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Green Energy Bricks in Construction


The General Idea of Green Material

The idea of sustainable building incorporates and combines a variety of strategies through the design, building and operation of creating projects. The usage of green building materials and products presents one important strategy in the design of your building. There are lots of benefits associated with using green materials to the building owner and building occupants which is, it can reduced maintenance or alternative costs over the life of the building, it can source energy conservation, it can improved occupant health insurance and production, it can lower costs associated with changing space configurations, and they have greater design versatility. Roodman and Lenssen (1995) said that the building and building activities worldwide consume 3 billion tons of raw materials every year or 40 percent of total global use. Using green building materials and products promotes conservation of dwindling non-renewable resources internationally. Furthermore, integrating inexperienced building materials into building projects can lessen the environmental effects from the extraction, transport, handling, fabrication, assembly, reuse, recycling, and disposal of these building industry source materials. Spiegel and Meadows (1999) said green building materials are comprised of renewable, alternatively than non-renewable resources. Green materials are environmentally in charge because impacts are believed over the life of the product. During construction or at the end of useful building life, development materials and components are often discarded with structure particles accounting for nearly 28 percent of landfill misuse. So, using the renewable elements to the building can protects environment properly.

For bricks, Energy Bricks are created for focused on energy savings. Furthermore, using the vitality Bricks, a wall structure can be designed much faster than typical brick laying. From the Journal Green Technology and Environmental Conservation (GTEC2011) by Sandasamy D, Govindarajane S, Sundararajan T, sustainability methods to minimize consumption of energy and resources, thereby reducing waste generation and pollution, as byproduct of construction. Therefore Engineers, Environmentalist, and Architects have been directing their initiatives to find ways for using the byproducts of any making process, as source or source materials for making other items. Sustainable buildings maximize the efficiency by using lasting materials and development technology, era of industrial throw away by products, through better planning, creating, construction, operation, maintenance and removal, throughout the entire life pattern. So, Energy Bricks are created for energy personal savings and safe environment from pollutions. Besides that, the Brick can save time, cost and provides the maximum energy savings when it comes to building a home.

Eco Labeling

Eco-label is a way of environmental performance documentation and labeling also been used throughout world. Eco-label is a label that identifies in overall environmental preference of something or service shows the particular product or service category. Labeling will be provided by a third party who can be trusted based on concern by the get together that's not biased in relation to the merchandise or services specified individually for environmental authority criteria. The goal of eco-label is to steer consumers to choose products and services deemed to be less harmful to the environment than other products in the same category. Eco-label is designed to encourage industry to produce more green product because of their consumer.

Bricks product preferred is Green Energy Brick. Green Energy Bricks introduce the latest technology, They have been designed with a massive R8+ insulation score, they lessen construction time, save well on building costs, are load bearing, need no core filling up, are light-weight, are easy to set up, are fire resistant, can be utilized in every cyclonic zones. Furthermore, wall structure can be designed much faster using green energy brick compared to the conventional brick. THE Brick fulfills all the standards to save time and cost yet provides maximum energy cost savings as it pertains to creating a home. Benefits of eco labels are as follows:

  1. Inform consumer choice eco-label is a powerful way to see customers about environmentally friendly impact of picked products.
  2. Promoting economical efficiency, eco labeling generally cheaper than the handled rules product. By empowering customers and manufacturers to aid environmental decision making.
  3. Stimulate market development, when customers opting for eco-labeled products, they may have a direct impact on the source and demand on the market. This is a sign that the standard towards environmental consciousness.
  4. Encourage constant improvement, a active market for eco-labeled products promoting corporate and business commitment to constant environmental improvement.
  5. Encourage documentation, environmental documentation program is the press that signifies that the merchandise grows to a certain amount of eco-labels.
  6. Assist in monitoring, another benefit of this program is the state eco labeling that environmental cases can be more easily checked.

Function of Green Energy Bricks

The Green Energy Brick originated to avoid adding extra layers of materials and labor, which would add cost to classic construction. They are designed with an enormous R8+ insulation rating, they lessen construction time, save well on building costs, are load bearing, need no core filling, are light weight, are easy to set up, are fire protected, can be used in all cyclonic zones and far, much more. Using the Green Energy Bricks, a wall structure can be made considerably faster than typical brick laying. First function of Green Energy Brick is to be the external epidermis and they replace all the types of standard clay bricks, concrete blocks, weather planks etc. This function were gain by the look requirements of Green Energy Bricks that come with a 9 mm Magnesium Oxide internal and external skin, already bonded ready for paint or structure or other applied coatings. Second function of Green Energy Brick is to replace slab foundation that manufactured from concrete. Through the use of Green Energy Brick, it will save the cement from providing a rebated foundation or foundation made of concrete in classic building techniques. Third function of Green Energy Brick is to shut cell foam resists any vapour transfering.

By this niche of Green Energy Brick, there will no requirement of building sislation or a foil vapor hurdle for a building to be constructed. Fourth function of Green Energy Brick is to displace the need for just about any separate structural body, as the brick is fill bearing. This means that you will see no needs for fill bearing support such as column framework made of reinforced concrete as the Green Energy Brick have strength to aid load. Finally, the function of Green Energy Brick is to displace the wall membrane with finishes. Making use of an interior surface finish like plaster is not needed as it already posseses an interior epidermis, but is optional and will further raise the walls R score value of the building wall space.

