Handwashing in Disease Prevention

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Handwashing in Disease Prevention

The Pandemic has conquered the world. Reason? For starters, "bad hygiene" and, more specifically, people don't wash their hands. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), washing your hands is the easiest measure that you can take to prevent yourself from getting the virus.

Yes, you should indeed rub the mixture of soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If you hate to wash your hands for a longer time, consider the entire process as a hand massage. Imagine that the lather is massage cream. You can resolve this issue by purchasing a soap that moisturizes as well. Now that is a win-win!

Importance of Handwashing

Germs can be the root cause of countless diseases and infections. Yet, there are people out there who take their chances and skip the entire ritual of what is known as basic hygiene. The outbreak of COVID has taken the importance of this practice to another level. It is not just about germs; you will get to see how coronavirus gets access to your body if you skip the 20-second life-saving process.

1. Touching

Do you feel the urge to scratch your head, touch your mouth, eyes, or nose? If you aren't nodding your head, then you should better head back to your planet. Everybody touches their skin countless times. During this action, the deadly germs or, in the current situation, coronavirus on our hands gets into our body. So, before you touch any of your body parts, wash your hands thoroughly. In this way, you will keep yourself safe from all of the infectious diseases out there. Just a quick heads up! Always use a clean towel after washing up. Do not use the same towel over and over again. Let it soak some sunlight, as damp towels provide the perfect habitat for the bacteria. Place a tissue box in your bathroom. Instead of using a towel, pat your hands by using a tissue. It will get a bit expensive, but you will be coronavirus free, that's for sure!

2. Food and Drinks

Eating with unwashed hands can expose you to a common cold or, in more severe cases, to the coronavirus. Apart from washing your hands, do make sure that the food you are consuming is fresh. This is because you can get e.coli from contaminated food. So, watch out for raw vegetables and undercooked meat. Modifying your healthcare settings will keep you safe from hepatitis A. You can control germs spread by thoroughly washing your hands with a bar of soap and then eat your warm, fully cooked meal. Avoid drinking tap water until you are sure that a filter is being used. It is crucial to be mindful of keeping your immune system healthy during such vulnerable times.

3. Objects

When you are back home from a busy day or go outside to pick up a newspaper, do not touch anything. Wash your hands first. Keep a hand sanitizer and a box of paper towels at the entrance of your house. In this way, you will not touch the tabletops or the doors with unwashed hands. If there are young children in your home, do not touch their toys or shake hands with them. Whether you have been sneezing or just stepped outside to take a stretch, your first chore should be to use that faucet and get that warm water running on your hands.

4. Infections and Diseases

The spread of infections is a primary reason for washing your hands. You can easily save yourself from respiratory infections and diarrhea. This might not seem like that big of a problem as everybody gets food poisoning once in a while. However, these issues may lead to some serious concerns if gone unnoticed in the long run. The entire immune system of an individual crashes because microorganisms are at the duty. So, it is totally up to you. It's time to become a caregiver to yourself and your family as well. Keep yourself safe from respiratory infections by just using a block of soap and a little running water.

The Use of Hand Sanitizer VS. Antibacterial Soap

This debate has made headlines countless times. It is always these two up against each other in the modern times of covid-19. The immediate thought would be that DUH! Sanitizers are the most effective ones because of the ads. However, if you turn towards the medical advice, your jaw will drop. The healthcare providers have made it very clear that hand soap is the most effective way to disinfect.

You can remove all of the dangerous chemicals, bacteria, and coronavirus by adhering to good old soap and water. Yes, indeed, you might not be able to find water everywhere. For those reasons, a hand sanitizer will do its job. Once you are home, you can wash it off.

Covid-19 is here to stay for a while. You will have to make the necessary changes to keep your family and yourself safe from it. Washing your hands and that too for 20 seconds can protect you from all of the micro-evils out there. Try replacing towels with paper towels to minimize further chances of catching the virus. Do not let go of this habit even when the world finally defeats covid-19. Think twice before scratching your eyes with unwashed hands!

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