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Helping The Mentally Challenged Children Education Essay

In 1971 Mr. Imdad Siddiqui envisioned the creation of your school with the sole purpose of helping the psychologically challenged children and assisting them fit in combined with the remaining world. He envisioned a future where normal and special children will work along and help build a future which is perfect for all with countless opportunities and blessings arriving completely even for the special children. His vision to make a institution for these children stem from his prefer to see them move on and flourish in the entire world like everybody else and he worked tirelessly for the achievement of such purpose. Through hard work and dedication he could build this institution from scratch and it's been more than 40 years since the school's inception and over time the institution has benefited these children and helped them stand on their own feet and become independent. Though not all have been able to go on in life but there have been many who now carry their own jobs and make a living for themselves and they always come back and say thanks to this school for it helped them do what their parents cannot.

At a period when there have been no Departments at the Government level for Special people (create in 1985) no visible work for the identification of disabled inhabitants, the Markaz was create as a special effort at Karimabad where it still stands today and where you may still find hardly any or no academic institutions for special children. Its founder, Mr. Imdad Siddiqui, started this noble endeavour with durability of only 5 students. Currently, Markaz-e-Umeed has helped more than 10, 000 poor, innocent Special Students get Special education & training over the past 40 years. They believe that their prized advantage is the pool of Markaz backed Special students who are today trained and live a next to normal life without becoming a burden on the families and on the country.

Mr. Zeeshan Siddiqui, the existing Director of Markaz-e-Umeed, is currently taking on work of his dad by providing upgraded facilities to the currently enrolled children in the school by investing in creating an ambiance for nurturing innovation, creativity and superiority in the students by supporting interdisciplinary research and development for the good thing about society. For this purpose, they have utilized dedicated and devoted staff members who provide their services out of the need to help these special children prosper in their academics and as well as professional lives.

They are striving to provide free hospital based facilities regardless of the children's capacity or disability. They have created a powerful and important paradigm to help enable the children in their daily lives. Today the school caters to the needs of over 140 special children, those who undergo mental and physical disabilities.

2011 helped bring unique achievements to Markaz-e-Umeed providing a couple of new opportunities and choices for the professors and students similarly, motivating the team to move forward with renewed speed and energy. Their basic purpose is to increase consciousness about the students' dignity and wellbeing in the culture.

Mission Statement

Markaz's quest is to ensure the dignity of the people who have developmental disabilities and to promote their personal accomplishments predicated on their dreams, wants and skills.

Vision Statement

Markaz's eye-sight is to empower people with developmental disabilities to exercise higher control of their lives, change community systems to ensure greater integration into the community, and provide person-directed supports to enable these to live in the least restrictive & most integrated conditions possible.

Campus Facilities

Their core service is quality education which is free of cost for special children. The environment within the campus is peaceful and quiet which ensures that these children aren't aroused negatively. With spacious yard filled with greenery, there are swings and different props that help the kids take part in pursuits like hurdle competition and musical competition. Within the class are attractive paintings and comfortable chair with educators who pay attention to the needs of all the children individually providing them the correct guidance needed to acquire skills essential to succeed in their life.

Good travelling facilities are provided all over the year to teacher and students which is cost free. The motorists are dedicated and passionate about their work and drop the children safely at their home.

Markaz-e-Umeed just lately renovated its large hall with additional facilities such as state-of-the-art computers, media and spacious cupboards to assist in management staff and help their team in managing presentations and workshops for corporate guests and site visitors hence creating recognition and making a serious impact which bring about increased donations. Also, indie work channels have been set up for marketing and HR team and distinct room next to the hall have been refurbished to facilitate management employees to supervise campaign activities. This stop has been reconstructed so that all steps of campaign from their starting to implementation and conclusion will be fulfilled in an structured manner.

Current Status

Markaz is a Registered and Taxes exempted group.

Donors have been supporting the education expenditures and awareness efforts for Markaz's Objective. All Donations received are from private sector and individual donors and applied exclusively for special children's education. However, the regularity of donations is not regular.

The most dominant donors will be the following:

English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt. ) Ltd.

National Investment Trust

Engro Vopak Terminal Ltd.

Soneri Loan provider Ltd.

Pakistan State engine oil.

