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Great Success M Commerce And E Commerce Marketing Essay

When we speak about a industry that has achieved great success in m-commerce and e-commerce we have to think about travel industry. This industry has transformed the view of M and E commerce for ever in under a decade and half. In this particular M and E commerce world period, 'Orbitz' is leading travel industry. It attaches aircraft ticket-booking from more than 400 airlines and has information about 80, 000 hotels room scheduling worldwide. On an average, Orbitz consumers make at least 2 million online searches for flight tickets and about 1 million for hotel room-booking in one day.

Orbitz Worldwide, Inc (NASDAQ: OWW) also provides car leases, cruises and total vacation packages, real-time travel planning services.

In the entire year 2001 Orbitz was launched by 5 major Airlines- United, Delta, Continental, Southwest and American and only after 3 years of the kick off 2004, Orbitz was purchased by Cendant in the travel department known as Travelprot. And, immediately after the corporation was again purchased with the BlackStone Group which didn't exclude Orbitz.

In the year 2003 it came into in IPO in NYSE and also recruited more than 100 3rd party hotels in addition to its listing, which included the best hotels as Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt.

By 2006, It was the first internet travel company to start mobile website because of its users and it surpassed its rivals thereafter. This time around their users could actually check airfare statuses for 27 airlines. In addition they enabled an individual page 100% concentrated to provide information for Orbitz booked journeys for customers.

The year 2008, they came up with an additional request for Iphone and Ipod touch users with the same facilities for airfare status, WiFi availableness, hold out time checking, itinerary and also potential to traffic condition and weather view options.

By 2010, they invested more income on m-commerce and launched different mobile application for iPhone, Google android and windows centered smart devices. They continued expanding their website in the following years as well in 2011 and 2012.

Company Profile:

Orbitz Worldwide, Inc enhances the capability to ease travel programs all within one website. To be remembered as # 1# 1 travel website and present best customer experience to its customers, Orbitz has acquired several online companies:






the Away Network

Corporate travel brand Orbitz for Business

Business examination:

Five push analysis

The Porter's Five Makes analysis is a simple but powerful tool for understanding business situation. It is useful, since it helps to understand both strength of your present competitive position, and the effectiveness of a position you're considering moving into. Having a clear knowledge of business situation, you can take fair benefits, improve a predicament of weakness, and steer clear of taking incorrect steps.

Supplier Vitality: Here we evaluate how easy it is designed for suppliers to operate a vehicle up prices. As Orbitz is head in online booking industry and the number of suppliers here is really huge. All hotels, car leases and airlines are suppliers and their electric power do drive up prices is really low. Orbitz just imply taxes on hotel's or air solution normal price so any change in price would affect distributor more than Orbitz Company. Partnership with Orbitz would boost the quantity of clients as well as maximize profit for company. All in all supplier power in the industry is low.

Buyer Electricity: This means how easy it is made for buyers to drive prices down. It really is driven by the amount of buyers, the value of each individual buyer to particular business. Individuals who order hotels and air tickets are usually wealthy but price is main condition in choosing flight or hotel. People wouldn't normally think twice to buy air seat tickets through other website if price is leaner. Thus buyer power is high

Threat of Substitution: This is affected by the ability of customers to discover a different way of doing what Orbitz do. You can find whole lot of tour firms who organize trips and order hotel immediately as well as car rental places and air tickets, but nowadays people tend to organize trips independently. As this development is growing the threat of substitution will decrease as time passes. Overall threat of substitution in this industry is low.

Threat of New Access: Power is also affected by the power of individuals to type in your market. If it costs little in time or money to enter the marketplace and be competitive effectively, then new competition can quickly enter into your market and weaken your position. Orbitz can be an proven brand and in such industry reputation concerns whole lot. People would prefer to use known websites which provides guarantees other than order cheaper air solution of unfamiliar company. Thus new entrants have to face lot of issues. Orbitz also offers deal with such huge players as Hyatt and Mariott to allow them to easy lower price if new website appears. The treat of New Access in online reservation industry is low.

Competitive Rivalry: What is important here is the number and capacity for opponents. If company have many rivals, and they feature evenly attractive products and services, then company have little electricity in the problem. Quite simply customer may easily switch service. Even though Orbitz is greatest player, there are lot of companies that will offer similar service, therefore the level of competence is high.

SWOT Research:


Innovative technology to help customers stay one step forward.

Customization of travel packages

Flex search enables the travellers to consider alternative travel dates, packages etc.

Orbitz negotiates with hotels, air seat tickets to give its customer the best possible rates.


In November 2010 North american Airlines left Orbitz which added 5% of its total earnings in 2010 2010. This sort of termination of agreement from a big airline like this could cause them problem in future as well.

Slow respond to corporate inquires


Attract and cooperate with other partners

A more accessible mobile web site

Improve upon website recognition


Strong competitions

Government regulation

Market volatility


1. Finding Financial Resources

2. Maintenance & Improvement Technologies

3. Appeal of New Customers to M-Commerce

4. Offering Useful Services


Finding Financial Resources


Partners Relationship


2. Maintenance & Improvement Technologies

Merger & Acquisition

R&D Department


3. Interest of New Customers to M-Commerce

Promotions Targeted Specific Customers' Niche

4. Offering Useful Services

Marketing Research

Tracing Quantity of Clicks

Case Review "Orbitz"


When in comparison to traditional desktop customers, what makes mobile phone users much more likely to book a room or airline booking for the same day?

Nowadays Internet technology greatly simplifies the task of choosing or buying tickets and scheduling a hotel room. This line of service is effective not only to customers, but also to companies that significantly reduce their costs.