Specifications on Functions of Green Energy Bricks

The design criteria and aim in the introduction of the Energy Brick was to make a radical affordable improvement in the thermal performance of buildings for both concrete slab and above floor construction. First of all, Green Energy Bricks come with a 9mm Magnesium Oxide inside and external skin area, already bonded. With this specs, Green Energy Brick end up being the external skin and they replace all the varieties of standard clay bricks, concrete blocks, weather planks etc. THE VITALITY Brick using its Magnesium Oxide board skin permits all sorts of applied surface finishes, render and painting. So, making use of an interior end like plaster is not required as it already posseses an interior skin, but is optional and will further boost the walls R rating value. Second, Green Energy Bricks brings you the ultimate in structural light weight bricks. Even though they are light weight, the bricks from Green Energy Bricks are structural or load bearing. Green Energy Brick unique formulation contains a central main of rigid Polyisocyanurate Foam (PIR) with an external and internal pores and skin of 9mm Magnesium Oxide Mother board. This helps it be both light weight, yet fill bearing and with a nice-looking finish. Thirdly, Green Energy Bricks is an individual wall membrane system, but has superior properties and functions when compared to a double brick wall.

The design carries a 80mm diameter opening working vertically every 300mm to allow for jogging of electrical power cabling, cell phone lines, Television set or audio cabling following the wall membrane has been produced. This deletes the necessity to run conduits or install electrical power metal boxes through the wall construction process. This also makes it simpler to know where electrical power cabling can be run when there is a need to include any electrical points at a future time. Fourthly, this Green Energy Bricks is fire-resistant brick product compared to other brick that available nowadays. The Green Energy Brick Magnesium Oxide skins are non-combustible and the foam main self-extinguishing from fireplace. This makes the Green Energy Brick one of the very most fire immune building materials available on the market. As a summary, Green Energy Bricks were made with better standards that brings them the better function set alongside the classic brick on market todays.

e) Development and Erection Process

The development of the vitality Brick was to make a radical cost effective improvement in the thermal performance of complexes for both concrete slab and above floor construction. The Energy Brick originated to avoid adding extra levels of materials and labour, which would add cost to regular construction. THE Brick from Green Energy Bricks achieves four to five times the insulation ranking of conventional real estate. It made to decrease the labour content of wall membrane development. Over five procedures, all with different materials and investments can be reduced to one or two operations, with skills that may be learned in a few hours. While the bricks are more costly at present than the material components of regular surfaces, the labour to put together is considerably reduced, this means Green Energy Bricks raise the insulation rating substantially, while at the same time it can lowering the labour difficulty and costs. From research study (Fritz Moedinger), environmentally friendly impact of the creation process is mainly due to the utilization of energy for the firing of the bricks and quarrying of raw materials. The average immediate energy utilization of the development process is usually to be found ranging between 1. 840 and 2. 800 kJ/kg of fired brick (of which about 150 kJ/kg are electro-mechanical).

f) Comparison of Convention Materials and Green Materials in Term of Cost

From the research study (Fritz Modinger), all of the energy used is traditionally generated with fossil fuels. With the Gasser brickyard fossil fuels have been substituted successfully with renewable fuels such as biogas and liquefied making extra fat. The biogas is generated in an own plant established upon an activity patented internationally by the brickyard itself. Making fat is supplied from rendering plants. Green fuels have the primary benefit over fossil fuels that the ensuing flue gases include a lower content of impurities such allowing to warm up the brick dryer immediately by recycling the flue gases rather than having to have a separate source of heating to run the dryer. The achieved total heat requirement reduction only by this measure is approximately 30% of the past total heat need.

So out of this case study, cost can reduce because alternative energy are being used during the development of Energy Bricks. We realize that convention material usually has more cheaper than modern materials, but the reality is Energy Bricks also has their own benefits when we choose it. There can save cost which is not a rebate are needed within the concrete slab and only an outer square edge is necessary. Energy bricks also is single wall membrane system which replaces the external skin of brickwork or any other kind of lining, replaces the need for a structural stud wall as the Brick itself is fill bearing, replaces any need for insulation as it is already at an enormous R8, replaces any dependence on sislation, and replaces the need to add other materials to the external wall. It could improve the wall's energy ranking. THE POWER Bricks can be laid from inside where it is a set program. This also avoids the use of expensive scaffolds to perform the work from the exterior and lessens the possibilities of OSHA issues. It also reduces ongoing utility costs, which compatible continued savings every year.

g) Impact to utilize Green Energy Bricks

Green building is one of the most crucial styles in the development industry today. When build a house it cannot avoid impacting the environment, but it could work towards reducing that environmental impact. Impact to work with Green Energy Bricks is to help speed up the adoption of creating practices that cause energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally lasting buildings. Informed alternatives can help reduce energy charges, while providing a wholesome living environment, it also reduce the need to burn fossil fuels and help combat climate change. Besides that, the Green Energy Bricks has used the effort through our ultra energy efficient bricks to assist builders and consumers with a unique environmentally friendly building technique and to lessen the impact on our environment. The foam can be sourced from petroleum oils, coal oils and some vegetable based natural oils like soy, corn, hand oil etc. In every instances the carbon in the materials is sequestered in the bricks for at least the life of the building, as recycling is a realistic likelihood. Energy Bricks pass all the tests for superior energy efficiency with an enormous R8+ energy score. This makes a dramatic difference in helping to reduce the impact on the environment. This makes Green Properties cost less to operate because they'll use less energy and water, and require less maintenance Green Building using Green Energy Bricks for the building envelope is the only choice for the future.


Figure 1 : Energy Bricks.

Figure 2 : Clay Bricks.

Figure 3 : Energy Brick Fine detail (Part Elevation).

Figure 4 : Energy Brick Details (Front side Elevation).


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