Rests of the donors are detailed in the desk below:


Donor's Name

Supporting Areas


Adamjee Foundation



Agriauto Sectors Ltd



Ahmed Jaffer & Co (Pvt. ) Ltd



Arif Habib Investment Ltd



Asian Energy Venture



Bank Alfalah Ltd



EFU General Insurance Ltd



EFU Life Assuance Ltd



ENI Pakistan Ltd



First Capital Equities



Freedom Enterprise



General Tyre and Rubber Co Of Pakistan



GSK Pakistan Ltd



Golden food Industries



Hamdard laboratory Waqf Pakistan



Hilton Pharma Pvt Ltd



Hommie and Jamshed Nusserwanjee Chraitable Trust



Hospital Resource Corporation



Human Reference Solution International



IGI Insurance Ltd



Jaffer Brothers Pvt Ltd



Japan metallic Industries



Lucky Traders



Mukhtar Chemicals



Nelson Paints



Pakistan Beverages ltd



Pakistan International Container terminal



Pakistan Pharmaceutical products Pvt Ltd



Paradise International Pvt Ltd



Quadri Brothers



Raaziq International Pvt Ltd



Rehman Industried Pvt Ltd



Ranyal Textiles



Siddiqson Tin Plate Ltd



Swift Travels Pvt Ltd



Technology Links



Thal Engineering



UBL Money Managers



Waterlink Pakistan Pvt Ltd



Zain Enterprises



Muller & Phipps Pakistan Ltd/ Cow & Gate



Ali Gohar & Co. Ltd



Mr. Byram D. Avari (Chairman - Avari Group)



Mr. Sharahbeel - Centre Stage Productions


Size of Operations

Since its inception Markaz-e-Umeed has been working as a single Product in its locality. The main target has been mainly on the grade of work. Amount of beneficiaries consists of teachers, assistants, students and menial staff (ref: fastened financial claims). Markaz has a number of projects under consideration and currently awaits support from donors to understand future tasks.

Markaz's Services

Free education including books and outfits for students

Free transportation for many students to and from Markaz-e-Umeed

Training and development for deserving students

Health and nutritional support for many students

Detailed instruction and guidance for parents

Interaction with other NGOs for increased consciousness, information enlargement and understanding to help expand promote children and individuals with special needs.

Regular awareness and fundraising campaigns to market Markaz's cause.

Two Students participated in Special Olympics in 1991 in Minnesota, USA and both acquired rare metal medals in athletics event.

Several Professors & Parents Training Programs planned over the past 40 Years.

Setup Vocational Training Centre in 1971. Markaz has arranged various skill development activities special needs students such as candlemaking, gardening, shoemaking etc.

Various awareness raising campaigns sponsored by commercial organizations successfully executed with significant results such as:

Children Helping Children: contacted 100 schools asking institution children to donate in cash or kind for his or her special needs friends at Markaz. The Advertising campaign was sponsored by ENGROVOPAK Terminal Ltd.

I Own Children: A similar activity organized to raise recognition about special needs children and people, how social behaviour effect them and their importance in modern culture.

Essay & Arts Competition 2010: Essay & Arts Competition 2010, an awareness advertising campaign for young students at different classes attaining 200, 000 children and their families with our recognition subject matter. The theme because of this initiative was predicated on 'impairment is not incapability'. In response 25, 000 art entries received at Markaz through the participation of 250 universities, an overwhelming achievements in getting Markaz-e-Umeed to a far more visible level among the people. Markaz-e-Umeed received a great deal of acknowledgment because of this activity from the training sector throughout Karachi.

Disability Recognition Exhibitions:

World Disability Day: Markaz planned to begin it's kind exhibition on 3rd Dec, 2010 showcasing the above mentioned collection of 25, 000 artwork entries at Expo center to commemorate the big day for people throughout the world suffering from mental or physical disabilities.

Umeed Ke Rang: a mega scale disability understanding exhibition performed on Apr 27th, 2011 at the same venue showcasing 25, 000 artwork entries. This unique effort has attained Markaz phenomenal acknowledgment and appreciation from commercial sector, educational sector and public.

Present Activities

1 season on campus job training for talented students. Afterwards referred to other suited places for work. 16 special children (6 girls and 10 children) from the school have been recognized through this training and employment help program.

On-going promotions and co-ordination with Donor section to help expand strengthen sustainability for the Markaz's services along with necessary resources.

