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Guidebook on Seizures: Causes and What To Do

Self instructional component is one of the educational materials that helps individualized learning. It's important to undergo the module in schematic way.

Take your own to read this material little by little and carefully in the place/room provide for you in a healthcare facility premises.

In case if you have any uncertainty regarding the content make a note and clarify with the investigator.

Try to answer the question given at the end when you find any free time.

Compare your answer with the main element answer provided.



This is a personal explanatory booklet on promotion of safety precautions for patients with seizure and principal treatment givers of the patients. Some of the valuable information is given in this Do it yourself Instructional Component (SIM) for you; which will be very useful and beneficial for you in your useful life.




We are amazingly reliable and blessed with the stressed system inside our body. Nervous System contains multitude of cells called Neurons. Neurons copy messages from one to another to take information in form of the senses and control our thoughts and activities.

To send a note, the neurons want a messenger. We called that messenger as Chemical substance Messenger. The substance messenger travels to the next neuron and transfer the information. If the quantity of chemical messenger will do, the neurons will have the message by means of Electric charges. Changes that occurs in these electrical power charges creating a electrical wave which is called Firing. Once a neuron fires ; it transmits the information along to all or any the other neurons it is in touch with.

During transmitting of messages; there are a few chemical transmitters that will freeze the neuron to avoid the mind from having much more activity to take care of. There's also some unfreeze messengers which can only help to go away the messages to all other neurons. Therefore the passing of concept in one neuron to some other is a mixed action of freeze and unfreeze messengers of the stressed system.


If there is not enough freeze messengers a seizure can occur. A seizure happens when way too many informations are going around the mind simultaneously, all at exactly the same time.


Brain is one of the most important part of the body. Without brain there is no meaning for our life. The brain skin cells (neurons) helps us to handle many activities and thoughts throughout our life. Any alteration in the brain happens means, the whole body function will be changed.

Important parts of a Brain

The important elements of a brain are

a) Cerebrum

b) Midbrain

c) Pons

d) Medulla Oblongata

e) Cerebellum

Functions of brain

Brain helps in the mental activities which entail memory, intellect, sense of responsibility, thinking, reasoning, moral sense and learning.

Sensory belief of pain, temperatures, touch, sight, hearing, flavor and smell.

Helps in fine control of skeletal muscle moves and function.

Helps in fine control of intricate movements and learned co-ordinated activities.

Helps to sense hunger, thirst, pleasure, dread, sleeping and waking cycles.

Controls the pace and rhythm of heart and soul.

Controls the blood pressure.

Helps in initiating respiration looked after controls the rate and depth of respiration.

Helps in maintaining posture and balance.

Helps in vocabulary process.


This chapter handles Neurons in nervous system, its functions, how seizure happens, Brain and its function. The co-ordinated function and balance between your neurons and the brain helps us to reside in this beautiful world.

Exercise no. 1

A vast number of cells present in nervous system is named ______

The messenger that passes message from one neuron to some other is____

Neurons obtaining the note in the proper execution of____

Too many announcements going around the brain at the same time will contributes to __

_____ helps in mental activities like memory, intelligence, considering, reasoning and learning.




Seizure is a problem that influences the nervous system of our body. When way too many information are going to the brain simultaneously all at the same time, seizure will occur.

Can seizure be healed?

Seizure can't be cured in the true sense of the word. Seizure is an illness like diabetes mellitus, hypertension and asthma. But seizure can be completely controlled by following some of the safety precautions.

Facts and Misconceptions about seizure.


Seizure may appear anytime in life and for any people.

The leading reason behind seizure in parents is head damage caused by automobile mobile accidents.

The leading reason behind seizure for those above 65 years is stroke.

People with seizure are not violent or crazy.

People with seizure aren't mentally sick.

Seizure is not a curse.

Seizure is not be considered a hurdle to success in life.


A person with seizure can't be go for Education.

A person with Seizure can't get Job.

A person with seizure can't get marry.

Seizures are usually caused by ownership by demons.

Seizure is a curse.

Meaning of seizure:

A seizure is a sudden disruption of nerve cells of brain's normal electrical activity, that can result in a loss of consciousness and make the body to jerk. It result in a change in behavior characterized by changes in sensory perception (sense of feeling) or motor unit activity.

Causes of seizure:

High fever

Brain infections (Meningitis, tetanus, malaria)

The triggering factors like Lack of sleep and stress.

High degree of glucose and sodium in blood vessels.

Low level of sugar, calcium mineral and magnesium.

Kidney or Liver failure.

Alcohol misuse.

