High School vs. College Essay

High school graduation and college are similar in some ways and different within a lot of ways. They are related in this sort of ways that you still have to go to school, do category work, research, take evaluation, and research hard. They are really different in such ways that we can have mobile phones in class, go out of class, put on anything to course, and the issue that sets it away is living on grounds. I don't know if my school experience will match up to my secondary school experience but , we shall observe.

I will compare high school and college. I use to drive to high school. For some reason South Carolina Point out University is not going to let freshman drive their first session.

I use drive an automobile ten to fifteen minutes to get at school, right now it's regarding one hour . 5. So rather than doing that everything, I stay on campus and walk to course. I must declare that I didn't think it might be difficult at first but , it is. I hate relying on another person to take myself to Wal-Mart. That's something that's several about both subjects at hand.

And the way they're identical is that I didn't drive as a junior in secondary school. In high school graduation, there was a lot of flexibility. We got to alter classes in our own, the classes had been mixed up with students in several grades, and we didn't have to walk in just one or double filed collection. In college or university, you don't even have to attend class.

Though it would be smart, too. In high school should you miss every day in class, the teacher will call home. In college, that they don't phone anybody, not unless their particular name is definitely Mrs. Pinson. In high school, I were living with my mother.

In college, I actually live with a roommate. Technically, I'm out on my own but , my mom is purchasing my education and is putting profit my storage compartments. I was constantly curious to find out what it'd be like to get out on my own.

I need to say, I'm one stage closer. Now that I'm in college, I wish we stayed in dorms in high school. If that might have took place in senior high school though, generally there probably wouldn't be any kind of need to go away to far away colleges.

In like manner sum almost everything up, We can't drive, there is a much more freedom, and I don't remain in my mother's house any more. I drove, had liberty but not that much, and I tied to my mother in high school. Some things that have been similar are the work, assessments, quizzes, and studying.

Those stated things are some things that I chose to compare on high school versus school.

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