Events to generate special awareness to continue raising the level of understanding and enlightening the people about the rights and importance of special needs children.

To acknowledge social activism in Pakistan an event namely Community Expo 2012 was structured at Expo Middle, Karachi on March 3rd 2012. The purpose of the function was to bring prominent NGOs and Organizations and providing them a system to showcase their cause and on the spot services and information about themselves with a synergized objective to support an overall positive image of Pakistan as a socially progressing land.

A special Guinness world record was also launched amidst Sociable Expo 2012 to commemorate 23rd March 2012 to provide as a distinctive activity bringing together people from all walks of life.

Children's Achievements

Waseem Baari

With eyes full of trust, Waseem Baari, came up to Markaz-e-Umeed and graduated 2 years ago.

Sport Situations and Physical Activities

It is definitely the purpose of Markaz-e-umeed to provide an environment to the disabled children where they may bring their creative aspect ahead. These children aren't like normal children intellectually, however, they may be highly creative and talented in Arts, music and sports. The well trained professors at Markaz-e-umeed try to focus on the unique abilities and abilities of the students and let them do what they are good at. The professors move them towards their own market and continue motivating them in order that they do not develop tired of it. Athletics and games are usually well-liked by all the children as it helps the children to stay dynamic and healthy by participating in football, hurdle contest, musical chair, container ball etc. they are also encouraged to be a part of hand and attention coordination activities such as container ball, aiming the target etc. whenever we stopped at Markaz-e-umeed, we performed various game titles with the students such as hurdle contest and musical chairs and found them highly enthusiastic and participative. They loved the activities and were very pointed in observation. They also needed part in "Olympics". Two Students participated in Special Olympics in 1991 in Minnesota, USA and both received precious metal medals in athletics event. This implies that the children of Markaz-e-umeed glimmer in every field which is mainly because of the efforts of the fantastic team of Markaz-e-umeed. Following are some of the social activities and occurrences that Markaz-e-umeed possessed organized or used part in:

1. I Own Children: An identical activity organized to improve consciousness about special needs children and people, how social attitudes influence them and their importance in contemporary society.

2. 'Children supporting Children' campaign:

The purpose of this activity was to instill among children from normal institutions the importance of those who do not enjoy the same opportunities of life. Markaz-e-umeed contacted 100 schools requesting university children to donate in cash or kind because of their special needs friends at Markaz. Through this motion we could actually raise a serious level of consciousness among normal children thus linking them with children having special needs. In response many students from privileged universities added for Markaz's cause and visited our special needs children. Art competition and essay writing competitions predicated on the theme 'Disability is not inability' and 'Special and normal children are similarly, were held and the exhibition of the paintings was structured in Expo centre. A prize circulation service was also held to prize the winners. This activity was targeted at creating social understanding among the standard children about disability and exactly how they can make a positive contribution for the disable children. They projected their views through their drawings and motivational essays. The normal children performed various activities for the impaired children. Many well known schools participated in the case and activities. The campaign was sponsored by Engrovopak Terminal Ltd.

Theatre plays sorted out at arts council in Apr 2010, January 2011 and currently January 2012 in collaboration with Shah Sharahbeel, the renowned director of Moulin Rouge, Bombay Dreams and Tom, Dick and Harry. Markaz has managed its association with theatrical plays of Center Stage Productions. This great support from Mr. Sharahbeel is helping Markaz spread increasingly more about it's quest to diverse people. Center Stage Productions offered Markaz a great possibility to present and promote it's cause on the same system to a diverse audience. Children of Markaz gave special performances for the audience as well which have been appreciated quite definitely. The children of Markaz received an opportunity to showcase their skill and creative imagination in Arts, music and activities. The children surprised the audience with their unique abilities and retained them amused by their shows between the has. This opportunity greatly benefited Markaz in attaining all sides of Karachi and linking with great supporters and friends.

It can be an awareness advertising campaign for young students at different academic institutions achieving 200, 000 children and their families with the understanding subject matter. The theme because of this initiative was predicated on 'disability is not incapability'. In response 25, 000 skill entries received at Markaz through the involvement of 250 institutions, an overwhelming accomplishment in bringing Markaz-e-Umeed to a more visible level among the list of public. Markaz-e-Umeed received significant amounts of acknowledgment because of this activity from the training sector throughout Karachi.

