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Health and Safety in Health and Social Care


The employees as well as the other parts of a business have to face various types of safety and medical issues. The more threat of safety and health issues will reduce the confidence and the efficiency of the employees and it will decline the reputation of a certain group. It is practicable to use suitable safe practices and health insurance policy for the organization. It ought to be done after considering all the relevant facts. Those factors can be realized by carrying out a through observation and analysis. The safe and secure environment should be taken care of fro the employees which is the duty of the management for taking necessary steps to implement it

LO-01: Execution of health insurance and safety legislation the sociable and healthcare center

1. 1: The establishment of health insurance and safety needs in a work place:

The health insurance and safety policy of an work place plays a significant role in the organization. Illness and safety insurance policy of a business is a negative effect on the individuals, organizations and finally the society. An excellent attention should be paid to the subject in a social care work place where the risks of security and medical issues are very common. The effects of the problems related to health insurance and safeness can be smaller or critical. They are able to affect in many ways and the effects can be sufferings, harm or the fatality, subconscious issues, financial issues, reduced productivity and low self-confidence. This situation causes the devastation of the sociable image of the business. Sometimes the safeness related issue can be harming the development and the maintenance the business enterprise of that company. This is very serious when it is related to a cultural welfare institute. Using situations the management must have problems with severe financial loss. The employees will need to have the capability to work in a very defensive and friendly environment. The rest can make great changes in the performing of the organization. The organization would like to keep the employees in a good condition with doing their duties in a very relaxed manner. The well being of the worker is very essential for the company to get the utmost advantage (Garcarz, W. , 2005). The health and safety measures should be according to the expectations of the business and they shouldn't harm the improvement of the organization. The use of suitable policy and marinating it can be a very important part of the organization and it'll improve the commercial facet of the organization

1. 2 Impact of the health and safety needs on the employees and the experts:

The management should become aware of the problem of the employees. The employees who do not perform relating to set guideline will face great deal of problems. The employees should learn in a variety of types of activities related to the business, the communication or getting appropriate idea about certain issues. All of the problems of the formation can be reported and the other can get a specific idea about the problems and it helps the employer to get the maximum service of the employees as well as to minimize medical and safety related issues in the types of the situations and implementations. The next can be used to keep carefully the communication regarding the health and safeness issues in the business (Fisher, A. , 2005). These may be employed to inform the employees as well as it'll be very helpful in getting reviews of the employees as well as the customers and the practitioners of the institute.

  • Health and Protection website of the organization
  • Employees and modes of communication.
  • Online employee health and safety launch projects
  • Employees information publications
  • Safety guides and Safe Work Procedures
  • Instruction guides and other literature.

These sources may be employed according to the need as well as the affordability of the organization. The future improvements of the plan and other remedies can be possible if those problems are properly noted. The management or the other dependable gatherings can make necessary alterations to the insurance plan. The problems of the business should be carefully assessed by the, these accounts can be possible with the next methods.

  • Workplace mishap inspection reports
  • Accident and occurrence report
  • Health and damage and other issues management report
  • Report of the injured workers compensation
  • Audits of medical and protection aspect

1. 3 Monitoring and review of health and safety strategies:

The management is the decision making body of the organization so they are really responsible fro every single decision of the organization. The management or the employer has to perform a great job in maintaining a satisfactory standard in medical and safe practices condition of the whole business (Fisher, A. , 2005). Medical and protection should be employed to each and every individual who is associated with the organization.

  1. He has to manage every single aspect of the business so that he pays more focus on medical and well fare of the people of the business.
  2. The management has to plan a without risk environment for the employees from various components of the place of work.
  3. Providing information, instructions, training and guidance regarding protection and health of employees
  4. The management or the workplace makes the employee alert to the basic safety and health of the place of work.
  5. The management will offer the employees with welfare and other facilities.
  1. Preventing hazards to other folks at the place of work including, for example, visitors, customers, suppliers and sales representatives
  2. The employer should prevent others from falling into trouble
  3. The company or the manger must have some remedial programs or solutions for the crisis.

LO-02 Impact of health insurance and security requirements on customers and the work of practitioners

2. 1 The aftereffect of the risk diagnosis on the look of organizational and specific decisions

It is a fact that the personnel who are used in the health good care sector of any country have to perform a number of duties. Sometimes they need to perform dangerous and hard duties. There is the chance of contamination as well as revealing themselves to the risk. So it is crucial to comprehend the situations that they have to face. As many of the employees are carrying out multitasks in a healthcare facility, these are more susceptible to hardships (Moonie. N. , 2000). There will be danger in various activities that they perform, such as controlling the patients, cleaning the place transporting and handling the medical instruments. The risks that the staff must face can be split into 5 types