Insufficient oxygen resource to brain

Cigarette smoking.

Congenital abnormalities

Increased blood pressure.

Reaction for some medication.

How Seizure Occur

We have seen in chapter - 1, that we now have clusters of nerve cells in the mind called neurons. Someone's thoughts, thoughts and activities are made by electro substance impulses that the neurons create. When way too many information are going to the brain, the information are getting confusing. Thus throughout a seizure, the neurons send mixed up information to our body, so the body does things that you don't want to buy to. Anything the brain or body can do it can do anticipated to seizure. Usually the neurons send alerts around 80 times another. During seizure, neurons may flames as much as 500 times another.

Types of seizure:

Seizures are mainly categorised into

Generalized seizure

Partial seizure

Generalized seizure begin in the whole brain at the same time, it offers;

Absence seizure

Tonic- clonic seizure

Atonic seizure

Partial seizures begin in a small part of the mind and stay there. They are simply of two types

Complex incomplete seizure in which conscious is altered or lost.

Simple partial where the person is mindful for the whole thing.

Aural stage of seizure:

Partial seizures can have the capacity to spread to entire brain, creating generalized seizure. In cases like this, Partial seizure is then named an aure, since it is a caution a bigger seizure is coming. It is characterized by odd smell, taste, simple convulsions and aesthetic disturbances.

Signs and Symptoms of Seizure:

The symptoms of a seizure depend after the region of the brain affected. If small areas are damaged aural level symptoms will be there if large portions of brain are influenced, then your person will have

Jerk and muscle spasm

Altered or lack of consciousness

Loss of bowel or bladder control


Speech arrest

Motionless stare

Exessive salivation

Anxiety, weakness, irritability, dizziness, changes in desire for food.


Tongue or cheek biting


Unexpected comes with physical injury


Severe injury

Status epileptics : It really is circumstances of constant seizure activity or a condition in which seizures reoccur in immediate succession without go back to consciousness between seizures.

Diagnosis of seizure

Taking an Encephalogram

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Computed Tomography

Blood analysis

These are the key methods to diagnose a seizure. These testing will reveal the abnormality which contributes to seizure. These will give clear lower images of the human brain and its nerve cells.


This chapter deals with the Facts and Common myths about seizure, Interpretation of Seizure, Triggers, How seizure occurs, types, Signs and symptoms, Complications and Identification of a Seizure. Seizures are caused mainly due to abnormal electro-mechanical activity of the mind nerve skin cells.


Try to answer the next questions.

_____ provides as information (warning) a bigger seizure is approaching.

____is the consequence of abnormal electrical power activity of brain nerve cells.

____is a complication of seizure, which in turn causes repeated reoccurrence of seizures without awareness between seizures.

____type of seizure impacts a small portion of brain

___is the primary cause of seizure in people above 65 years of age.



This section is going to offer with the safety measures that the safety measures that the patient and the principal treatment giver have to follow before, after and during a seizure attack.

Section- 1

Promotion of safety measures on management of seizure- To the Patients with Seizures.

The main areas that section -1 bargains with

Instruction regarding medications of seizure

Instruction regarding Occupation and Driving

Instruction regarding relationship and pregnancy

Instruction regarding recreational activities

Instruction regarding leisure techniques

Instruction regarding dietary pattern

1) Education regarding medications of seizure

Things to be considered while taking anti-epileptic drugs

The goal of taking antiepileptic drugs is to acquire satisfactory control of fits

Your brain need a continuous maintenance of antiepileptic drugs to control seizures, which means you have to take medications regularly

Don't withdrawal the medication until prescription of the doctor

If you haven't any matches for 4 to 5 years after withdrawal of drug, reoccurrence of seizure can be extremely small.

Don't stop antiepileptic drugs when you are taking other medications for other diseases.

If you vomit within an hour after taking anti-epileptic drug, take an extra dosage of same medication after some time.

If you forget to take a dose of drug taken a supplementary tablet within same 24hours period.

Don't drink alcohol if you are under anti epileptic medications.

Mothers having seizure can carefully breast give food to their babies while taking anti-epileptic drugs, if any issue arises, they must talk to their treating doctor.

Some anti-epileptic drug have a side effect of causing gingivitis in oral cavity, so you should keep the mouth area clean and tidy.

2) Teaching regarding Employment and Driving a vehicle.

If you are well and completely controlled without the disabilities from seizure, you'll be able to work in virtually any job which is not disturbing.

The careers not suggested for a individuals with seizure are defence services, dealing with unguarded machinery, flame services, Railway engine unit driver.