A massive promotional campaign, whose main purpose was to reach out on track children, and measure their understanding about those who have problems with disabilities and do not benefit from the opportunities open to normal kids. This effort was well liked by Cow & Gate and eventually sponsored by the brand. Students from all academics categories participated with great Spirit and enthusiasm through creating the most progressive and eye-catching artwork as well as expressive essays. Markaz has honored certificates to all or any participants from Karachi schools.

Markaz-e-umeed is aimed at bringing out the creative part of the children. They firmly believe in the maxim "Disability is not inability". These children are not intellectually adept nevertheless they are extremely talented and creative. Therefore, the teachers at Markaz-e-umeed focus on enhancing and growing creativity and the ability to use their senses to the optimum level. They divert them towards areas where they are interested and can prosper such as Arts and music. They are also encouraged to write and read. The mentors have to ensure that the kids remain concentrated and thinking about whatever they are doing as these children have a tendency to lose interest quickly.

5. WORLD Impairment DAY

Markaz organized to begin its kind exhibition on 3rd Dec, 2010 showcasing the above mentioned collection of 25, 000 artwork entries at Expo center to commemorate the special occasion for people around the world experiencing mental or physical disabilities.

Now for the 2nd time, World Impairment Day was celebrated at Markaz-e-Umeed on December 3, 2012.

The event was available for everyone. Different schools needed part in the cause, which includes Cather SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Urdu University and etc.

The event began at 10 a. m. with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by welcome speech by university student of Charter SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. The conversation emphasized on why people think disability is a curse. He recommended the physically-challenged to resist being things of pity.

Children of play group with the aid of their instructors sang national anthem and national tunes like 'Jeeve Jeeve Pakistan' and 'Jazba Junoon'. All the disabled children with their parents sat silently on their particular seats. Their encounters were colored with green and white Pakistani flag which confirmed their patriotism towards their country.

"It had taken almost 90 days to make sure they are learn party steps, many of them be capable of grab things really fast nonetheless they cannot retain that for a long time", said a instructor at Markaz-e-Umeed. "But I am happy the way all children performed today before 200 people, all they work hard of three months paid off, "she added further excitedly.

All the handicapped children clapped and laughed when their fellow students performed on a music 'Thori si lift karado'. Their encounters were filled up with pleasure when their teachers asked those to party along.

"It is so nice to see when the youngsters willfully volunteer to help children who are mentally and physically challenged. But roughly 20% of our own younger era think about impaired people it is our responsibility to help them because they are an integral part of our society we ought to not make sure they are feel alienated out of this society", said Darakshan from the audience.

The event finished with circular of applause by the audience who carefully enjoyed the performances provided by the disabled children.


A mega level disability understanding exhibition held on Apr 27th, 2011 at the expo middle showcasing 25, 000 art work entries collected through the above mentioned competition. The event was sponsored by Cow n Gate. Many colleges participated such as The City University (All Karachi campuses), Educators (All Karachi Campuses), Falcon house Sentence structure College ( Campus I till IX), Karachi Open public College, Gulistan S. A. L. College, Happy Home University (O Levels & main campus), Metropolitan Academy (All campuses), Nasra school (Korangi & Malir Campuses). This original effort has earned Markaz extraordinary acknowledgment and appreciation from commercial sector, educational sector and public.

7. Like the Excluded: An exclusive seminar on the dignity, protection under the law and welfare of special needs persons, including children. The event was sponsored by Avari group Chairman at Beach Luxury Hotel. The aim was to create consciousness among the standard people about the protection under the law of the special people and make the normal people realize that it is their key duty and obligation to ensure that the protection under the law of the special people are safeguarded plus they should be permitted to come at par with the standard people as they are a very important part of our society.

8. Junior impact

Another mega event by Markaz-e-umeed on 18th July 2012 at the expo center. This event was sorted out to create sociable awareness among the young ones and their duty towards humanity. The event had the following objectives:

I. FUN FOR EVERYONE: How often does one get the chance to set a global record?

II. MAKE AN IMPACT: Every rupees increased through sponsorship initiatives is going towards impacting prone young special children of Markaz-e-umeed.

c. BUILD COMMUNITY: World record attempt will spread a good message to the globe about Pakistan; idea that the junior of our areas are difference creators.

