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Health and Community Care Task


Understanding the specific needs in health insurance and social care is very important in the framework of modern culture. A social care and attention and company needs to understand the specific and diverse needs in health insurance and social care in order to provide better service, treatment and care and attention. Additionally it is important to know very well what factors and systems actually meet and support the specific needs. In this assignment, I'll first review the principles of health, disorder and disability. Then I will try to examine the needs in health and social care and discover how the conception has changed over time. The care and attention requirements of a specific group may also be explored showing how organizations and services support. I'll take a peek into the impact of legislation, sociable policy and culture on the services. This includes me studying the needs of people with specific needs. I am going to also be analyzing the services and facilities available in the local area following a research with specifying a questionnaire. Finally I'll have a look into the solutions and intervention strategies that support people with specific needs and approaches for coping with challenging behaviors related to specific needs.

Task 1

Discussion on the change of the concept of disability and disorder:

According to The equality Action 2010, disability means creating a physical or mental impairment that has a ˜substantive' and ˜long-term' damaging influence on your capacity to do daily regular activity. There are various types of disabilities a person might have. It impacts a person's health. Health is circumstances of complete mental, physical and interpersonal wellness. Health is related to the effectiveness of a human being in performing the regular day to day activities or access the correct education, job or recreation. Alternatively ˜condition' refers to the bad express or condition of medical. A person having disease is usually bodily impaired and he becomes mainly dependant on others. Another relevant thing is ˜Behavioural issues'. It's the extreme change in the behavior of men and women which takes a person to serious mental melancholy or mental disorder. These disorders include aggressiveness and dishevelled look.

With the passage of time the concept of disability and health issues in relation to stroke victims has been improved within the few years. People having disabilities frequently have specific needs from sociable care workers. People with learning disabilities are heterogeneous in terms old group, the degree of impairment and the related problems. In the past there were large hospitals established for the purpose of caring for individuals with special needs because of long physical or mental disorder. Over time they truly became overcrowded hospitals and quality of care provided to them dropped. The standard of service became very poor and as a result they were shut after some time. The professional staffs were then shifted to the specialist work areas that proved helpful for the people who have specific needs because of the learning disabilities. This helped the improvement of the potency of the treatment and health care provided to the people who have specific needs. However, the common people with learning disabilities have always been locally and have were required to compete with the common population for healthcare services. All of these had evolved the notion of the precise needs over the time being.

Analysis of the political, economic, psychological Community and legal construction:

The band of service users is cared for in several frameworks. These frameworks include political, economic, psychological Sociable and legal factors. The existing legislations comprise:

  • Care Trust: it is thought as the closets model for a complete union of interpersonal and health care in Britain.
  • Health Function 1999 which includes the three versatile capabilities for the communal and health care services providers: to pool their costs, to make the blend of companies and to enhance the top commission preparations.
  • Personal Health Finances: most commonly it is for the parents. Financially the indegent can get good thing about having service here.
  • Children's Trust: It gives emphasis on measuring the common construction for children, writing information and working with youngsters and children.

These initiatives take medical and social health care to new levels. For the good health and wellbeing the federal government is actively looking through it and trying to help make the best policy for future years Society. Social policy and culture also impacts people with special needs. The sociable corporation plays an important role in the behavior and the general health of the individual. When people are excluded from world due to their illness or disability, it may take to severe depression and worsen the health condition. People who have specific needs possess the legal rights to consider care and services in the world. There are a few ethnical factors which lead to discrimination in people in the culture. So these cultural, cultural, legal frameworks do have a great effect on the individual's specific needs and the services they are getting.

Task 2

(A) Support system and facilities for the young people with Schizophrenia carrying out a research:

Schizophrenia is some sort of mental disorder. A person having this kind of disorder encounters problem with his tendencies or mental issues. As a part of society, young people with Schizophrenia in a population must have proper facilities and support system to help him lead normal life. To perform a research within our geographic area about the facilities for young people with Schizophrenia, I needed to make a questionnaire. The questionnaire includes the next questions:

  1. Your name. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. Your time. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  3. Your present address. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  4. Your conception about Schizophrenia. . . . . . .
  5. What problems would you face with your disorder?
  6. Are there any facilities or support systems in your area for your disorder?
  7. How many and what types of facilities is there for your support?
  8. Did you avail the facilities? How was the facilities provided to you?
  9. Did the service provided to you help?
  10. Is the amount of facilities available enough for the locality?

