Gravity By Sara Bareilles | Review

Sara Bareilles is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. She grew up in Eureka, CA, with age 18 she changed to LA, CA to pursue her job (Sara Bareilles). Regarding to She actually is a graduate of UCLA's Communication Studies Office. While in high school, she performed in community productions and also senior high school incidents. Although she was involved in numerous singing acts, she never really had any training in either tone or piano. Bareilles is a songwriter for almost all of her life. Her two first works, "Star Sweeper" and "I Love a Parade, " didn't earn her any Grammies, but they are a representation of the fact that she has been tune writing for a long time (Sara Bareilles).

According to Bareilles' biography on Vh1. com, she began to execute in local bars and open-mic evenings after she graduated university. After gaining enough assurance to feel comfortable on level, she began to execute at local venues and musical celebrations. She possessed made a CD, and began to look it around and eventually signed a deal with Epic Information in April of 2005. A made by the name of Eric Rosse caused her the following Feb to help perfect her record. They done the record just over yearly. Sara Bareilles second record was titled Little Voice and released in July 2007. Her first solo "Love Music" and the record reached the most notable Ten after being released (Sara Bareilles). She's been awarded four Grammies; two in 2008 and two in '09 2009.

Historical Context

"Gravity" was at first written for Bareilles first record entitled Careful Confessions (Careful Confessions). After she was authorized to Epic Details and teamed up with Eric Rosse, the sole was added to the keep tabs on list for the record Little Tone. Gravity was written in the early 2000's. During this time there were many events taking place which included George W. Bush being chief executive, the major terrorist invasion in New York, George Harrison passed away and the battle in Iraq started (USA Timeline).

These situations probably didn't have much influence on Sara Bareilles reason for writing "Gravity. " Not much was found on her behalf reasoning, but it was possibly predicated on past marriage that she has had, or a reflection on each one or multiple connections.


The overall theme of "Gravity" is how one can be drawn toward another person in their life, even if indeed they don't want to. Sara Bareilles starts off the melody by "Something always brings me back to you, It never calls for too long, No real matter what I say or do, I still feel you here 'til the moment I'm ended up" (lines 1-4). Here she is saying that there is a drive that is making her return to someone in short amount of time, and whatever she does to stop this or will end up in a different route since there is always a feeling that she has that would like to be close to, let's say, this man that is sketching her near.

The second verse is "You possess me without touch, You retain me without chains, I never needed anything much, Than to drown in your love rather than feel your rainfall" (lines 5-8). When she says "You hold me without touch, " she actually is declaring that she can feel him even though he is not there. "You keep me without chains, " means that they can control her without him even endeavoring to. The final two lines can be translated into that she's a strong feeling to desire to be embraced in his love and not feel like she can't have it. The explanation for this is because if you are drowning, you are completely covered in normal water, and when you are being rained on, you merely get glance of drinking water and you are not totally drenched in it.

The chorus of the melody is "Set me free, leave me be, I don't wanna show up another moment into the gravity, Here I am and I stand so high, I'm just the way I'm supposed to be, But you're to me and around me (lines 9-13). When the song switches into the verse, it appears that the melody is switching gears a little bit. She needs to be set clear of this power that she is being. She doesn't desire to be pulled into him any further. She needs to be her own person without him, but she seems it might be impossible to avoid this power.

The third verse is "You cherished me 'cause I'm delicate, AFTER I thought that I used to be strong, Nevertheless, you touch me for a time, And everything my fragile power is fully gone (lines 14-17). She is expressing that she thought she was strong enough never to need a man in her life, but she was actually fragile, and all the durability she thought she got travelled away when the man arrived to her life. Following the third verse the chorus repeats.

The hook is "I live here on my knees, As I try to cause you to see, That you're everything I believe I want, Here on the floor, But you're neither good friend nor for, Though I can't seem to enable you to go, The one feel that I still k now, Is you are keeping me down, You're keeping me down (lines 18-26). This is actually the climax of the song. She is detailing that maybe she considers she needs to have him in her life. He's not a good friend or an enemy, but she can't let him not be a part of her life, because he is what keeps her sane.

This song undergoes multiple ups and downs. The artist seems to not be sure what this man is to her in her life, but in the finish she comes to the final outcome that he's what helps to keep her grounded.

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