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Adventures of Harry Potter

Harry Potter essays are beautiful stories that take the reader to an exclusively new world of magic. The writer J. K. Rowling has drawn its plots such a way that it catches reader’s attractions and conveys a deep message to its reader. The harry potter essays released by the writer when the book was being published. The main intention of the writer to release the harry potter essay is to develop curiousness among the reader about the next series. All the series of harry potter is attractive as J. K. Rowling has described the fantasy world of harry by relating it to the real world. The essay has a real touch so that it does not seem like out of the world or vague. Particularly Harry Potter book series has drawn the attention of the whole world due to its exceptional story plot and a mysterious magic world. It is still highly popular amongst all the age groups of people from children to elders.

Rowling is famous for his writing in Harry potter series and achieved much commercial success. The success of the author is also evident as people largely accepted the fictional story. Harry potter series comprises of seven books about a magical boy. The writer Rowling has started the plot of the essay by introducing the wizard world to harry at the age of eleven. The writer also surprisingly shows Harry’s attitude after knowing that he was even famous in the magical world. The time that harry potter has spent with his friends and with professors in Hogwarts has been presented in a beautiful manner. The writer has set very amazing plots in the essay by describing the small fights that have occurred in every series of her book.

The prominent characters that the writer portrays in the harry potter essay has provided many idealistic views on the wizard world. The main characters were Harry and the Voldemort. The essay describes the countless power of the both the characters. The character Voldemort indicates the evil intension and wants to control the world by his endless power. The writer also shows the valuable characters such as Ron and Hermione that symbolizes friendship and love. In one of the essays, Rowling wrote on the character Dolores Umbridge that describes the background and motivation of a sadistic and pink-loving character. The essays also provide deep knowledge about the character professor Snap who seems to be evil throughout the series but always have the intension to protect Harry. Rowling also portrays some positive characters that show the kindness, care, as well as truth such as Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, and Rubeus Hagrid among others.

The writer has provided many themes in the Harry potter essays. The major themes that writer describes firstly the emotional and societal experiences of children, secondly the evaluation of the literature and historical context and the last one the identification of social values in the Harry potter series. The power hunger is one of the themes that has been mentioned in the harry potter essay. The writer draws many characters that want to rule to the Muggles or those who is unaware of magic. Rowling describes in her essay that some wizards feel that the power they possess that differentiated them from Muggles and thus they have the right to rule and worthy of freedom. Many Essay writers have related the theme to the Nazi Germany.

Writing an expository essay becomes more essential for the academic use. This kind of essay provides a deep knowledge of the issues to the reader. However, the custom paper also increasingly gains its importance in academic field as it is written through conducting secondary researches. Many writer and students use asa paper format to write the harry porter analysis essay as the asa style citation uses imaginary books and articles. Although, most of the writer has emphasise, the mla format paper to write paper of liberal arts and humanity.

In many online bookstores the harry potter essays has gained positive book reviews. The book reviews play a significant role to establish an image of the book and creates interest on the readers mind. Based on Rowling’s harry potter many author has significantly gained importance by writing the essay on many topics. For instance, Alan Jacobs wrote a wonderful essay about the magic that shown in the Harry Potter books. Steve Vander Ark wrote an essay about the number of students in the Hogwarts School. Additionally, Neil Ward wrote a fascinating post about the size of Hogwarts Castle of Harry Potter series. The harry potter essay topics help the reader to explore the imaginary world of J. K. Rowling.

Critically Acclaimed Essays on Harry Potter

The essays are very interesting and amazing. The harry potter essays critically evaluate all the aspects of the magical world of Harry. The essay enables understanding the intention of J.K Rowling to write the essays and the message she wants to convey. From the Harry Potter essays, it can be assumed that Rowling wants to teach the readers who are primarily the teenagers and children about the significance of unity, kindness, and bravery as well as the risk of hunger for power. By reading the harry potter analysis essay, the readers are able to know and understand the deeper insight of the book series. These essays explore the critical value of the books written by JK Rowling and let the readers critic the story telling in the books. Overall, it was a great novel series in recent times and everyone loved it.

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