While conducting the research on 30 young people with Schizophrenia, I have found that there are lots of facilities and systems to support them and they are quite satisfied with the service and facilities they are getting. These facilities include

Community mental health teams: providesregular support and treatment and ensures to live with much self-reliance as is feasible.

Psychological treatment: there are a number of psychological treatments available for them. People who have mental disorder can have treatment from the psychologists.

Meditations: meditation is another way of treatment of Schizophrenia. Young people can hold the center for treatment.

Community Engagement: interesting with communities also helps as cure of Schizophrenia. Young people with Schizophrenia can also avail the facility using their company locality.

These facilities focus on folks seeking treatment with the specific needs. But based on the needs of specific, the adoption of facility can vary greatly.

(B) Research on the neighborhood services for the users within Good care Value Based framework:

There are several local services designed for the people who have specific needs. The type of services patients are getting from their vicinity may vary regarding to his specific needs. For example low social financial status is a significant mental disorder and so it requires certain treatment. Racial discrimination causes more serious concerns, that are related to mental disorders. Among all the reduced socio economic status has the biggest impact as it limits access medical care and low education. The reduced socio economic status is highly complex feature and includes the grade of health along with education and income. These inequalities are not fair and kind of pointless as these have taken many people to longer disease and disorder. People having such kind of disability have to be consulted with proper service and good care.

There will vary professionals that help in providing the service to the people with these needs. A few of them are:

  1. NHS Centre: They provide quick access. You will find 66 centers in Britain for every convenient location. They offer advice and home elevators the phone. They provide tips on self-care on health issues.
  2. General Practitioners: They play an important role in providing health care. They're usually the first point of contact for people. Every person has the right to sign up for them in the UK
  3. Primary attention trust: they accountable for providing primary healthcare. They work to lessen local health inequalities.

Besides these there are other plans for the treatment of the people who have specific impairment. These services has quite changes in the last 20 years and along with the related legislations launched. These services are very available in local areas. Anyone seeking to get service and health care locally can avail from here.

Task 3

Assessment on the significance of new federal initiatives:

There is excellent need for new government. initiatives. These initiatives help foster autonomy and promote empowerment of young prone adults. There are several strategies and interventions to aid people with specific needs. Some of the approaches are explained below:

  • Self help This consists of the self strategy towards improvisation of the condition.
  • Evidence-based practice This encompasses the services and care and attention that constantly focuses the effectiveness of the people
  • Advocacy It includes a whole selection of methods and approaches used to change those methods and policies, behaviour and conducts that are impediments to the improvement and discrimination against impaired. .
  • Autonomy and empowerment - This consists of making the opportunities measurable for the people who have disability. This discloses the communal responsibility of the modern culture towards the handicapped.
  • Medications and required therapies: it can also be used as an approach.

There are several interventions that may be followed. These are:

  • Physical interventions it includes the best exercise and therapies for the joint moves. It helps specific in repairing the lost functions and aids in retaining the physical position.
  • Psychological interventions It helps individual in lifting the morale and building the good attitude in his life. This therapy helps in eliminating despair, suicidal affinity, stress and assists in personality changes.
  • Educational interventions this is an important treatment as it requires the specific and pertinent health information by folks. This information is distributed by the proper connection between the individuals and health care provider.
  • Vocational interventions it offers promoting the vocational training that select the level of disability. This helps to outfit suitable working and earn a livelihood for an unbiased life.

The intervention strategies and approaches are important for the people with certain disabilities. This actually helps them in lots of ways to build up their present conditions. The physical involvement is beneficial for reinstating the physical power. It comprises the best exercise and solutions for the joint movements. These functions and functions works for a person with disability to get back his normal life. Among the list of interventions, psychological treatment is most essential as it helps a person in lifting up his morale and creating good attitude towards life which is vital to lead normal life. Besides, vocational and educational interventions help a person with specific must become self-dependant and lead 3rd party life. It also provides them current health information and proper knowledge which is very essential for them. In short, these strategies and interventions help people with specific must lead a normal life.

Discussion on how to consider on-going administration developments that will change services to young vulnerable people:

The on-going innovations include technical and medical improvement. There comes certain variation in the guidelines and legislations from national and international view point. The impact of on-going improvements comprises the following:

  • Rights versus cover of others and self
  • Risk versus autonomy and independence
  • Remedial remedy versus alleviation of needs
  • Preferences and choices
  • Policies and service dilemmas

The on-going authorities development will need to have some certain strategies to transform the services to the young vulnerable adults. There should be availability of information about the chance evaluation and corporation in adult communal care. This can help become secure the vulnerable adult's health. There are a few external agencies that operate the system to assist the vulnerable adult and encourage medical and well being in the population. They make an effort to encourage and maintain the correct environment with healthy care and attention partnership.