The number of men and women who reserve the hotel with mobile devices is growing every day. Mobile arranging - is a booking through special applications or mobile types of the sites. Today that kind of reservation is particularly in great demand among business traveller. Travelers very appreciate the freedom and the ability to solve problems "here and now". With mobile applications Orbitz. com and mobile version of the website, they can certainly book an area, rent an automobile or buy an airplane ticket, irrespective of location, and so quickly adjust to changing circumstances or have the ability to change their agenda. Also in many respects it will save you them time and maximum comfort and convenience when choosing destinations.

Sometimes tourists travel light and take with them only such cellular devices as smartphones or tablets. You can also get more and more "free travellers", wandering from country to country. On their behalf the probability to reserve a hotel with a mobile device is essential.

Mobile phones are made to make life easier for the advanced effective people. Such people often take all decisions instantly. Moreover their ideas can dramatically fluctuate. That is why they use the cell to make a booking for the same day as a result device is now familiar to everyone. Obviously, the regular e-commerce version of sites is more convenient for usage and requires more comfortable environment with comparability to mobile version, and for that reason, it disposes to think up ideas for the future. Respectively booking seat tickets by making use of desktop personal computers will be made in advance.

One of why mobile reservations do not do for another month because often m-commerce web sites do not provide a refund if a person cancels his/her booking. If the person makes a reservation at the same day, he/she can make sure what he/she exactly should come and payment won't go to waste materials.

In the mobile design job of 2011, why do Orbitz management opt to construct a mobile website for corporate users rather than native app?

In 2011, Orbitz implemented its strategy of creating an end-to-end mobile internet site or called "M-Commerce Site". Through hauling upon this strategy, Orbitz got become the most effective online travel services company all over the world. However, most people still questioned that Orbitz is taking the chance of losing a lot more customers due to quitting constructing the local website and apps. as a matter of fact, by doing so, Orbitz was to get more opportunities and much more benefits over time. And these benefits are mainly manifested in several below factors which most people did not produce or never anticipate.

Orbitz is comfortable about their mobile website provides fantastic search and arranging abilities for the corporate customers. And making use of the normative corporate and business travel plans to each customer's booking. Furthermore, the mobile website is not only a internet search engine, it also will offer corporate users the functions of earning a travel plan and buy air, hotel, car which the business travelers need radically in their trip. This website possessed technologically surpassed many indigenous websites and apps from other online travel service company. Orbitz is actually exploring more faithful professional user categories, not only individual customers on which only native programs concentrate.

Orbitz determined that the optimal solution was to create a mobile website that might be utilized from any Web-enabled device. The goals were to provide a uniform and local app-like experience for every single type of device, and deliver full travel insurance plan compliance for entrepreneurs. For example, the Orbitz for Business mobile Site delivers saved insurance policy handles to new reservations, and gives both global and company-specific communications to help business travelers in adhering to company guidelines. Another thing was that Orbitz released the latest version of Hypertext Markup Words, HTML5. It permits m-commerce sites to incorporate capabilities identical to mobile software simply by tapping into the cellular devices. The mobile transfer acceleration was through the implementation of global online travel agency platform. The system was used to speeding up mobile webpages loading from the standard e-commerce Web page. Not merely can enhance the speed of browsing, but can also reduce labor time for company. Overall, it is beneficial for both company and customers that need Orbiz management decide to construct mobile site for corporate users rather than a indigenous app.

What is "business reasoning" and why was it very important to corporate travellers to have online booking systems that included business reasoning?

Business logic contains rules or algorithms that cope with the exchange of information between a database and user interface. Regarding Orbitz business logic includes business rules, that are guidelines that govern price hotel inclination and service supply in detail circulation of information or data. Sometimes business logic called domain reasoning. The algorithms involved with business reasoning are unseen to the user but are very important to use successfully for today's market.

For better understanding what business logic we should go through the example of it. A debit card issuer's business reasoning may designate that out-of-state bank card deals above a certain limit, may be flagged as dubious and the issuer contacted as soon as possible to verify the authenticity of the transaction. Every day an incredible number of transactions are created around the globe and business logic enables such transactions processed in an efficient and well-timed manner.

Corporate travellers must abide by company specific business reasoning rules, which can include such features as preferred vendors, cost changings, essential services and others. Thus the system must have the ability to store and operate with these rules. As big ratio of Orbitz m-commerce customers are people it is very important to get online booking system including business logic. Due to fact that each company has its own business logic rules mobile commerce system should be customized for every firm specifically. To solve this matter Orbitz made a decision to build mobile Internet site that may be accessed from any web-enabled device. In this situation all business clients could get into their firm's security password and all the business logic guidelines would apply automatically.

New customer acquisition can be brought on, at least for those customers who search same-day booking. Mobile website can automatically offer last minute promotions and deals, by using business reasoning that sends concept for clients who are now looking for available room or air ticket.

Why Orbitz launched different software for iphone, google android and windos?

From the beginning 2001 to 2012 Orbitz always kept a close look on their scientific development of their website. In the year 2010 they first launched android os and windos founded apps. Iphone version of the iphone app was launched couple of years before this in 2008. In 2010 2010 they launched another improved version of their IOS app.

They mainly started these different applications to make their customer experience better with them as these apps are more user-friendly, easy and faster.

Different apps based on different mobile operating-system creates an uniqueness in the application and better to operate.

Though they had to incur some extra expenses to develop and launched these applications but with the updating technology that they had to update their services.

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