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Group Work In A Consultancy Project Nursing Essay

This article will explain the different experiences of employed in a group in a consultancy job. The statement mainly targets my personal connection with working in a consultant team. The article would also deal with the task breakdown structure and time constraints, which helps to enhance the quality of the group work. The statement will review the representation of communication process one of the associates, supervisor and the client. The team member's specific roles can be known by using Belbin's team management theory. Finally a synopsis of the consultancy project will be done which would make clear the job planning and team working constraints and reveal the interrelationship between different aspects of task management that makes a task successful.


This article is a reflection of the consultancy job for The Cornerhouse Company, that was carried out by the team of five people. The team members are Chris Mitchell, Ranran Li (Tracy), Akande Abiodun Moshood, Xiang Li and me (Ramasangu Ramadoss). The primary purpose of the task is to meet the client's need that involves this is of the project, designing the way to be lead, delivering the job an the correct way and growing a better process (Maylor, 2003). A projact is thought as "A distinctive set of co-ordinated activities, with definite starting and concluding points, performed by a person or organisation to meet specific performance targets within defined timetable, cost and performance guidelines" (BS 6079 part1: 2000).

The experiences from the completed task will give a good knowledge and realization to the people. This might show the thoughts and situations that had occurred in the project. This representation would bring out the fact of strategic convinced that lead us to believe why, what, when and how (Boud, Keogh and David, 1994). This critical thought of a person reflects the self-experience of the person working in an organization.


Larson and LaFasto (1989) say that teamwork is a way to analyze the ability of an individual person and especially the probable of an individual can be recognized in the teamwork. The aim of team working is to shoot for success by directing the associates towards one common goal. Relating to Larson and LaFasto (1989), the patterns pattern of each individual at the job and the work completed by a person in the team can be examined through the teamwork.

Belbin's theory (1981) says that only determined people are within the business, based on the individual experience, capability and features that could meet the dependence on the task to be performed. It points out that all role in a team aren't molded by the expectation of other team members, but chosen individually depending after their own features and the behavioral routine. The roles are classified into nine types that could suite the best for the customers. Thus our team members built in into various parts of the construction. This categorization would help the team to assign each individual with the specific task (Belbin, 1981).

Team role



Allowable weakness


Creative, imaginative and solves difficult problems


Ignores incidentals and pre occupied with communication

Resource investigator

Extrovert, enthusiastic, communicative and exploration

Ramasangu, Ranran and Xiang Li.

Over optimistic


Confident, a good chairperson, clarifies goal and proficient at making decisions


Offloads personal work, over stressed in few circumstances.


Challenging, dynamic


Prone to provocation

Monitor evaluator

Judges accurately, perceives all options

Chris and Moshood

Lacks adaptation


Co-operative and listens to the leader

Ramasangu, Ranran and Xiang Li.

Indecisive in crunch situations.


Disciplined and turns ideas into practical actions

Chris and Ranran.

Situations makes them inflexible

Completer Finisher

Search out errors, omissions and gives on time.

Ranran and Ramasangu

Attached with the own idea.


Single minded and dedicated.

Chris and Ranran.

N. A

Assigned Functions:

Team members have selected their own jobs after the critical self-assessment and from the previous experience of working in an organization. The roles of the individual have been categorized in a way that the work is distributed similarly among the team members. There was no conflict of interests because of the selection of functions in the team since everyone's role was allocated by them and arranged by all the associates. Relating to Benne and Sheats (1948), each member shows a particular behavioral routine and consistent performance confirmed in the teamwork. Thus the individual characteristics varies in one person to some other in a team. These variations are being used significantly in evaluating the performance of an individual in the team (Benne and Sheats, 1948). Though the roles to every individual in the team are categorized utilizing the best methods, there would be some issues in converting the program into action, which will be discussed in Team Incidents.