The strategies and strategies for the health and social attention suppliers are extremely much realizable.

The plan should be included with the individual and well communicated with them so the best final result can be got. There must be an integrated methodology for providing superior service and proper care to the patients and organisations should interact and closely one another. That is how the services will be changed to the young susceptible adults over another ten years.

Task 4

The role of principles to explain complicated behavior associated with specific needs:

There will vary concepts of challenging behaviour related with specific needs. A person with challenging behaviour possess the bad temperament, lack of assistance, self harming intention, and he shows his anger on others. This occurs to him because of his physical impairment, learning disabilities, physical or mental unwell health, certain brain harm etc.

In the context of modern culture, the challenging behaviour is thought as the undesirable or the obnoxious behaviour which includes:

  • Physical abuses like assault or personal attack
  • oral maltreatment like bullying and racist or bad comments
  • Self harming behaviour
  • harsh behaviour for others
  • illegitimate behaviour
  • Negative behaviour towards environment and surroundings etc.

There are several factors that effect the challenging behavior. Some of them are:

  • Perceptions and expectations
  • Anxiety, dread, dependency, character etc
  • Frustration or depression
  • Physical Disability
  • sick health
  • Sexuality
  • exhaustion
  • Pain
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Sleep interruption
  • Social factors like marriage, culture, and ethnicity etc

The treatment for these intricate behaviours can be found according to specific needs.

Factors to be considered for controlling challenging habit of young people with learning disabilities:

There are several factors that contain to be looked at to control the challenging habit with learning disability. But to begin with we need to know the impact of experiencing challenging behaviour. A few of them are:

  • They do not lead a normal life
  • They generally lead isolated life and don't hold the connection with the friends and family or friends and neighbors.
  • They face the difficulty in interacting with others
  • They contain the reminiscence problem
  • They get addicted to drugs and alcohol
  • They require more emotional and financial support

They are more likely to abuse due to mental health issues. Besides, they are simply greatly reliant on others. They should be provided proper care using their specific needs.

The following are the most significant risk factors of challenging behavior:

  • Caregiver's failing to adjust with them and offer with the strain.
  • Less support from the caregivers
  • Depression on the list of caregivers
  • Substance abuse
  • Social separation
  • Patient with the history of conjugal violence
  • Physical and verbal hostility etc.

These factors should be considered with proper care for taking care of challenging patterns of teenagers with learning disabilities.

Analysis on methods or strategies that may be applied to improve the situation of any vulnerable adult:

To enhance the condition of susceptible adults, there are certain methods and strategies that might be followed. But to look at a technique appropriate training should be provided to take care of the vulnerable communities. They must value the rights of the patients and make sure that their behaviour must not injure them or their thoughts. Every patient should be treated respectfully. There are a few certain criteria and codes in providing service and health care to the patients. Providers must comply with the rules and requirements in giving the services and cares to the patients.

Vulnerable people are a part of society. So they may have the to have better services and proper care and lead a standard life. To assist him lead a standard life, health insurance and social good care organizations should follow some certain methods and ways of provide quality service and attention and enhance their condition. The codes and policies are useful when the practices work in a approved manner. The vulnerable groups are dependent on the social employees. So they need to work based on the policies and techniques. These initiatives bring the health and social health care to new level allowing usage of all people for good health and communal care. Along with the duration of time medical and social attention working are getting more comprehensive and even more refined by means of services and care and attention provided to the patients. The federal government must actively look over these and really should try to make better policies and types of procedures in future.


Lastly we can conclude that, understanding the precise needs in Health insurance and Social worry is very important in terms of providing health and social good care services to the patients in the context of society. To comprehend the specific needs, one must firstly know the idea of Health, illness, disability etc. These terms has changed over the past couple of generations. Social, social and legal frameworks have some effect on the individual's specific needs and the assistance they are receiving from the interpersonal and health care service providers. There are several facilities designed for the individuals having impairment but their type's treatment may vary according to their specific needs. Authorities take several initiatives to allow them to help to foster autonomy and promote empowerment of young vulnerable adults. Integrated ideas with patients and on-going governmental developments will convert services to the susceptible adults easily. People who have complex actions need to understand to cope with presenting service to them. There are a few certain factors that require to be considered for controlling challenging conducts of teenagers with learning disability. And finally to increase the situation of a susceptible adult and help him lead a normal life, some certain methods and strategies can be implemented.

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