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Health Organization Case Study


Banner Health has its head office at Phoenix, AZ and drives 25 hospital branches, related health services in seven states of USA. Banner Health is continuing to grow from medical center system to an integrated system including services that are provided through Banner Medical Group and Banner Health Network. Banner Health is recognized as a high system in providing secure quality health to the patients. It includes medical doctor services, home care, extensive services and hospice. Professional services are proposed by the organization at Western Expresses Burn Centre, Banner Alzheimer's Institute, Banner Heart Clinic and Banner Concussion Middle. The organization works in seven states of Colorado, Nebraska, Alaska, California, Az, Wyoming and Nevada (Banner health instantly, 2014).

Healthcare approaches for future

Banner health offers simulation education program for healthcare professionals, which is recognized as a largest program in the country. This program makes use of simulators, mannequins and digital certainty programs to provide new generation method of learning. Banner health employees can perfect their medical techniques prior to going to the true patients at the center (Simulation education at Banner health, nd). The medical director of Banner health simulation medical center, Dr. Draw Smith says that he was convinced with the actual fact that innovation in today's activities would definitely throw light on showing productive and high quality treatment to the patients. He reminds that demand for health services are increasing, while the resources are becoming scarce with the increasing age population, developing technology and doubt in medical system of the country. With the help of cutting edge solutions, Banner Health is increasing the assistance and reducing the problems (Banner Advancement, 2011).

Simulation training is a training method that provides a chance for the specialized medical experts to practice and do flaws in the activities without any results. Therefore, the coaches can easily estimate the cognitive and psychomotor skills of the clinicians. Training also contains evaluating the procedural understanding of clinician, documenting capacity, decision-making capacity, connecting with the care and attention team and patients, and time management skills of the person (Banner Innovation, 2011). The areas regarded as upgraded to buildup existing health network are boosting patient good care through skills in disaster care, surgical skills, common methods, team work, labor and delivery skills. The cardiac life support classes of Banner health were also restored.

Preparedness to handle Ebola Cases

Though there are no reported Ebola computer virus cases in virtually any of the places where Banner health services can be found, the business is taking necessary steps to address the Ebola disease cases, if there is any need in the community. All the branches of Banner health have guidelines and techniques sufficiently in form to isolate the individual who's suspected to be infected with Ebola computer virus. It's been an important undertaking on the part of Banner health in the past seven months to perform special workout sessions for the hospital staff by making use of infection elimination specialists. These classes focused on preventing the virus distributed (Ebola disease, nd).

Large clinic rooms in various facilities of Banner health are made to isolate the Ebola patients or patients with infectious diseases, and treat them effectively. These isolation rooms are equipped with integral contamination control precautions, specific equipment and airflow. As there is a continuous practice of treating various contagious diseases here, these specific rooms are always involved in accommodating patients regularly with the same precautionary measures. The rules provided by the guts for disease control and protection for the security of the staff and other patients at Banner health facilities are believed for getting ready and planning the necessary activities (Ebola virus, nd).

RN Case Manager

Banner Health RN circumstance managers assist in providing right good care to the patients at the right time. The resources are used to the maximum magnitude to augment the quality of health services also to coordinate medical care with RN circumstance managers. The situation management teams change predicated on diverse work options. These teams comprise of RN case manager, case management specialist and social employee. The specific needs of the patient are examined by the situation management team.

The jobs of RN case managers in banner health are communicating with insurance firms and acute good care setting. The tasks of these in banner health network are home health appointments, telephonic support service, planning long-term care, coordinating communication within the network and communicating with insurance companies (RN Case Supervisor Employment opportunities, nd).

Resource management

Banner health offers nurse specialist courses to introduce leading-edge technology tools such as electronic medical documents, simulation learning centers and remote control intensive health care monitoring. Medical innovation at banner health is recognized as good as healthcare professionals treating the patients. Banner health trains the nurses to confidently and carefully deliver patient care and attention. Employing nurses here opens options for nurses to keep clinical education, tuition reimbursement, scholarships and so forth (Registered nurse careers, nd).

Banner medical group consists of more than 1300 experts across more than 65 specialities to provide safer and quality patient care. The medical staff is transforming patient care and attention delivery, that can be observed in patient-centered medical home execution (PCMH). Care planning patients is done through PCMH by coordination, tracking and employed in teams. This brings about reliable and quality delivery of medical care (Healthcare professions at Banner health, nd).

Banner health provides sufficient training in business via an advanced simulation middle. Competitive reimbursement, private housing, electronic medical files, attractive bonus products, travel allowance and stability made available from Banner health are relished by the employees of the business (Banner staffing services & Banner health travelers, nd).

Patient satisfaction

It is the insurance plan of Banner health to resolve complaints related to the assistance, healthcare or any alleged actions. Several centers of the Banner health ensure care departments that may be contacted to give any complaint about the patient care. Banner health centers provide certain protection under the law for the patient, offer pastoral care and attention, have complaint insurance policy, provide living will, healthcare power of attorney and mental healthcare power of legal professional as advanced directive, provide communication assistance for the patients, and offer access to a healthcare facility ethics committee (Patient satisfaction, nd).

Advance directives and written claims generated by the patients can help the health care practitioners and family to understand what the patient actually wishes (Move forward directives, nd). There's a notice of privateness practices prepared by means of an undeniable fact sheet by Banner Health to protect the confidentiality of patient information. The notice points out the way patient information is utilized by the organization inside and outside the campus. The notice also explains the patient's protection under the law towards their own health information (Level of privacy methods for banner health, nd).


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