Greed in King Lear, by William Shakespeare, and Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe

The play, The Tragedy Of King Lear, by Shakespeare, and the tale, Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, are incredibly different in numerous ways, from your way the storyline was told to how a story was set. Inspite of how diverse the stories are there was one interconnection that specifically stood out to me, becoming the avarice shared simply by most of the primary characters in both reports. Goneril, Regan, and Edmund in Full Lear and Robinson Crusoe in his individual story, were looking to make their lives better and seek out funds and electrical power, despite what may take. I think that the primary connection in the two stories would be avarice and the outcomes of it, because in both stories heroes acted upon their very own greed and were penalized because of it.

In The Disaster Of California king Lear the theme of greed was prominent, as there have been many heroes seeking to increase their position and powers. Goneril, once telling Lear how much she loves him states "I love you more than terms can hold the matter; More expensive than eye-sight, space, and liberty" (Shakespeare 7) and Regan aiming to out perform her sister says "In my accurate heart I find the girl names my own very deed of love; Simply she comes too short: which i profess Me personally an opponent to all different joys" (8), both of individuals statements be false nevertheless , as the two sisters add up to keep Lear helpless and alone, so that the sisters obtain all the power on their own as possible, betraying their own father to do so, due to their overwhelming greed. Regan and Goneril's avarice is also proven in how a both desire Edmund on their own and go as far as homicide to be with him. Another example of greed described by one of the characters in the story would be Edmunds ideas to take his brother Edgar's inheritance. To generate his area a...

... ortunate incidents. After he makes this conclusion his life begins running nicely and he's no longer plagued with, what appears to be, bad luck, as Crusoe's greed for cash and larger status was ultimately, the main cause of his wrong doings.

The concept of the greed was one seriously set into both The Misfortune Of California king Lear and Robinson Crusoe. Both of the stories confirmed how avarice, although you can succeed in rewarding their greed, would be reprimanded. If it were not for the greed of numerous of the stories characters, none of them would have been got such tough consequences as death or isolation, demonstrating that greed is a thing that is to be avoided.

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