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History About The Global Town Politics Essay

The important factors which have an impact on our decision to are inclined towards a global town would be discussed in this article. The critical research and evaluation would show why it is not desirable for the earth to become a global town.

The global town has allowed distance to be always a thing of the past. Information, ideas, culture and goals around the globe can be easily disseminated and therefore amalgamated into a 'very culture' (Dixon, 2009). This paves the way for the new era to raised adapt and integrate to new civilizations of the world. As seen in the movie, My Big Extra fat Greek Wedding, despite being a multicultural modern culture, America has yet to accomplish a state where multiple cultures are united as one culture. Each has their own takes plus some were protective or even in denial towards ethnic difference. By becoming a global village so that a united, one very culture all together, both new and current generations can both live harmoniously with each other, where each can understand and work together with appropriate social behaviour and ethnical viewpoint, becoming ethno comparative towards one another.

Another positive facet of learning to be a global village would be the success of global peace and security. The hallmark of a community community is at its collectivist frame of mind and life-style. (Nair, n. d) The compassion, sympathy and neighbourly environment between the residents allow the village to exist harmoniously. Therefore, as a worldwide village we can achieve a humane behavior pattern across the globe, allowing economies to flourish, as stronger nations would help those weaker nations to expand, and a larger level of peacefulness and security as every region are working hand in hand to protect and insure the complete world. (Dixon 2009). The United Nations can be an international organisation which embodies the thought of a global village. Associates from different countries throughout the world get together and are a whole, committing themselves to "maintaining international peacefulness and security, producing friendly relations among nations and promoting cultural progress, better living benchmarks and human privileges". (US, 2012)

Though being a global village has its advantages, it can be a big miscalculation alone. Becoming a global village means that everything; culture, language, religion, music, etc. are homogenised as one kind. This not only triggers diversity to become extinct, but moral and rules into the future era would be influenced as well. Everyone would blindly have confidence in any particular one superior culture, which diminishes our intelligence and our capacity to tell what is good or harmful to us in the long run. These issues are the disadvantages of becoming a global village.

Primarily, as a worldwide town and having one superior culture, the planet is effectively sacrificing the choice of experiencing a variety of cultures. Your choice to decide for forgetting every origins, record, identities and beliefs in favour of adopting a new culture, regardless if it truly is for the good or harmful to the world no-one would know as the global citizens would not be able to tell as they do not have any basis to compare it to. The planet is effectively uniting underneath one federal and one religion. (Andromida, 2012) This homogeneity would never be by choice of people, but dictated through force and oppression. Each and every individual differs and also have their own choice and inclination; therefore no two individuals can ever before agree on each and every decision let alone the entire globe. Thus to be able to do this homogeneity for a eyesight of any 'good life' or a 'good modern culture', the 'global government' must limit the individual's thinking and behaviours and 'guide' it so the individual would think and believe the choice that is predetermined by the federal government. Using one rigid stagnant point of view to look at the world wouldn't normally bring forth new inventions and ideas or economical growth as creativeness and expansion are stifled by this conformation. By conforming to this template of carry out and thinking arranged by the government, we lose the ability to think and reason critically. As expressed in the literary word by John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, only once an individual is confronted with conflicting views and idea off their can he or she learn from it and grow as a person. In the event the ideas are appropriate, his / her understanding of it would improve. If the ideas are wrong, the average person can claim and better realize why their own ideas are correct and identify the flaws of the opposing discussion. (Mill, 1999) For this reason, if the average person does not come across any opposition in his / her life time, they become intellectually weak and brittle and in the end feebleminded, similar to one who does not maintain regular exercise becomes weak and unhealthy.

Another peril from surviving in a global town, underneath one central federal government and religion, is the devastation of lives scheduled to racist, ethnicist and nativist bigotry. Because one does not comply with the platform or the role decided by the federal government, they might be harshly punished or 're-educated' so they would follow what's expected of these, whether or not it is exactly what they wish to do or if they are suffering because than it. In the long run, this homogeneity would be fatal to the whole global inhabitants as the people have been reduced to the intellectually feeble-minded competition where in any change or unfavorable impacts with their environment would effectively get rid of the citizens, because they are unable to respond and package with the new change. (Stolyarov 2011) An exemplification would be that of North Korea. The residents are feeble minded, brainwashed into thinking that they are simply superior and they must stay in the lives dictated for them by the ruling authorities. Any opposition would be harshly handled via banishment into jail camps, where political, economic liberty and human protection under the law would be stripped from them. (Harden, 2008) Should the world ever turn into a global village, we may eventually become a 'North Korea' on a global size instead.

A further flaw of a global village would be the issue of the 'excellent culture'. Currently, due to globalisation, the world is already experiencing an identical occurrence known as McDonaldization or Cocacolonization. It is the spreading of popular culture and principles, generally from the west towards other areas of the world. Presently, its characteristics based on the models placed by the traditional western culture for example the music, words and food. What we'd see in the us could be easily within other countries whether the united states is half way across the globe. The spectacular country of Hungary or japan dotted with franchises of MacDonald's reselling coca cola, while participating in the latest popular tune from America. (Bereza N. D. )

However over time, would we all choose this same culture or would there be a conflict out break as different categories would fight to become the particular one superior culture or religious beliefs? A couple of on-going conflicts taking place about the world with regards to distinctions in culture or religious beliefs. Radical nutcases would drive to multiply their extreme ideologies and values, influencing others to support their 'cause'. As such, fallouts, riots and conflicts would occur, some even extending over extended periods of time. An example is the Al Qaeda, which pushed for its Islamist religion, values and ideologies. The warfare and its radical actions have lasted for more than twenty years despite global actions and motions against it. On a lesser scale, the event going on in Sydney with regards to the insult believed by the Muslims about their Islamic religions because of the low-budget internet film, "Innocence of Muslims", is an instance where people are not sensitive towards other civilizations, choosing to ridicule and disregard the repercussions of the activities. (ABC Information, 2012) Furthermore, would we all conclude speaking just English alone and forgetting our local language? As unfortunate as it appears, many immigrant children wrap up forgetting or not learning their parent's native language, as observed in America where American born Chinese language children wrap up not being able to utter a coherent word of fluent Chinese. The progressive extinction of dialect not only makes the world more mundane, but it effectively endangers the lifetime of some ethnicities as well. (Dixon, 2009)

The morals and ethics in today's popular culture are based on what the existing society chose as a interpersonal norm. Promiscuity, lack of piety, cheating and many more is becoming accepted when it was considered taboo a decade ago. (O. Lerche III, 2012). This move in ethics is the result of the American marketing which depicts certain societal behavior, though it is purely imaginary, this effect has already taken main in people's minds and are further reinforced unintentionally by other countries.

In conclusion, learning to be a global community will have a far more detrimental result than its expected good. Though it may generate a hybrid super culture and increase global tranquility and security, losing and other undesireable effects resulting from learning to be a global village is too great to be assessed. Therefore somewhat than learning to be a global village, it might be more ideal to accomplish ethno relativism towards social difference for each and every individual as it could not only allow the globe to be harmonious, but enjoy its unique ethnic variety as well.

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