Persons whose matches are not operated shouldn't drive any vehicle.

Persons with seizure should wear helmet and seat belt while traveling.

Persons with seizure should wear Medical alert Tag that ought to contain your name, time, examination, address and phone number of nearest comparative.

3) Education regarding Matrimony and Being pregnant.

Persons with seizure can marry, if seizure is good control.

The partner of the person should become aware of the problem.

Poor managed seizure patients can't marry, as it will cause problems.

The anti-epileptic drugs must be continuing in the same dosage during entire pregnancy.

Treatment with one medication is preferred during being pregnant.

Antenatal Mothers on seizure treatment should show up at regular antenatal goes to.

4) Instruction regarding recreational activities

If you are in good seizure control, you can take part in non arduous activities.

Avoid athletic activities like fast jogging jumping etc.

Swimming can do under supervision.

Remember to carry sufficient medication while visiting and take them at slated time.

Flying in aeroplane is also safe, but you should notify to the staffs beforehand.

While enjoying T. V and working in computer

Sit or stand as far from screen as is possible.

Do not watch T. V if you are exhausted or need sleep.

Watch T. V in a proper lighted room.

Avoid abnormal play and work in computer, it'll weakened the mind function.

If you is constantly on the have any uncomfortableness (tingling, numbness, tightness etc. . ) see a doctor immediately.

Instruction regarding relaxation ways to reduce stress

Relaxation allows your body to heal from within.

Sit in a comfortable position:

Place the hands in a relaxing point out on your lap

Close your eye.

Take a deep breath.

Relieve the breathing slowly.

Do this for 10 to 30 mintues in a day.

Instruction regarding diet pattern

Drink plenty of water.

Flesh foods like chicken and mutton are good.

Rice, Nut products, Eggs, can also eat.

Diet shouldn't ignored in any circumstances.


Promotion of safety measures on management of seizure among key good care givers of patients with seizure.

The main areas this section deals with:

Care of patients during seizure.

Care of patient after seizure.

Prevention of seizure related injury.

Instruction regarding good care of patients during seizure

Don't try to restrain the person

Remove things that might lead to injury.

Loosen small clothing.

Turn the head or body to the side to drain saliva from oral cavity.

Nothing to be put between the mouth during seizure.

Do not try to give CPR during seizure.

If the person converts blue or stop breathing CPR can be performed after seizure.

If the seizure remains for more than 5 minutes or if not responding, seek medical help.

Stay near the patient and speak kindly.

Instruction regarding health care of patient after seizure

Treat if there is any injury.

Record all details like

When seizure started

How long it lasted.

What body parts were affected

Any specific symptoms like misunderstandings, mind ache, fever, vomiting.

How the person behave before and after the seizure.

Allow the individual for a sound sleep.

Do not offer anything (food or drinking water) until the patient is fully alert and awake.

Do not disturb while the patient is sleeping.

After waking, check if the patient is focused or not.

When to get emergency help

When the individual have,

Inability to walk or stand


Guidelines for principal care givers of any seizure patient

Be mindful about the indicators & symptoms of aural level of seizure

Place the patient on a set surface during seizure

Provide a clam environment

Stay near to the patient

Remove the all the materials which harm the patient

Never make an effort to move the patient during seizure

If the individual is having high fever take necessary action immediately

A medical alert greeting card should with the individual when he goes out which should have the following information name, address, contact number, diagnosis

Check whether patient get adequate sleep

Check whether patient takes drugs regularly

Avoid the social stigma

Stressful situations with seizure patients must get it done in a careful manner.

Prepare the individual psychologically both for success and failure in any try out.


This chapter deals with the advertising of safety measures on management of seizure. This section includes 2 sections. Section -I deals with the safety measures for patients with seizure and section - II handles the safety precautions for the principal care and attention giver to performed during a seizure.

Exercise III

Try to answer the following questions

Restrain the individual during seizure

True b) False

Put any hard thing in to the mouth area during seizure to avoid tongue biting.

True b) False

Relaxation techniques can reduce stress

True b) False

If the individual loss deep breathing during seizure, start CPR

True b) False

Keep the individual in supine position during seizure.

True b) False


Exercise No -1


Chemical messenger

Electrical charges



Exercise No-2

Aural stage


Status Epilepticus

Partial seizure


Exercise No-3







From this booklet (SIM), it is obviously understood that overall, the future of individuals with seizure is unquestionably bright and the ones affected can simply look forward to a much better standard of living. In order to attain this, you should promote the safety measure as read and abide by it with out fail.

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