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The high school essay writing structure

There have been a lot of people who write essays but, fail to pass the requirements because they fail to answer the basic questions of writing essays. What is asked or expected from high school essay writing ? Have you chosen the right key words? Are you certain that you can answer what is asked? If yes, great! Now try to go back and read the questions again and see if you still have the same answers.

There are basically 3 parts that make up writing assignments or a good essay: introduction, body and the conclusion. The order comes during the final draft. However, it does not necessarily have to be the order when you do the actual writing or the courseworks.

Your introduction: Try to imagine introducing an eloquent personality to a group of audience. You are asked to introduce him or her for at most 2 minutes. How will you be able to do such a wonderful introduction when you have nothing about the person? It would be very difficult. The same principle goes with writing high school essays. It also helps to keep in mind the order but, feel free to start writing out the body to gather and filter information (given that you are still on your first draft). It is alright to write your body first on a raft draft. But, this is provided that you have done your thorough research and have your notes ready. The introduction may come first in the final draft but, this should be left out last on your raft draft. An essay is not only to inform your audience about a topic but, to articulate and refine your thoughts as the writer on a given subject. The strokes and the words on your writing should reflect the growth or amount of knowledge you have accumulated. That growth will be signaled in your introduction. However, this can only be applicable when you write it after the raft draft of your body. This is also very applicable in creating a book report.

Body: One of the greatest mistakes essay writers commit in high school essay writing and even in business paper is creating a run-on-sentence. This means that sentences go on and never actually explain what the author really points out. There are various ideas snatched but the whole point seems to wander off. It appears that the author is simply writing a line of consciousness that appears in many words but, has to specify points to convey at all. It is easy to determine a run-on-sentence. The main clue is it's pointless and boring. The more you read, the more you lose your interest on the subject. So, what makes up a good sentence? When a sentence is clear and specific in expressing an idea, it makes up a good sentence which is good to add on your essay. One sentence per idea. If there's another idea that pops up, then start another sentence. To guide yourself through, you can speak out the words out loud. If it turns out that you cannot read out loud the whole sentence then you have constructed something way too long. An essay writer needs to be clear. An essay writer is expected to be concise.

When related ideas are grouped together, that is when you can construct a paragraph. If you think that you will need a change of time, character or place then start another paragraph. When ideas clash because they are not well related to each other, then start a new paragraph. But the number of sentences you make up for your paragraph depends on the desired word count as well as the level of your essay. Most essay writers prefer four to six sentences in a paragraph. However, it is advisable that you vary it to get rid of boredom. In essay writing high school, do SEX when you are writing your body text. Create a STATEMENT. EXPLAIN it well. Give a clear EXAMPLE. By doing so, you will gain a logical progression all the way through your thoughts.

Your conclusion in writing a high school essay : Sum up all your insights into your chosen topic. Your statement and insights should be strengthened by the facts you have gathered and shown in the body. Present well your increased and well-versed understanding. Be careful though because there will be a lot of understanding along the way which will go a bit different from your former ideas. However, if you think that you are not yet finished with your essay well, or you think you need to review it then go ahead. This is when you do the Editing.

High School Essay Writing: The Editing Phase

The most crucial part in creating your high school essay writing as well as in your thesis format is editing. Go run a spell check and see if you have written the right spelling for each word. The best way to check spelling errors is to read the whole composition backwards. In that way, your mind gets a fresh new look at the words and you are not "biased" on what you have already supposed or understood to be. If there are words that you are uncertain of their definite meaning, check your dictionary or go to your nearest library. It is best that you take a rest. A day or two of not looking or reading at your essay totally helps to refresh things up. The fresh mind and eyes that you put on after a rest will come in handy.

  • Read the words out loud. The more you hear the words the better you spot on with some errors (if there's any). Besides, we are well versed when it comes to the things we hear because we talk more than write in a day.
  • If it sounds wrong then it may need revision.
  • Does it make all the sense?
  • Is what you have written on the paper actually what you wanted to say to the crowd of your specific audience?
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