Team Occasions:

The team can function proficiently only when the team roles and the functions are unique in one another (Hastings, Bixby and Lawton, 1986). Each team member was designated different functions such as team worker, team leader, note taker, planner, implementer and communicator. The team members designated Chris as a team innovator and coordinator where he'll check every single procedure for the job. Chris also needed the role of the communicator since he had good British skills and communicating skills. To be a communicator he'll communicate with both the supervisor and your client and this is done only after the conversations in the group regarding what to be communicated. So everyone in the team is well aware of the communication with the supervisor and your client. Everyone in the team is given the role of be aware taker. All of the associates should take the responsibility of taking notes during the conferences with your client and the supervisor. Apart from assigning functions to everyone in the team, each member should complete their arranged good article on time.

At the start of the task, brainstorming was held in the team regarding the goal of the job where all the team members contributed with their ideas. Then your proposal work was divided equally among the teammates and it was decided to send the piece of work promptly to the tem head Chris. Everything continued well as a team until the proposal was completed. Chris was having a hard time in getting the reply for his emails and texts. But the unfortunate part than it was he did not raise this matter in our group meetings.

All the issues came into talk when the challenge started with me. I had a tough time during my task since I lost my grandfather. I did so not complete my part of work since I kept my research work in two way and still left to Sheffield for the original formalities. I up to date my teammates regarding my grandfather's loss of life and they were quite definitely concerned to me. The worst part from it was I lost the communication with my team members later. This was because my grandfather's reduction dragged me out of my mind and I did not reply to the emails dispatched by Chris. Once I returned from Sheffield, I approached my associates and I apologized for my absence in the job. I sincerely regret for my lack since it has influenced the teamwork.

Immediately after that we had a meeting with this supervisor in which Chris elevated all his issues. Chris said that he was frustrated with the teamwork because he doesn't get reply for his emails or text messages from any of the team members. He also described about my absence and my insufficient communication within my absence. So once more I apologized sincerely from my heart and soul to my associates regarding my lack from the job. At that point I found that how the lack of an individual in a team would affect the whole teamwork and its efficiency. So everyone talked about it with the supervisor and reassured that the work will be completed within the deadline and can further are a cohesive team.

The theory of Huczynski and Buchanan (1994) may be used to analyze the progress of our task. The first three meetings were really obscure for the team members, especially for me (Ramasangu), Ranran and Xiang li. This is because we were from diverse backgrounds of culture and contemporary society. So it required just about four meetings for all of us to get each team member to their jobs. Huczynski and Buchanan (1994) mentioned that teamwork would be dominant only after three or four team conferences because only after that every team member will be familiar of their roles and their jobs. Thus the performance of the team all together can be examined only with regular team meetings, which would probably reduce the functional problems (Kerzner, 2006).


Schwalde (2006) says that communication is the main element factor to success for any project regardless of its type and size. If the communication were not proper between your team members, then it would definitely influence the efficiency of the job. While assigning a job to the individuals in the team, communication plays a vital role in it since it can be used as a way of expressing the kind of role a person can undertake. Relating to Huczynski and Buchanan (2007), effective cross-cultural communication is essential to speak in a growing diverse multicultural world. This affirmation would be appropriate in my own team since we have been from different ethnicity such as Indian, China, African and Uk. The intensity of interpretation will change from one person to some other based on the type of education that they had in their house country. Matching to Schwalde (2006) people by natural means interpret in their own words before expressing in the foreign language.

Communication Process:

The communication level of all the associates was sufficient to carry on the job into the success. Our main manufactured from communication is through email through which we exchange the jobs to be completed by the individuals, records taken in the getting together with, questions and also the changes and questions. After every getting together with, Chris will communicate with the associates through email about the tasks to be done. Short messaging service (Text message) and email was the function of communication employed by the coordinator Chris to talk to the teammates about the timing of the next group getting together with.

A model of Huczynski and Buchanan (2007) may be used to learn the communication process, that involves nine stages where information is communicated from the transmitter to the recipient.