  • Biological hazards- This is one of the most frequent situation. The getting subjected to several diseases and getting unwanted effects or getting the diseases That is one of the dominant issues a management has to answer in the process of making new changes to the machine.
  • Chemical risks. Chemicals which are used to treat cancers and other critical issues can be understood as one of the health and protection issue
  • Physical risks- Ionization and radiation are good examples. The employees who are being used to assign to take care of those machines and chemicals should be paid. such as
  • Ergonomic risks, - the threat of getting injury and harmed. This is resulted in mainly handling patients. For instance, patient handling
  • Psychosocial hazards- this is another r types of health and safety issue in handling assault and move work

2. 2 Analyzing the priorities of health insurance and safety strategies:

The reporting of medical and basic safety issues in the business is a very important part. The relevant occurrence should be reported to the management in the perfect manner and the responses can be effectively applied by the management and other coverage designers to make more practicable coverage in health insurance and safeness needs ain an organization. The management can get several features of these records to the welfare of the organization; he may use the gathered knowledge and experience to carry out several activities fro the well fare of the company Employees as well as the city (HSSCU, 2010). As the company wished to make medical and safe practices legislations far better it should be executed with proper planning after the identification of varied connected facts. The proposed programs and ideas can match the framework of the organization. It could be done in the next manner

  • Care planning- There are many types and settings of implementing policies for the business. Most of the organizations make an effort to create the plan while offering the maximum gain to the employees. The wellbeing and the satisfaction of the employees are used into the concern.
  • Dilemmas and challenges- It isn't an easy task to introduce a powerful safety policy into an organization. You will see lots of dilemmas and also troubles to the management. So the policy should be considered meticulously after taking all the parties into the factor,
  • Own practice- The execution of the procedures can be change from organization to corporation. So the procedure for implementation legislation should be done according to the culture and environment of the area.
  • Monitoring and revising. The strategies and changes should be monitored and the observations can be employed to the development of the policy. An organization can get cases from the previous dangers and drawbacks
  • Creating a wholesome and safety working environment- a safe and healthy environment can be made for various levels or types of the employees. The management may use training programs and workshops to be able to obtain additional feedback.

2. 3 Application of the protection and health coverage into the place of work

The management should pay a great focus on ensure the employees' knowing of the health and safe practices issues. The employees should be aware of the possible problems that they need to face as well as the clients and experts have to face. The procedure should be started with a basic level of sanitation. They should be properly informed with proper handling of chemicals and the same keeping the environment in the perfect manner (Garcarz, W. , 2005). They must be trained to dispose the garbage in the perfect manner. In that way the management will get the capability to reduce almost all of the health risks instead of work.

LO-03 Monitoring and looking at of health insurance and safety coverage:

3. 1 Situation of the basic safety and health strategies instead of work:

There should be facilities to keep an eye on the defensive and preventive actions. This step will be useful to determine the practicability of the policy which is launched to the business. This should be achieved constantly as it can offer the best idea after certain period. The examination should be checked over and over in order to find the most suitable version or the insurance plan. The execution of health insurance and safety plan in a place of work can be very beneficial to all the relevant gatherings. The employees can find the benefit of getting the freedom to work as they wish and they can perform based on the requirements of the business without getting into trouble or placing others into trouble. The second party is the management (CIS, 2010). They can keep up with the functions of the organization in an exceedingly smooth and they will be to get more profits.

3. 2 Effectiveness of the protection and health strategies:

The customers and the practitioners are too getting many advantages the area of work will be a very interesting place for the employees as well as the employers. The management puts his attention on the employees, professionals as well as the people to the business. When regarding the basic safety and the well-being of the employee, the employer should pay his attention on pursuing. The company must keep his obligation of making a satisfactory working area for the worker. There are many duties of the workplace. As there are more positive changes many customers will visit the place and the future of the business will be very successful.

3. 3 The specific contribution to the implementation:

The practitioners can offer their respective service in the best manner; it will be a great benefit for the business. The management should try to apply various types of strategies in order to select the most suitable one. It may take time however the end result will be very important to the organization. The every single member of the business should pay his or her contribution in the process of understanding and the implementation of medical and safety insurance plan. They should be a part of those training and awareness programs and really should be getting themselves well educated. It is an extremely easy and successful process if the employees and other relevant gatherings are ready to move forward.

4. 0 Bottom line:

The health insurance and safety performs a prominent role within an organization. It's the work of the management to put into action a suitable insurance plan and it should provide positive changes to the business. In a communal care group, more attention must be paid for medical and security factor as the employees are more vulnerable to various types of diseases as well as crashes. The insurance policy should be transformed based on the requirements of the individuals as well as the necessity of that time period. This is done by careful analysis of the process ( Moonie. N. , 2000). . The measurements of the protection and health can be utilized by the management and discover the negative as well as positive top features of the existing insurance plan. It can be updated or modified after careful analysis.

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