurant in Beverley hills.

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