Huczynski and Buchanan (2007) say that the communication process is the copy of night out into significant information at least between two different people. In our task, consumer is the transmitter of valuable information. Route is the function of communication through which the concept is moved from the transmitter to the recipient. We've chosen email and face- to-face conferences as the method of communication with the supervisor and the client. We had the face-to-face conferences with the client 3 x. The first one was the release meeting in which the goals of the consultancy project was briefed and the valuable information about the business was from the client. The second meeting was during the proposal distribution and the ultimate one was during the presentation. In the mean time, the progress of the consultancy task was communicated to your client through email.

There is a responses portion in the communication process in which we get response for the info sent to the receiver. We used to get feedback for our proposal and draft from our supervisor through email. Based on the responses from the supervisor, changes are made to the proposal and draft. When there is a feedback, the receiver becomes the transmitter and vice versa. In our case the supervisor becomes the transmitter and the associates becomes the receiver. It is vital that the way the associates interpret the response. It really is a very crucial stage in the communication process because the project will continue based on the message that has been received. According to Huczynski and Buchanan (2007), there's a period called perceptual filtration systems, which is dependant on the individual's interest to interpret the actual message. People have their own critical thoughts, which may be intensive or limited.

From this task, I personally learned how important is the communication during the teamwork. I discovered this through my bad encounters. As a stated earlier in the team events, I used to be having an extremely hard amount of time in the consultancy job scheduled to my grandfather's reduction. The problem was made worse the one and only me by inappropriate communication with the associates. I did so not connect to my group mates for nearly 5 days where other team members required over my part of work to be completed. The teamwork was affected to a certain extent due to my lack. I regret that I will not have allowed my personal affairs to have an effect on my teamwork. The main part of it was I should have communicated with the associates about my situation to avoid further misunderstanding.

The team member's lack of response to the email and text messages send by Chris was also an issue in the communication process. But these issues were solved smoothly through the ending up in the supervisor. Everyone accepted their flaws and experienced sorry for not responding immediately to Chris. After that we made a decision to put away these issues and work efficiently as a cohesive team to complete the task successfully. After that I made sure that my contribution to the project would be equal to other team members and worked on competitor analysis. I'd also prefer to mention a spot here. I personally thought that as a team innovator Chris must have communicated with the other associates regarding these issues and should have tried to solve it within the group. If he did not get further assistance then he will need to have taken this issue to the supervisor. So I think that is a good management quality to resolve the problems one of the team and stimulate the associates to involve in the project with passions.

General representation of the job:

Throughout the job, it is found that both teamwork and communication performs a essential role in the successful completion of the job. Sometimes the communication chain was broken one of the associates. As a team we had a team time for weekly after the submission of the proposal scheduled to improper and overdue communication. After those bad experiences we bounced back as a cohesive team in which all the team members equally contributed to the ultimate draft and the display.

We were really spending so much time as a team for the final presentation. We were training for the demonstration continuously to represent ourselves as a specialist consultancy team. The client was extremely happy with the final presentation and they said that the demonstration got more than what they want. The supervisor was also pleased with our presentation. Your client commented that everyone contributed in the display and it was more than the professional level, that was a great prize to us. The clients appreciated the suitable tips provided for the company. The success of the entire consultancy task was obvious by the satisfaction of the customers. The reason behind the successful conclusion of the job was due to the effective teamwork and communication.


The representation of the chosen aspects unveils the value of communication process and team employed in the task. The project would have not been successful if one of both important aspects did not coincide with the other. Belbin's theory was used to assign the jobs the assignments to the individuals by which the teamwork was made effective. The communication process enjoyed a major role in the success of the consultancy job it needs an obvious communication one of the team members and also with your client and supervisor.

The communicator role is an essential role in the project since it is very important to appropriately interpret the subject matter from the transmitter. Thus the communication and the teamwork were in hand at hand in the success of the project.

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