9. Friendly Expo:

Social expo, one of the primary events held in the expo center on march 23, 2012, was a major success. Youth organizations from various universities participated in it. These youth groups included "Salvation", "Impossible", "Karachi Youngsters Forum", "United Youngsters Discussion board" etc. The communal expo was prepared for the children groups to set up their stalls and activities for the disabled people. The kids liked themselves and took part in a variety of activities. Community expo, through the help of the youngsters communities, provided a system to the disabled children to showcase their talents and creativeness to a larger audience and also created consciousness among individuals who "Disability is not Inability".

9. Young ones War

Markaz-E-Umeed for Special Needs Children is managing Youth Battle with Salvation from 17th to 20th December from 9:00 am to 1 1:00 pm with a fun filled and interesting work out with Mehran Khan Durrani (MKD), motivational speaker and trainer from University of Management (SOL). This event provides an amazing possibility to get sponsored in an exciting experiential learning event "Youth Warfare" effort FNA (Faithful National Agenda) that may assist in acquiring training & command including activities and games via workshop facilitated by Salvation, and then put into action that training to serve humanity.

This is an Event by Markaz-e-umeed which include motivational training and then employing it to provide special natives, further provides networking, learning, vulnerability, activities i. e. ; cricket/sports, /hockey /minute to win games etc and a lot of fun.

Program includes certification on the fulfillment of the responsibilities, Value of the license will help an individual for serving goal, work specially in NGO areas and trainings in future.

Brief program design:

1st day contains Motivational/control and team building experiential learning training.

2nd and 3rd day based on implementing the training skills

4th day is regarding qualifications, appreciations and products.

Sports event Children Warfare at Markaz e umeed, is a healthy and productive educational treatment for children. Youth War will bring special needs children and different youth groups in face to face competition to eradicate difference based on Disability and finding new way for celebrating abilities. Children has the durability to improve the notion of the individuals. Youth has the capacity to come onward and contribute for the welfare of the handicapped and mentally challenged people. the training sessions in Youth War is aimed at providing the chance to the youth to help the handicapped children as they are an important part of the society.

Other incidents and activities


Every day humanitarian aid workers help thousands and thousands of people throughout the world, no matter who they are and where they are simply. World Humanitarian Day is a global celebration of men and women aiding people.

"I GOT Here" campaign- This year's marketing campaign "I HAD BEEN Here" is approximately making your mark by doing something good, someplace, for someone else

MOTHER'S DAY Special event IN-MAY 2012

Mother's day celebrated at Markaz-e-umeed to tribute to all the mothers who've special kids and the task to allow them to groom them up.

Staff of Markaz-e-Umeed

The educators and support personnel on the Markaz-e-Umeed are an extremely dedicated and a multi-faceted team which work very dedicatedly to help enable each and every child to achieve success. The professors at markaz- e- umeed are highly trained and have a background in special education. Their current coaching team has worked cohesively at Markaz for a number of years and it is skilled at putting students in the correct classes to realize the full potential of both child and the class. In addition, their team is educated in choosing outside activities and programs to check the academic curriculum. Professional resource sources for children with learning disabilities are also distributed around groups of Markaz students through the skills of their staff.

The foundation rock of Umeed Research & Training Center was laid down by Ex girlfriend or boyfriend. Governor Fakharuddin G. Ibrahim in the year 1991 and since then this centre has been performing its obligations. Various researches have been manufactured in the centre regarding new teaching methodologies and how to provide training to the emotionally retarded children as their needs are much different from those of a standard child.

Most of the students who come in markaz-e-umeed are mentally retarded they are literally old but their intellects are yet that of a 5-6 season old child so therefore they have got huge difficulty in understanding academic education so the faculty concentrates more on arts and creative education but if the see that a child has been in a position to perform in academics then they help them in providing higher academic education, in addition they provide information with their parents & guardians. They remain carrying on to find new and better ways to help them in enhancing their students lives and in providing hope to their families, in addition they provide guidance to people children parents who are not admitted in markaz-e-umeed.

Their Facebook webpage has been recently launched through which they are able to talk to other Special needs organizations & Colleges all over the world, this is aiding them in enhancing themselves through connections with others and finding different coaching methods.

The Curriculum of the MR children

The MR children do not like an atmosphere where they feel pressure. Atmosphere should be produced based on the mental level of the kids and taking into consideration the amount of their understanding, the curriculum has been formed in such a way that these children shouldn't be a burden on others. Hence the Curriculum was created in such a way that it can be improved whenever required according to the ability of the child.

Training Methodologies

Training provided to the children at Markaz-e-Umeed:

Speech Therapy's basic concentrate is on the receptive words, or in understanding what spoken to you, also enhancing the expressive language, or the capability to use words to express yourself. It also handles producing words, such as articulation, pitch, fluency, and level. Conversation problem is a common problem for many special children. They start speaking very late and they cannot speak clearly and the individual hearing them cannot understand any thing. They speak very little in support of say few words from a huge sentence, as they can not utter full phrases. Special needs children are unable to store the words in their storage area. The recollection for storing of the words is increased through special attention, which is directed at reduce the defect in their conversation. Markaz-e-Umeed provides special attention to all of their students, to improve their speech style and dialect.

Behavior Therapy

Some of the special needs children offer an incomplete understanding and for that reason, they learn negative traits due never to getting proper or any attention from other parents. Therefore they can take down anybody, break things and learn abuse. They are incredibly rigid and have great anger. Such bad habits cause great problems for the family, neighborhood friends and relatives. If indeed they were given attention by the parent or guardian from the beginning, they would not exhibit these habits. However the parents do not focus on their child due to unawareness and carelessness, but when the situation has gone out of control, they make an effort to admit the kid and in such a case some of the institutions for training of such children refuse their entrance.

When such children are accepted in Markaz-e-Umeed such bad habits of the kid are eradicated because these habits create great problems to the training of the child. This year Markaz-e-Umeed could eliminated negative traits of 20 children.

Play Therapy

Games are believed of as a great way to obtain health and this is also suitable to special needs children. Video games for special needs children are as necessary for normal children. This gives physical health, sociable life and mental growth. The games are specially essential for special needs children as they do not have this opportunity all over the place. Like other things, these children are also poor in games in comparison to normal children, they are not very fast and quick in their daily life. To solve this problem of special needs children, Markaz-e-Umeed arranges play remedy. Just lately new changes have been manufactured in the playground of Markaz-e-Umeed, so that special needs children can have opportunities to reside in a collective and individual atmosphere. Practically 100 children have benefited from these facilities.

Physio Therapy

Physical Therapy focuses on gross motor skills such as walking, kicking, jumping, and climbing stairs. For adults, this would suggest re-learning skills lost scheduled to disease or accident; for these children, it generally includes seeking developmental milestones that may have been postponed for any variety of reasons.

In order to make the parts of the body more empowered against disabilities doctors perform physio-therapy on the kids, which is performed in hospitals and physio-therapy center. The emotionally retarded (MR) children often face such problems for example they use one with their hands quite definitely, give pressure to one of your feet and walk. Some do not use their hands and cannot keep their balance. To solve each one of these problems, physio-therapy is very necessary. Physio-therapy is advised in a wholesome atmosphere by Markaz-e-Umeed, so that their body parts could be corrected. In today's season 10 children were benefited through physio-therapy through out- reach program.

Agro Therapy

As Markaz-e-Umeed has a spacious environment, it can offer useful training to the special needs children for his or her physical and mental expansion. Therefore, the markaz has been carrying on their program of Agro Therapy. In this technique, various groups are made, they are taught to sow seed products, to plant, to clean flower pots, to provide drinking water to the vegetation and sweep and clean things. They take great fascination with the jobs under the guidance of gardeners. This technique provides them an opportunity to work together.

Sense Training

Man is supreme among all the animals because he has the capacity to use all senses. Yet on the other palm the MR child or even mature lacks such senses and for that reason, they are dependent on others for their decisions. To rectify this result Markaz-e-Umeed has given full attention to working out of senses. New and modern methods have been used to make their students alert to there surroundings when you are in a position to use almost all their five senses. Every year many children benefit from this training.

Toilet Training

The condition for entrance of a special child in markaz-e-umeed is the fact he/she has to be toilet trained so that the children can learn in a clean atmosphere, as the un-trained children offered problems of several kinds. Therefore, it is necessary that toilet training should be given in an early on get older at home and then the child should be admitted in the establishment.

Realization of Existence

There are several stages of retard ness, there exists one such stage that the retarded person is unacquainted with his/her presence, such a child should be made to understand his presence. This brings a good change in the kid, but it needs a great work and you need to not be discouraged and offer special attention to such students. This year four Severe MR Children were able to complete their training.


There are special kind of MR children who are called Hyperactive. They cannot sit in virtually any place, do not target anything and that's the reason it creates difficult to instruct them. More often than not is approved in monitoring them, and since they can cause damage to themselves among others through hyperactivity. They cannot be trained in a shut atmosphere; therefore, Markaz-e-Umeed has a large space. Furthermore special activities have been advised in the large field of the markaz, where these children get tired and then they go with their classes which is the time for their teachers to instruct them something. This season Markaz-e-umeed was able to has give 15 hyperactive children training.

Social Development

From the very beginning this has been included in the program of Markaz-e-Umeed that the special needs children should be produced a useful member of the society, they should not be ignored. For this purpose, to begin with the children are empowered to speak in ways that individuals can understand them, have admiration for them rather than the parent covering their children from others, who accomplish that purpose a sense is created in the kids of mixing with the other person and to act in a polite way and create awareness in the parent that the special needs children are also human beings, it's important that the parent or guardian should rebuild their position in the eye of others, they ought to meet their need in order to combine up with other folks of the modern culture. Markaz-e-Umeed is getting success in this field each year many children benefit from this program.


The parents of the special needs children have a desire that their children should be informed while hardly any ability is available in them and they also have a issue of weak storage area. Whatever is taught to them today, they neglect it tomorrow. Even then it is tried that they must be given basic education along with arts and development of different skills. But students who show indicators of higher learning potential compared to other students are given extra time and work to help them in bettering themselves in education. At markaz-e-umeed they try their best that every child has learned according to their mental level.

At Markaz-e-Umeed special needs children are given facilities for occurring picnics and outings like normal children. They enjoy themselves very much when they are taken up to parks and in participation, in various occasions. They are also given awards for participating in songs, tablues, national anthems, Naats and Recitation of Holy Quran. They also perform in different programs which are specially arranged for special needs children. In which they enthusiastically performed such as; in Eid Milan & Self-reliance day programs. The instructors also accompanied the kids on a stop by at the zoo. The purpose of this is to teach special needs children about various pets or animals, their habitat and manner of living.

At Markaz-e-Umeed diagnosis of children is made in an all natural atmosphere, as it is simple to learn the trends of the kids, their capability of learning, & attention in a natural atmosphere. They do not use any test for the aforementioned things initially because such type of things and the questions relating to the students are extracted from the parents. After diagnosis of the kids and knowing their mental level IEP (Individualized Education Plan) a program is formed which is handed over to the professors. Regular statement are extracted from the teacher and predicated on it necessary changes are created in the program so that greater results can be obtained. Parents accordingly are given instruction and guidance. During the current time Markaz evaluated more than 200 Students.


At Markaz-e-Umeed the Mentally Retarded children receive opportunity to blend with normal individuals of the culture. The kids are altered in this atmosphere through the common rules of the colleges and information extracted from the dog owner and management of the factories. Professors and Students of different Academic institutions & Schools (SIUT, Nasra, Metropolitan, Beaconhouse, Metropolis, Mehran Ladies College, Khursheed Girls School & others) visit different Institutions & organized some programs & galas for children and the children were very pleased to see them among themselves.

Vocational Training

The issue of vocational training of the mentally retarded children isn't just confronted by the under developed countries but also by developed countries. Common people feel that as the kids with disabilities don't have a capacity for getting education and therefore, they must be taught some professional skill, in order that they are not dependent on others and can earn their own livelihood. However, it holds true that such children who cannot exist without help of others can also not learn appropriate means of earning livelihood, because they don't have consistent recollection. They cannot concentrate or pay their focus on anything. Cannot be seated at one place, have weakened handling, neither take responsibility for anything. Markaz-e-Umeed has created an all natural atmosphere so that full opportunities are available to the special needs children for using their features to learn and get educated. The games they play are made in order that they given durability to them and made them physically strong. so they are ready to work in such ways which do not require planning, memorization or much responsibility. In this respect, parents also have given their full co-operation as they understand their children perfectly.

Future Outlook



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